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Laying out a platform plank to show we do have ideas.

I see Steve is a bit concerned that Ignatieff might be laying out a platform plank on reforming unemployment insurance that the Conservatives can steal for their own, or possibly criticize preemptively, as they did with Stephane Dion’s Green Shift.

In the case of EI reform, I’m not as worried. The ground was already laid for this a bit ago, when the Liberals were pushing the Harper government to extend EI benefits, and the Conservatives responded with some rather callous remarks about not wanting to let Canadians sit around at home and live high off the hog on EI; Harper was quoted as saying it would be “paying people not […]


I’m torn…

I have such conflicting emotions right now on reading the rumour that the US is backing the Danish PM to be the next Secretary-General of NATO, rather then Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay (if that was ever true to begin with).

On the one hand, I’m disappointed we’re not going to be rid of Petey. On the other hand, I’m sort of relieved that it appears NATO is not going to be led by this bumbler.


Saturday morning snippets.

– The new NANOS poll is out, and it shows a lead for the Liberals. Analysis from Nik here. The actual poll breakdowns and graphs here. Lots of analysis from all over the blogosphere this AM. I’m sure there will be many other places that will talk about this poll today.

– Regarding the rather public banning of British MP George Galloway from Canada, and the loud braying by minister Jason Kenney that he wouldn’t be overturning that decision, there have been many blog pieces written on it already, but I noted this comment this AM on this Liberal blog that I would say more or less sums up my […]


Mock outrage

After reading this blogpost over at Impolitical, I get the feeling that Doug Finley (Director of Political Operations for the Conservative Party) would use any excuse or perceived outrage to send out more fund raising letters to try and get the Conservative masses to send him and his party more money to fight us Liberal barbarians.

Like, if a Liberal supporter went up to him and/or his wife in the grocery store to tell them what a crappy job the Conservatives were doing, I can almost picture him recounting that in an email and asking his CPC mailing list to send more money to show their outrage at him […]


Saving the willing messengers

The Heritage Minister, James Moore, doesn’t want to lift a finger to help out CBC with its projected shortfall of revenues, but he’s looking to move mountains in order to help out the private networks:

The Harper government is considering help for Canada’s troubled private TV broadcasters, including the possibility of looser regulations and tax changes…Public records show that Canwest, along with other broadcasters such as CTVglobemedia and Quebecor, have been lobbying Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to ask for relief in the form of regulatory changes.

I don’t deem it a coincidence that all of these private networks and their subsidiaries have shown varying degrees of support for […]


Dumb and insensitive.

The optics of this little stunt that Saskatchewan MP Garry Breitkreuz is involved in, are rather bad, to say the least:

A Saskatchewan Conservative MP is coming under fire for his starring role at a gun lobby dinner in the Greater Toronto area next month where the raffle prize is a Beretta semi-automatic handgun. Garry Breitkreuz is the guest speaker at the Canadian Shooting Sports Association’s (CSSA) annual general meeting and dinner on April 18 in Mississauga, where he’s to be lauded for his private member’s bill to abolish Canada’s controversial long-gun registry and relax rules on prohibited and restricted weapons.

You’re in a city that is trying to get […]


Don’t whisper that too loudly, Tim.

Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris apparently is a big supporter of Ontario PC leadership hopeful Tim Hudak.

I’m sure the core Conservative right-wing base in Ontario will just love that, but Ontario voters have long memories ; particularly of Harris, and not in a good manner. I’m not sure Tim’s campaign should be thinking having Harris as a prominent supporter of your guy is a plus in the rest of Ontario who aren’t wingnuts.


Cry me a river

Shorter Stephen Taylor: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I’d expand on that, but there are a number of bloggers who’ve already commented on the petulance, so I’ll redirect you to their sites.

I will say that I’m amazed to see that an anonymous user on Youtube with a codename of “Gritgirl” who is posting anti-Harper videos is causing so much angst over there – not just in Blogging Tory land but in Conservative circles in general. I will also say I find the claim that an anonymous Liberal supporter on Youtube posting stuff has now justified the Conservatives retaliating to be a farce. Harper is going to release attack ads, regardless of whether the […]


Gritgirl’s latest video released today

It’s titled, “The Harper Conservatives Massive Deficit”

UPDATE: By the way, the point of this video (which is in the video at the end) is not that the Conservatives are going to run a deficit, or even a bigger deficit then they forecasted. It’s that not so long ago, they were rejecting we’d be going into deficit. This video points out that Harper was still standing up in Parliament as he did in this clip, and telling Canadians there will be a surplus, when everyone else was thinking a deficit was unavoidable. As the clip shows, that was November 27, 2008.



Liberal riding and commission presidents should be accountable to their riding members over their votes.

The Liberals have a Convention in May, as you may know. Some are a bit concerned about whether anything of actual substance beyond formally ratifying Ignatieff as the leader is going to happen – particularly with regards to discussing/debating policy. That’s happening even with Liberals who I know were actual Ignatieff supporters at the 2006 Liberal Convention.

Today, Jeff has a pretty good blogpost up about his concerns about what will actually be happening at this year’s convention. The key paragraph for me is this one:

…right now any party member can vote for policy prioritization through En Famille. You have until tonight at midnight, although you wouldn’t know unless […]

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