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The US Administration advocates a high-speed rail system for the US

My Liberal blogging colleague David Graham, who is also a train enthusiast (and probably the best known advocate of increased rail transit on the Canadian blogosphere), will no doubt be pleased to hear this announcement. I’m guessing he and others like him who believe in rail mass-transit are hoping some politicians north of the border will take notice:

What we’re talking about is a vision for high-speed rail in America. Imagine boarding a train in the center of a city. No racing to an airport and across a terminal, no delays, no sitting on the tarmac, no lost luggage, no taking off your shoes…. Now, all of you know this […]


Now THIS is an extreme teabagger…

A photo of one of the right-wing protestors out at the Tea-bag parties. Now this is dedication to your cause. (I don’t see any Red Tea on her head though, as I suggested they use).


Ekos poll: Liberals open up margin on Conservatives

Well now, this is the first poll I’ve seen since Ignatieff became leader that shows the Liberals have opened up a lead on the governing Conservatives outside of a poll’s margin of error:

Asked which party they would support if an election were held tomorrow, 36.7 opted for the Liberals while 30.2 per cent chose the Conservatives. About 15.5 per cent supported the NDP, while the Green party was the choice of 8.1 per cent and the Bloc Québécois was backed by 9.4 per cent. A similar poll question was asked just after the December prorogation crisis, when the minority Conservative government almost fell in the face of a challenge […]


On the cusp of electoral reform in BC.

I saw news about this poll yesterday at several different blogs, and as a supporter of electoral reform, of course I’m very happy to see this:

Poll: 65 per cent of British Columbians support BC-STV Younger voters overwhelming in their support

Vancouver, B.C. – The numbers are in and British Columbia voters are giving a big thumbs up to electoral reform with 65 per cent saying they will vote for BC-STV in the upcoming referendum on May 12. That is the top line result of a major survey conducted by Angus Reid Strategies. Support for a new way of electing our MLAs is particularly strong among younger voters – those […]


“A tale of two Tories”

Nice alliteration for the title of this latest Youtube Video on the rather complex relationship between Harper and Mulroney, though I’d argue you’re misusing the political term of “Tory” when referring to Stephen Harper:

I like the storybook theme with this, but my 1 complaint with this video is I think it takes too long to explain to people. I was getting rather impatient half way through this waiting for it to end.


Bemused observation

What does it say about our society today when the decisions of the American Idol judges to spare a particular contestant from elimination is considered “newsworthy” and makes it into the top news headlines of Yahoo? […]


A gentle suggestion for fairness.

If Maclean’s is going to give the most prominent Conservative supporting blogger in the country a forum at their site where he can spout his Conservative talking points off, how about they also give a Liberal blogger or a Progressive Blogger an opportunity to put out their point of view? […]


Some suggestions for teabags to use at American rightwing “tea parties” today.

So, you may have heard that today has been declared “tea-bagging day” by some of the conservative populace in the US today, where millions thousands hundreds have gathered and will gather in protests around the US to protest something or other – I believe mostly to do with the stimulus package.

Their main gimmick with this thing is for protesters to bring tea bags with them and dump them somewhere (but not anywhere – some of them didn’t remember to get a permit). This is apparently to symbolize the “Boston Tea Party” tax on tea revolt from back in the Pre-Revolutionary days of the American colonies.

I’d like to help […]


The Conservatives are thinking about playing partisan politics with the recession.

Is anyone surprised the Harper Conservatives are considering trying to “save” the private media companies in Canada by increasing their buys of government propaganda advertising? No one should be, but it’s no less revolting:

The government has talked about shelling out between $150-million and $75-million this year and $75-million next year in an effort to get money into the hands of the broadcasters quickly. However, some MPs are concerned that funnelling money directly to the broadcasters would not do much to prevent cuts. At least the government could benefit from the ads.

So, that strategy would be summed up as trying to save the private media companies by playing Conservative […]


Struggling Generation Y’ers written about (sorta); a cousin gets a cameo appearance.

This magazine cover for the May 2009 edition of Toronto Life caught my eye; a cousin of mine, Matt Danko, is featured on the cover of it. I’ve kindly pointed him out here, courtesy of my nice editing graphical job (cough) inserting an arrow.

Matt will be a tad horrified at what I call “graphical editing”; he’s an illustrator/designer by trade and probably thinks I’ve butchered the meaning of that phrase. 🙂

Anyhow, the cover story that the picture of himself and others are based on is ostensibly about how Generation Y’ers like these folks are optimistic despite the economic recession we are in right now, and despite the […]

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