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Friday in brief

Some things I actually found interesting:

– When Don Martin of the National Post is calling your MP the worst in Canada, I would hope the voters in Calgary West might take notice and figure out that it’s finally time to get rid of this embarrassment to their riding and to Parliament. At this point, it will not be by electing an MP from another party. But, it can be done by nominating another Conservative candidate to run, and hopefully, this first step will be taken when a rival candidate attempts to get her slate elected to the riding’s board of directors to replace Rob Anders’ toadies. It will be interesting to watch and see if the Conservative Party members of Calgary West really believe that this guy represents their values and interests or not.

– I’ve been saying that while I disapproved of the way the Liberals gave in to the Conservatives on having no public oversight on where this 3 billion $ emergency stimulus fund was going, and while I’ve been a bit uncomfortable with some of the rightward drift on certain policy matters, I have generally liked the way Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has handled himself with the public since he became leader. The Canadian public seems to like how he’s handled himself as well, especially when they compare him to Stephen Harper:

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey suggests the two men have similar levels of support, but Harper’s negative ratings are much higher. It found that 44 per cent of respondents had a favourable view of Harper, while 45 per cent were negative. Ignatieff got a favourable rating from 45 per cent, but only 26 per cent held a negative view. Pollster Jeff Walker says the findings suggest there’s room for the freshly minted Liberal leader to increase his support, while Harper remains a polarizing figure.

We’ll see if that contrast in popularity stands up once the Conservative negative ads come out, but this news is nothing but encouraging for Iggy and the Liberals.


4 comments to Friday in brief

  • You should also understand the background to this. Anders has a vendetta against his challenger because she outed him about private comments he made to the effect that the Canadian govt should give aid to Africans in exchange for Christian conversion.

  • I live in Calgary West and am familiar with the numbers for the last several elections. It seems unlikely to me any non-conservative candidate can come close to any candidate the conservatives select.

    However, I see know reason for me to care one bit about the conservative nomination process in Calgary West. Why would a liberal, green or progressive think it a good idea to strengthen the Conservative team?

    Anders will win the nomination and probably the next election and the overall effect will be the conservatives are minus 1 brain overall.

  • @Reid – You can spare me the Rob Anders propaganda here at this blog. And, you don’t have to take my word for it, but I know of no secret Liberal black ops plan to knock off Anders with a Manchurian candidate.

    Besides, if you read the Don Martin article, it appears Anders challenger has been in the Conservative Party longer then he’s been alive. That sort of makes the charge a bit silly, don’t you think?

  • Rob Anders will not be unseated by this upstart. Donna Kennedy-Glans is a liberal sabateur. A REAL conservative would have a difficult time taking out Anders, an ersatz one doesn’t have a hope in hell.

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