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A blogging observation about the bloggers at the LPC Convention…

According to some of the folks I’ve talked to, there are apparently no Blogging Tory bloggers at the LPC Convention.

I know it isn’t because none were invited, as I’m pretty sure some were. Dr Dawg is there representing the NDP point of view, and there would be no reason to not invite any Conservative bloggers – 3 were invited in 2006.

Perhaps they felt it was a waste of time and money to not to be able to blog about all the divisiveness one usually finds at a leadership convention.

2 comments to A blogging observation about the bloggers at the LPC Convention…

  • The election could explain some, and perhaps they feel there is no ‘conflict’ or that it’s simply boring with no leadership race.


    I have seen some conservative-leaning writers that learned from the school of Jerry Springer… maybe they’ve simply switched to another channel 😉


  • Uh, I think Dr. Dawg’s actually a left-leaning independent.

    But I’d suspect that most of the easily accessible Blogging Tories and Dippers are working on the Provincial Election.

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