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The Speaker gets a stomach Kramp…

..And tells Kramp to take some Pepto, or else find somewhere else to pull his childish stunts:

The Speaker of the House of Commons is threatening to suspend a Conservative MP if he continues launching personal attacks against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Daryl Kramp received the warning Tuesday after using member statements in the Commons to accuse Ignatieff of hypocrisy. Milliken ruled that the (Members) statements should not be used for partisan broadsides, noting that the format does not give opponents an opportunity to respond, unlike question period or debates in the Commons. A number of Tory MPs, including Kramp, ignored Milliken’s ruling so he began cutting off them off […]


Gritgirl strikes again: “Different Tory, same old story”

A well-timed new video release from Gritgirl with Brian Mulroney back in the news:

This video is well done showing the similarities of Harper vs Mulroney vis-a-vis the economy and how they’ve handled the recessions in each of their time frame as Prime Minister (or mishandled it/dismissed it, as it were). The only quibble I’d have with her description of this video is that I don’t consider the modern day incarnation of the current Conservative Party to be at all compatible with the nickname “Tory” to describe any of Harper and his bunch. That nickname died when MacKay sold out the Progressive Conservatives to the Alliance.



Deep philosophical thought on the BC Provincial Election.

A random thought occurs to me that it wouldn’t actually bug me if BC Premier Gordon Campbell lost the BC provincial election. He calls his party “Liberal”, but I consider that party to be “Social Credit Lite” more then anything.

He had the political courage to install a carbon tax, which the provincial NDP is against, and also the political courage to hold not one but 2 referendums on electoral reform. I’ll give him props for both of those. Beyond that though, I won’t cry myself to sleep if he and his party lose that night. I’ll be more interested, quite frankly, in the electoral reform referendum and it’s results.



Blog maintenance.

A couple of blog housecleaning items here at the Diatribes to mention in brief:

– I’ve installed/upgraded a “WordPress Mobile” plugin that supposedly will make this site much friendlier to view/read for those of you using Iphone, Blackberry etc. to get here and read stuff. It will be using a different theme then what you normally see here, I believe. For those who use a PDA to get here, let me know how your “viewing experience” is.

– If you hadn’t noticed already, I’ve also added a Videos Page here at the site to store what I think are well done Youtube videos. They’ll be listed from most recent to […]


Scott’s Diatribes officially endorses Randy Hillier to be leader of the next Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

With his announcement this AM that he is running for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, I’ve decided to issue my hearty endorsement of Randy winning the leadership race.

I do so because with his second-to-none past “activist background”, and the fact all the right wing conservative activists will probably endorse him (and not just any normal bunch of right-wingers, but the really extreme wingnuts), his winning the leadership ensures not only do the Progressive Conservatives come nowhere close to winning the government back in Ontario, they might even turn off enough moderate (or “normal”) people that the NDP might get official opposition, and send them even further […]


Who are you going to believe?

Are you going to believe the Conservative government’s economic predictions, or the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer’s? That appears to be the question asked in this new Youtube video:


A new target to saber-rattle against?

The Harper Government has of late decided that saber-rattling against certain countries will make them look tough and appear to the Canadian public as standing up for Canadian sovereignty. Russia has been the main target in that regard, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and/or Defence Minister Peter MacKay come out and start going off against China over this story of a discovered cyber-espionage network based in China.

Never mind that so far, no Canadian targets of this espionage network has been discovered (not from reading the story anyhow) or that there is no proof yet that any of these hackers are officially linked […]


The beginning of the end?

We may have had the first step in getting rid of Rob Anders, the worst MP in Canada (as described by the National Post’s Don Martin). (Read more). […]


Reflections on Gritgirl’s newest video on Harper vs the CBC.

Gritgirl released her newest video late yesterday evening. First off, here it is:

My own thoughts are there are probably a lot of Conservatives out there (sadly) that would love to see the CBC go dark. In fact, if you read through some of the Blogging Tory sites, you’ll find no lack of glee that the CBC’s funds are not being given a boost and that layoffs and cuts to programs are resulting, and some more or less declaring they want the CBC killed off.

I’m betting though, that the general population of Canada would find that unacceptable. So, here’s my challenge to the Harper Conservatives and their […]


Friday in brief

Some things I actually found interesting:

– When Don Martin of the National Post is calling your MP the worst in Canada, I would hope the voters in Calgary West might take notice and figure out that it’s finally time to get rid of this embarrassment to their riding and to Parliament. At this point, it will not be by electing an MP from another party. But, it can be done by nominating another Conservative candidate to run, and hopefully, this first step will be taken when a rival candidate attempts to get her slate elected to the riding’s board of directors to replace Rob Anders’ toadies. It will be […]

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