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Deep philosophical thought on the BC Provincial Election.

A random thought occurs to me that it wouldn’t actually bug me if BC Premier Gordon Campbell lost the BC provincial election. He calls his party “Liberal”, but I consider that party to be “Social Credit Lite” more then anything.

He had the political courage to install a carbon tax, which the provincial NDP is against, and also the political courage to hold not one but 2 referendums on electoral reform. I’ll give him props for both of those. Beyond that though, I won’t cry myself to sleep if he and his party lose that night. I’ll be more interested, quite frankly, in the electoral reform referendum and it’s results.

(Note to self: Word count is 119 – not Twitter friendly. Good).


3 comments to Deep philosophical thought on the BC Provincial Election.

  • Originally Posted By BCer in Toronto
    The twitter limit is 140 characters, not 140 words. So you’re waaay over. 🙂

    I realize that. That’s why I said 119 words, and why it wasn’t Twitter-safe (which is why I said it was good 😉 )

  • Definitely more interested in the referendum. As to whether the Libs or NDP should be in government, I say neither. James has been a terrible leader, clueless on so many fronts. Campbell and his cronies may have done some things right and I applaud them for that, but those don’t make up for all the harm their cutbacks have done to women in this province and to people who were already in poverty and whose circumstances have worsened due to Liberal policies and practices, including numbers fixing.

    This time around, I’ll be voting Green. The GPBC is the only party which has been upfront about its support for BC-STV; it has even included it as part of its election platform. The BCNDP leadership has been the worst in terms of its support.

  • The twitter limit is 140 characters, not 140 words. So you’re waaay over. 🙂

    On BC, we need a centrist party. I’ve voted both Liberal and NDP provincially when living in BC, depending on the local candidate and the issues. The BC Conservative Party (no relation) is running a number of candidates this election, not sure how much traction they’ll get. This is interesting though:

    One problem is that while the BC Liberals are open to both federal Liberals and Conservatives, the NDP are not as much. Joining the BC NDP, for example, automatically also gives you a membership in the federal NDP. Which would obviously be problematic for a federal Liberal such as myself.

    Which leaves progressive Liberals in BC to either sit on the sidelines of work within the BC Liberals to hew them to the centre. It can be challenging.

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