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A change of social attitude coming to America?

I don’t think we’ll see this on a nation-wide scale anytime soon, but it appears that folks south of the border are realizing same-sex marriage isn’t going to destroy the fabric of their society:

At its low, in 2004, just 32 percent of Americans favored gay marriage, with 62 percent opposed. Now 49 percent support it versus 46 percent opposed — the first time in ABC/Post polls that supporters have outnumbered opponents. More than half, moreover — 53 percent — say gay marriages held legally in another state should be recognized as legal in their states.

Even some of the Republicans are seeing this trend and urging their party to […]


Things that haven’t changed since the last Liberal leadership convention..

In 2006 in Montreal, my impression (when I was in my pre-Liberal days) of Liberals were this:

a) they liked to throw things called “hospitality suites” pre-Convention, and during the Convention. That involves stuffing as many people as legally possibly (or illegally possible, in some cases) in whatever hotel rooms you’re staying in.

b) The suite is only deemed a successful one or a good one if security not only comes up to tell you to pipe down, but shuts down the party .. er.. the hospitality suite altogether.

I’m not at this Convention being held in Vancouver (too far away and too much money – another reason I’m […]


Rather blatant, don’t you think?

If this isn’t pork-barrel politics, I’m not sure what is:

Liberals today released documents showing that 94 per cent of the Harper government’s Enabling Accessibility Fund went to Conservative-held ridings…The documents show how nearly $34 million of the total $35.9 million that was dispersed from the $45-million fund went to Conservative ridings, most of which went out in the days leading up to last fall’s writ drop. The bulk of the money, $30 million, went to two projects – the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness project in the riding of Calgary Northeast, then held by Conservative MP Art Hanger, and the Abilities Centre in Durham Region in Finance Minister Jim […]


Top-down politics?

Warren Kinsella reminiscing about Alfred Apps today at his blogpost:

In 1982, for example, I remember standing behind a young firebrand from Toronto as he railed against the unelected power brokers in the party; this weekend, the same guy is making his debut as the acclaimed party president.

Unfortunately, it would appear Alfred has become what he once railed against. I’ll admit that Alf’s method is certainly a good way to indicate to people in a less then subtle manner to them that you don’t think you could work with them if they were elected to a position that involves reporting to you. No beating around the bush, and Fabrice […]


The courts hand Harper and the Cons another defeat.

The Conservatives haven’t had much luck in the court system of late, and that pattern has continued (read more) […]


US Senator Arlen Specter defects from the Republicans to the Democrats.

A quick thought on this rather surprising and unexpected announcement today, which has garnered probably the equivalent political shock down in the US today as when Belinda Stronach showed up with Liberal leader/PM Paul Martin and announced she was crossing the floor to become a Liberal:

Specter’s defection is by no means a guarantee of a “filibuster-proof” Democratic majority of 60 votes as some people have been cheering about, even when Al Franken presumably gets seated soon. There are a fair number of “conservative” Democratic senators in the Senate – some farther right on the political scale then Specter is – particularly the ones representing traditional “red” Republican states (see […]


Tuesday trinkets

– Does it surprise me at all that the Conservatives are attempting to claim Abousfian Abdelrazik is an Al-Queada agent, 16 months after the RCMP and CSIS cleared him, and that they are doing so based on accusations extracted by torture from a Guanatanamo detainee who was waterboarded 83 times? Does it surprise me that they claim he’s a threat to national security while they let him stay at the Canadian Embassy? No, this appalling disgraceful behaviour on behalf of the Conservatives doesn’t surprise me. What will surprise me is if the Federal court doesn’t throw the government’s case out, particularly after Lawrence Cannon’s backtrack after backtrack on promising to […]


Iggy endorses the one-member-one-vote proposal

Jeff points to Ignatieff in the Hill-Times endorsing the One Member One Vote constitutional proposal that will be voted on at the Liberal Convention in the upcoming week. Brief snippet:

It’s not a detail, it’s not housecleaning; it changes the way the party works. It says to everybody who want s to join our party, ‘If you join our party you get to vote for the man or woman who may be the prime minister of your country—so join the party.’

So along with Rocco Rossi, the National Director who has long publicly endorsed OMOV, the leader of the Liberal Party speaks out and shows he is in favour of […]


Scott’s Diatribes interviews John Lennard, Young Liberal of Canada Presidential candidate.

The Liberal Convention is going to be starting in a couple of days, and along with the formal nod of Michael Ignatieff as Liberal Party leader, as well as various policy debates, there is also going to be elections for the Young Liberals Of Canada association (or the YLC). Normally, that would probably be an afterthought amongst even Liberal Party members, let alone general political observers, but because of the controversy taking place over the Young Liberals of Canada proposal to sub-amend the One-Member-One-Vote constitutional proposal to include a 25% quota for youth delegates, it is probably garnering a bit more attention, as that issue spills over into the YLC […]


Sunday snippets; more Omar Khadr editorials, and sending best wishes.

– The Toronto Star joins Sun Media (or at least one of its columnists on the editorial page) in calling for Harper to stop stonewalling on Omar Khadr and accede to the Federal Court order to request to the US his repatriation.

– That may not be surprising, but perhaps this is; the Ottawa Citizen, a member of the Canwest media group (which includes the National Post) also calls for Harper to stop being stubborn and to also bring Khadr home. Not sure if that’s an Ottawa Ctiizen specific editorial, or if we’ll see that across Canwest’s papers, but still, a welcome one.

– The Globe and Mail, […]

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