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Media concern trolls.

In Angelo Persichilli’s op-ed column today in the Star, he lists a variety of reasons why Ignatieff shouldn’t force a general election now. Fair points, but he then claims that Iggy forcing an election now would make him look “weak” or “panicky”.

If forcing an election is weak, what does it say about the Conservatives and Harper running pre-election writ attack ads trying to smear an opposition leader’s character in the middle of the biggest recession in years. Those attack ads are running while the Conservatives have run up a 50 billion $ debt without having pushed hardly any stimulus money out of the door? Angelo doesn’t address that rather […]


It would be the smartest political move Peter MacKay has ever made..

..if these rumours are true, and he is looking for a way to quietly exit the federal Conservative party. Why risk going down with a sinking ship? As the article says. it allows him to make another run at the Federal Conservative leadership if they are defeated in the next election.

Who knows – if Harper were to resign after a defeat, Peter MacKay mighty actually find that “Red Tory”/Progressive Conservative streak in him that he supposedly has – because it’s been hidden while Harper has been leader. He might actually bring some much needed moderation and moderates back into the CPC.


You stay classy, Pierre Poilievre.

Pierre decides to use the phrase “tar baby” (twice), in response to MP questions in QP today in attacking Liberals and Michael Ignatieff. The context of his answer is here.

He was called out by Liberal MP Ralph Goodale and NDP MP Paul Dewar on MP Points of Order after QP, and given the chance to admit he made a mistake in using that racial slur terminology, but he refused; apparently according to another Liberal blogger who was watching, he instead demanded ludicrously that Goodale apologize for something or other.

He either needs to apologize or resign, and if he doesn’t do either, the folks in Nepean-Carleton really need to […]


Friday’s foreign policy notes.

Some things that caught my eye this AM to do with Canadian foreign policy:

I somehow had missed this story, where Harper’s actions has caused a “chill” in Canada-Cuba relations, but I’m not the least bit surprised by it:

A trip Kent had scheduled to Havana for mid-May was abruptly canceled by the Cubans after Prime Minister Stephen Harper described himself as an “anti-communist Conservative,” and Kent said publicly that he would press the government on human rights.

I don’t know Peter; maybe you should be more circumspect in public declarations and try using a bit more diplomatic tact, before you visit countries like Cuba. I can see that the […]


No surprises here.

A couple of things this AM.. I am neither surprised at this:

The arbiter of ethics on the airwaves ruled Wednesday that CTV violated industry codes when it included three false starts in a broadcast of an election interview with then-Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

or later in the same piece, this:

The standards council also studied complaints lodged against CTV Newsnet’s Mike Duffy Live program. The show rebroadcast Dion’s false starts and discussed it with a panel of politicians and later with journalists. During the discussion, Liberal MP Geoff Regan suggested Dion might not have understood the question because of a hearing impairment, but then said it was not a […]


Gritgirl returns: Harper Conservatives are not on track

Well, well, I wondered this morning where Gritgirl had gotten to. It appears that this massive deficit that was massively missed by Jim Flaherty, Stephen Harper and the Conservative government has caused her to re-appear, with this short video:


Things that make you go hmmm…

Stuff like this:

If we were going to have some kind of big crash or recession, we probably would have it by now, a year into the crisis …We are in fact ahead of our budget forecast but there’s no risk of deficit. We intend to maintain a surplus in the budget.

That would be Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sept 15, 2008 in an interview to Forbes Magazine. Of course, that claim of “no risk of deficit” crumbled long ago, and as Jim Flaherty revealed yesterday, they not only have been running a deficit, but they were way off their predictions on how much it was going to reach […]


Initial polling: Attack ads may be hurting Harper worse then Ignatieff.

You’ll note both Steve and Jeff commenting on Harris-Decima, and Steve commenting on Angus-Reid (Quebec only) doing some polling on the effect of the Conservative attack ads, with the initial reports being that they may be hurting Harper and the Conservatives worse then they are Ignatieff (and by extension, the Liberals).

I believe Steve said this somewhere at his site, but I’ll say it as well; this is encouraging (if you’re a Liberal, or if you just hate negative politics in general) but I would have liked to have seen these pollsters do a general poll (to go along with their attack ad polling) to show what current voter intentions […]


You’re really representing PEI with dignity and class in the Senate, Mike Duffy.

Actually, no you’re not:

He questioned if Canadians are seeing the real Ignatieff, asking, “Is he a multiple personality disorder or something? What is he?” …Duffy also took pointed jabs at other thorns in the Conservative political side, referring to outspoken Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams as “that whack job over in Newfoundland,” and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May as “Bucky the Beaver.”

If the Senate is the chamber of “sober second thought”, then Mike Duffy is definitely like a fish out of water here.


Now that’s tough.

I double-dare Stephen Harper, John Baird or any of the other big talkers in Parliament to walk the walk, like Governor-General Michaelle Jean did with the Inuit:

On the first day of her trip to the Arctic Michaëlle Jean gutted a freshly slaughtered seal, pulled out its raw heart, and ate it. Hundreds of Inuit at a community festival gathered around as the Governor General made a gesture of solidarity with the country’s beleaguered seal hunters.

Not only did she eat it, she was enthusiastic about it!

After repeated, vigorous cuts through the flesh the Queen’s representative turned to the woman beside her and asked enthusiastically: “Could I try […]

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