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Shaidle’s supporters attempt to “freep” the London Free Press editor’s blog.

The Free Press is one of the few Sun chain papers that show a streak of moderation in their stories and editorials (I’m talking about their local columns, not the national Sun editorials and op-eds that they have to also display). So, when they did a story on Kathy Shaidle being invited to talk at a conference in April, and did a balanced job of questioning whether it was appropriate or not that she be given a forum for her views, you’d just know her supporters would go into spasms of outrage over this “unfair” treatment of their right-wing heroine, and try to flood any comments board over there with “overwhelming” support for Shaidle in an attempt to show to the Free Press that they were in the wrong.

You can see evidence of that at Paul Berton’s blogpost here, in the comments section. You’ll note many familiar blogger handles as well, as they try to flood the comments board. Good on Paul Berton, the editor, for refusing to apologize for the story they did. It was very appropriate and in my view, fair. You’ll note that Paul says in his column they’ve managed to equally upset both sides in the debate, which leads me to believe that “local reaction” has been split on the column.

The bottom line is that Shaidle should be removed from the guest list of that conference, if she’s still on it, regardless whether her foaming-at-the-mouth supporters can whip up a freeping of an editor’s blogsite or not.


2 comments to Shaidle’s supporters attempt to “freep” the London Free Press editor’s blog.

  • MW

    To be honest, the only thing I have ever see Kathy say about Jewish people that could be considered impolite, would be her comments about the cast of both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm being “so ugly” that the could never sit through an entire show. And so that is pretty ambiguous. To be fair and all. Is there something else you’ve spotted Mike?

  • Shorter “Speech Warriors”

    WAHHHHHHHH! After finding out all of the vile nasty things Kathy Shaidle said about people, including Jews, the organizers might want to change their mind about inviting a hate merchant to talk about human rights. WAHHHHHHHH That’s not fair….Free Speech means you have to listen to us, even if you don’t like it…WAHHHHHHH!!!!”

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