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How many politicians are “ghost-twitterers”?

Unbelievably, I am doing another blogpost on Twitter – back to back actually! That’s more to do with my not finding anything compelling to blog about this AM. Yes, yes, Ontario has a new Budget out – but I’m not overly disappointed or happy to be compelled to write something about it at the moment. So no, I’m not becoming a Twitter convert (Dr Dawg, who run’s Dawg’s Blawg, sent me a Twitter join request after reading my blogpost yesterday, and I told him politely on Skype to stuff it 🙂 ).

Anyhow, what caught my interest this AM was this article about “ghost twitterers” at Macleans. The gist of […]


Please don’t twitter “your blog sucks” to her.

SO, I guess I’ve discovered 1 good thing about Twitter (which I remain largely agnostic about, to say the least); for those people who read Impolitical’s excellent blog, but are frustrated by the lack of a comments section over there to send her feedback on what she blogs about, you can join her Twitter feed to do that (provided you can do it in 140 characters or less).

That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m going to rush out and get a Twitter account. The temptation of sending her smart-alec comments is overridden by my continued lack of interest in using Twitter 🙂


Thursday trinkets: Gritgirl cooks Conservatives goose, Kady O’ gets voted to blog the G20.

First off, like everyone else apparently did, I saw Gritgirls new Youtube video mocking Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth for suggesting Canada Geese be culled and fed to the poor. Everyone else has already embedded that thing at their blogs, so its hard to miss, but if you haven’t seen it, here it is.

Secondly, you might remember the campaign started over at Macleans by Paul Wells to get Kady O’Malley’s readers to go vote for her at a site to enable her to go blog the G20 (and which I also mentioned). Well, she happily reports those efforts have been successful. Here is her profile at the G20 Voice website. […]


More blistering videos on the Harper Conservatives..

..but not from Gritgirl this time. This one is a tad more angry.

If you’re looking for some background info for this youtube video, because you’re not exactly familiar with what it’s referring to, starting here and then here would be a good place.


No excuses from this corner.

I see Steve beat me to the blogpost lamenting the Liberals backing away from demanding some accountability for the Conservatives 3 billion$ “special fund”.

Look, if there are advisers in Ignatieff’s corner or if the caucus in general are still afraid to go to an election this early into Ignatieff’s tenure, and we were going to let this go through anyhow, there was no point of sending Ignatieff out there a few weeks ago claiming he would not give this government a blank cheque, when the Liberals did exactly that in my view (non-binding Liberal motion calling on the government to specify which departments and programs will have access to […]


Sobering stats

Some more reasons for the Liberals to launch their On Probation website is to keep the Conservative government accountable to helping folks like these:

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada said that more than 117,000 Canadians filed for bankruptcy in the 12-month period ending in January 2009. That represented an increase of 15.8 per cent compared to the previous 12 months. In January alone, more than 10,000 individuals in this country filed insolvency papers, up 2.9 per cent from December. Perhaps more tellingly, the number of Canadians who filed for employment insurance benefits rose above the 500,000 level nationally for January, Statistics Canada said Tuesday.

That’s half a […]


On Probation’s website

If you read the Liblogs or Progressive Blogger aggregate, or even Liberals Online, you probably saw a fair # of bloggers yesterday talking about how the Liberals have launched a new website called, which is designed to help Canadians keep the Conservative government on track, as they put it, by keeping track of the Conservative government’s stimulus spending.

You won’t be surprised to know a lot of Liberal partisan blogs love the site. More telling is there are non-Liberals who think this site is well done and is a good idea as well. Take for example Senator Elaine McCoy, the independent Progressive Conservative senator from Alberta:

Taking inspiration from […]


Questions on my mind…

Question #1: Does anyone out there have a theory why the Conservatives are so determined to get their personal attacks/smears in during Members Statements, to the point of finding loopholes in the Speaker’s recent ruling forbidding them, when nobody in Canada (except the occasional media personality) watches this or even knows what’s being said during Members Statements?

Question 1 a): Are they just purposely trying to poison the atmosphere in the House?

Question 1 b): Do they think being able to quote Hansard back to their constituents showing them how good they can parrot Conservative attack threads (like Mike Wallace from Burlington today) is an election riding winner?



The Conservative base is restless.

I noted this blogpost over at Both Barrels referring to a Hill Times article talking about the Conservative Party possibly feuding and dividing into factions once Harper steps down, due to various ideological and policy differences.

It’s no coincidence, I don’t think, that in the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the Conservative leadership try to appeal to its base supporters with a variety of things designed to throw them some red meat and keep them actively supporting the Conservative cause. The latest would be Tom Flanagan writing an op-ed in today’s Globe & Mail worrying that suddenly worrying that polygamy is imminent in being declared legal here in Canada, […]


Now it’s the auditor-general’s turn to take issue with Harper.

Look for the opposition to seize on these remarks by Sheila Fraser:

Auditor General Sheila Fraser says the government should be prepared to defend its rationale for changing any rules or processes and spell out who is accountable in its race to get stimulus money out the door… She also said she didn’t have any concerns with the principle behind the $3-billion fund to fasttrack projects between April and June, but she questioned why the government couldn’t give MPs a rudimentary list of the programs and projects that will be financed…. “I must say that I don’t buy the argument that they can’t tell them something — maybe not the […]

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