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A stray quick thought on Omar Khadr and the Obama visit to Canada.

If Stephen Harper (or his spokesperson) are saying they will not bring Omar Khadr up with President Obama, and if their claim that they don’t expect Obama to bring it up to them pans out, (though I would hope Obama surprises them and does raise the issue, which would make for some uncomfortable discussions for Harper), then I think it’s imperative that Michael Ignatieff – who gets a 10 minute courtesy chat with President Obama as leader of the Official Opposition – does bring it up with Obama when the 2 of them have their brief chit-chat. Furthermore, I’d hope Ignatieff makes sure the Harper government knows loud and clear they chatted about it, to keep the pressure on them to do something on this file.

Of course, I’m not holding out much hope for that, because as pointed out by Accidental Deliberations here, the Harper government’s stance towards Obama on crucial policy issues is to apparently wait for the Obama administration to do something first about said policy issue and follow them along reluctantly – or get dragged along kicking and screaming. This will be true regarding the environment issue that the Jurist brings up over at his blogsite, and it will definitely be the case with Omar Khadr. It thus is important for Igantieff to discuss it or raise the issue with Obama.


5 comments to A stray quick thought on Omar Khadr and the Obama visit to Canada.

  • I agree with you about Khadr, Scott, although I suspect the wheels are already turning re Khadr at both the DoJ and State, and then between State and DFAIT. This incredibly brief courtesy call from Obama could be a time when both sides acknowledge the issue, but I don’t see that they’ve got enough time to wrangle anything through.

    My wishful thought is that decisions are already being made behind the scenes, and Obama and Harper will use the visit as an occasion to announce that Khadr is coming home. If that’s what’s going on, on the one hand the process annoys me, but I will still rejoice at the result.

  • @pogo – Well, Pogo, I don’t know about you, but personally, I think a Canadian citizen who has been held for 6 years without due process and held against the UN Protocols as a child soldier is a rather important issue. It has stained Canada’s reputation world-wide.

  • pogo

    @foottothefire – If Ignatieff only has 10 minutes with Obama and if Khadr is seriously one of the most important issues in the world tody to Ignatieff, then the Liberals are truly in trouble..

  • foottothefire

    I don’t think Michael has it in himself to bring up Khadr.

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