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Choose my new blogsite – Addenum

Alright.. so the vote for picking what theme you liked on here was actually pretty close, but I was going to let the vote go for awhile, and decided to work a little bit with the current theme by adding widgets for the sidebar stuff, lengthening out the text area body to type in.. and so on.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that while that theme looks nice.. its coding is very complex and was a pig to easily modify. I got to the point of having both sidebars down at the bottom of the footer 🙁 . So, I’ve decided rather then pull my hair out and try to get everything back to normal, I’m going with the Atahualpa theme I had running over at the old site of mine.

The thing is.. it’s in basically unmodified form at the moment.. so I may just tweak the sidebars, add the parliament hill image to rotate amongst the standard “header” images the theme uses.. and see what people think of this. I’ve actually pretty well incorporated the same things I had over at the test site here.. but I decided in a fit of humour to leave the Parliament Hill pic in its original form.. just for kicks. 😉 Those are rotating images however in that header.. so you may not see it on this particular visit.

UPDATE: Added a 2nd more stretchy version of the Parliament Hill pic as well.


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