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Some suggestions for teabags to use at American rightwing “tea parties” today.

So, you may have heard that today has been declared “tea-bagging day” by some of the conservative populace in the US today, where millions thousands hundreds have gathered and will gather in protests around the US to protest something or other – I believe mostly to do with the stimulus package.

Their main gimmick with this thing is for protesters to bring tea bags with them and dump them somewhere (but not anywhere – some of them didn’t remember to get a permit). This is apparently to symbolize the “Boston Tea Party” tax on tea revolt from back in the Pre-Revolutionary days of the American colonies.

I’d like to help these folks out by suggesting what types of teabags to bring to their little protests shindigs today. I’ve found one type¬† at my own house that I think would really fit in with their protest theme:


Many, if not all, of these right-wingers accuse Obama of being a socialist, or a “red” Commie, so what could be more appropriate then for these folks to dump a bunch of Red Tea teabags?¬† The symbolism would be overpowering!! (Well, to them, anyhow).

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