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Some more OMOV stuff, and more on those voting rule changes…

I mentioned in my prior blogpost how rule changes at the LPC Convention have now been made so that any constitutionally proposed amendments must be passed first, and then sub-amendments to those amendments would be considered second, and only if the original amendment passed. That led to some supporters of the YLC amendment becoming furious. I got accosted without provocation on Facebook in chat by 1 such supporter angrily claiming that the Liberal Party executive was trying to screw the YLC. Well, as per Jeff’s blogpost update today, outgoing LPC President Doug Ferguson responds:

I hope you will allow me to deal with this issue and why the Rules of […]

We interrupt this Easter break for an OMOV update..

I said blogging was going to be light this Easter Weekend, but this blogpost over at Aaron’s caught my eye. It seems he was reading part of the constitutional rules booklet for the Liberal Party, and it seemed to him to indicate that the One Member One Vote proposed constitutional amendment vote came first, and any or all sub-amendments to it – i.e. the YLC”s proposed quota sub-amendment – came second. He asked others if he was reading the rules right, and this comment came along:

“OMOV is voted on and then if it succeeds the YLC amendment gets considered as an amendment to the constitution”

I’m checking into that. […]

Light Easter blogging, & concern in Woodstock over a missing girl.

Blogging will probably be very light this Easter weekend, but I can’t help but comment on this story unfolding in Woodstock, not very far from where I am, over the 8 year old girl, Victoria Stafford, who has been missing since Wednesday afternoon.

We were up in Woodstock today to visit my grandparents, and I can tell you, it’s a bit of a chilling feeling seeing the police units searching the marshes and riverbanks looking for this girl, as well as all the “missing” posters stuck up on hydro poles and inside the Tim Horton’s. Hopefully, she will be found alive.

Gritgirl updates her original video – “The Job Losses Continue”

Related to the prior blogpost story, Gritgirl has come out with an update to the original video she did – an update made unfortunately necessary with today’s announced job losses that now are disappearing at the rate of the 1982 recession:

This is Harpernomics, to use a phrase from a few months ago.

(PS – I think it high time the Harper government stop resisting pressure to loosen the EI requirement eligibility, make it a bit more generous to help all these people losing their jobs, and stop insulting people when they say such measures are “paying people to not work”.)


Remember, this is a “mild” recession, according to Finance minister Flaherty.

What would a bad recession look like to him, I wonder? Some more terrible numbers out today:

Canada is shedding jobs at a rate not seen since the deep recession of the early 1980s, as March saw another 61,300 workers join the ballooning ranks of the unemployed. The loss brought Canada’s official unemployment rate to eight per cent, the worst in seven years. Statistics Canada noted that since the peak in October, employment has fallen each month for a total of 357,000 jobs lost, representing 2.1 per cent of the workforce. That is the most since 1982.

I think Flaherty’s other talking point has been that from his perspective, it […]

Are the Cons. to give public taxpayer money to private media so they can buy sports teams??

As you may know, some of the private media companies in Canada are asking for money to help their companies during these tough economic times, and the Conservatives are considering a 150 million $ fund to help them, even as they turned away the CBC’s request for additional funds.

It should be no surprise that the private media are asking that this fund be excluded from the CBC. It will be no surprise if the Conservatives agree to that; it’s rather blatantly obvious the bias the Conservative government has against the CBC. What raises my ire today is that a couple of these private media companies, while pleading poor to […]

More on One Member One Vote, quotas, and a Facebook group.

As you might know from reading Liberal blogs the past several days, there’s been a bit of controversy over the Young Liberals wanting an amendment to pass that would require the (weighted) One Member One Vote proposed constitutional amendment to include or keep a 25% delegate quota for Young Liberals in the OMOV formula. There are many arguments against doing that, but the one I keep harping on is the amount of power this gives a relatively small group or faction within the Liberal Party.

There have been a few blogs or commentators on blogs stating that the general % of membership in the Liberal Party for Young Liberals […]

As predicted, Jim Flaherty writes Gritgirl’s newest video.

Our sometimes furious Finance minister couldn’t have handed Gritgirl better material on a silver platter if he’d tried, as I predicted a couple of blogposts ago:

Love the music!

A finanical reason for the Cons. wanting to scrap the long-gun registry.

If you’re wondering why the Conservatives decided to put out another attempt to kill the long-gun registry, like some others, I think a very good reason the Conservative government did so is perhaps they’re afraid their gun lover constituency will stop donating to them:

That was found off of a right-wing gun supporter’s site, if you’re wondering. But, it appears that a few of these groups recognize pandering for what it is.. because they don’t buy this government’s legislation as going far enough (and if they thought about it hard enough, it’s a rather half-hearted effort by the Conservative government by introducing it into the Senate first), and want […]

Monday, Monday…

– Dan over at CalgaryGrit and Woman at Mile 0 are two more Liberal bloggers coming out in favour of Weighted One Member One Vote, and simultaneously against the Young Liberals of Canada amendment to keep a quota for youth delegates in that formula. Dan in particular goes into extensive detail why, and includes what type of a “WOMOV” setup (as he’s decided to call it) he’d like to see that might generate some of the Convention excitement. If there are blog readers out there thinking they detect a lack of support out there for this YLC amendment amongst the Liberal blogosphere, they’d be correct in their perception. It’s gone […]

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