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Shaidle’s supporters attempt to “freep” the London Free Press editor’s blog.

The Free Press is one of the few Sun chain papers that show a streak of moderation in their stories and editorials (I’m talking about their local columns, not the national Sun editorials and op-eds that they have to also display). So, when they did a story on Kathy Shaidle being invited to talk at a conference in April, and did a balanced job of questioning whether it was appropriate or not that she be given a forum for her views, you’d just know her supporters would go into spasms of outrage over this “unfair” treatment of their right-wing heroine, and try to flood any comments board over there with […]


Gritgirl copycats: “Harper’s Uncertain Leadership – Steady Hand on the Tiller”

Not a bad summary of Harper, though this Youtube video at 1:51 in political message terms is equivalent to the length of a 2 hour movie :). If it’s shortened up a bit, it would be more likely to keep those people’s attention who might not be as much of a political junkie like you or me.

I do like the changing of the musical scores though during each changing of Harper’s message. That’s very effective.

(H/T The Tory Tattler)

UPDATE: In case my title confuses you, this is NOT a new release by Gritgirl. I was just calling it a copycat attempt by the person who made it.



Who do you believe: Jim Flaherty, or the TD Bank?

There’s a wee bit of a discrepancy between Flaherty’s forecast and the TD Bank’s:

The worsening recession will drive Ottawa $18-billion deeper into deficit over the next two years, a leading economist is predicting – an increase beyond existing government forecasts that appears set to push annual budget shortfalls into record territory. The Toronto-Dominion Bank’s calculations – using their updated economic forecasts – would see Canada’s federal debt swell by $81.5-billion over the next two years instead of by $63.5-billion as the Harper government forecasted seven weeks ago.

So do you believe the TD Bank, or do you believe this guy?

I think I’m more inclined to go […]


Potentially revolutionary renewable energy technology.

This would be very cool (in a figurative sense), if this technology was able to be used in real-world applications:

What if a laser-powered fusion energy power plant that would have all the reliability of coal, without the carbon dioxide, all the cleanliness of wind and solar, without having to worry about the sun not shining or the wind not blowing, and all the scale of nuclear, without all the waste, was indeed just 10 years away or less? That would be a holy cow game-changer.

Read the whole article to find out what this process involves. It’s rather Star-Trekkish, but basically it involves firing 192 lasers simultaneously at a […]


Dissension in the ranks

So, Harper does a “private” speech at the Manning Centre and basically rips Liberals and Obama. Pretty standard fare from him, particularly to a supposedly friendly partisan crowd. What was surprising though was he went after libertarians as well – something that didn’t sit very well with some:

Mike Brock, a Conservative blogger who attended the conference, called the speech bewildering. “The treatment to classical liberals and libertarians – of which I consider myself – was nothing short of stunning,” he wrote. “The condescension was literally dripping from his mouth. Was this his response to the disillusionment that libertarians across the country have had to his government and its […]


Gritgirl returns with revised video of Harper’s Friday the 13th.

…using footage of Harper’s speech that presumably isn’t owned by CTV/Globemedia. Here it is again, with the punchline being “Harper and Conservatives Making It Up As They Go Along”

Wow.. just read this at Warren’s:

The Cons freaked when they saw GritGirls latest, and even apparently got lawyers involved to get it pulled. This is a new version she did, copyright-safe.

This time.. I’m putting it in my sidebar too in a new page I’ve created called Videos, to keep as a constant reminder to folks about the ineptness and the dishonesty of Harper and the Conservatives. The other videos of Gritgirl are going in there too.



Just saying..

CTV lagged for weeks when the Conservatives used Dion footage (“very seriously, a carbon tax”) in their election ads. They took less then a day today to make a copyright claim on the video made by Gritgirl today to get it taken off of Youtube. (The other 2 videos at Gritgirl’s site are still intact).

Interesting, don’t you think?


“Harper and Cons making it up as they go along”

I don’t normally post too many blogposts back to back in such a short turnaround time, but this was too good to pass up. “Gritgirl” posts another Youtube video, striking again at the Conservative Government and Harper making things up on the economy as they go along.

Gritgirl’s Youtube videos that started getting posted last week are getting noticed in the mainstream media, with some paranoid Conservatives claiming that “Gritgirl” is a front for Warren Kinsella. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but its interesting how paranoid they seem about Warren, and how these videos must be hitting the mark, if they’re lashing out at them.



Poor Pierre. No more free cheapshots.

Now that the Speaker has finally had enough of personal attacks during member statements in the House of Commons, and ruled that he will cut off Members attempting to do so, it’s little wonder Ottawa Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre is the one most vehemently against it, even going so far as accusing the Speaker of being pressured by his Liberal colleagues to rule in this manner. With the Speaker enforcing that rule, Pierre will have no way to get in his cheap-shot attacks during members statements, and perhaps, just perhaps, the H of C will hear less of him.

That alone would improve Parliamentary decorum ten-fold.

UPDATE @ 12:45 […]


Do you wanna help send Kady O’Malley to blog the G-20?

You have a chance to, as Paul Wells explains at Macleans (read more): […]

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