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A Conservative with a sense of humour?

Diane Finley may qualify as one of those rare birds with this quote:

“It’s important we focus not on partisan politics right now.”

She either has a sense of humour, or she’s hoping that people somehow collectively won’t think how dumb that comment of hers is – seeing as the multimillion dollar smear campaign on Ignatieff’s “Canadianess” continues. How she could utter that statement and hope that people believe she and her government are trying to take the high road is simultaneously appalling and amusing.

H/T Aaron Wherry.


So far, the attack ads aren’t working.. least, not in Quebec:

The Leger poll indicates that the Harper government’s support in Quebec remains at only 13 per cent, which could wipe out most of its 10 seats in Quebec were an election held today. “This is catastrophic for the Conservatives,” said Jean-Marc Leger, president of Leger Marketing. “Poll after poll shows they are losing ground. It will be a tough time for them.”…Liberal support has climbed to 37 per cent while the Bloc appears stalled at 33 per cent…While it might be too early to tell, the poll seems to indicate that recent Conservative attack ads, which began just as the poll was taken, have had […]


Attack ad thoughts

As a followup to my last post, I think these attack ads spawned by the Conservative government are ultimately an attempt at distraction by the Conservatives away from the economic troubles we’re having. The fact of the matter is that the Conservative government don’t have anything particularly good to tell people right now on the economic front, so they’re trying this bit of political strategy as a red herring.

My personal opinion is that when it comes down to the next election, the majority of people aren’t going to care about how long a particular party leader has been living outside of the country; they ARE going to care what […]


A Canadian abroad writes an open letter to Canadians.

This is very powerful stuff – an excerpt:

I’m a Rhodes Scholar completing my doctorate in Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. I write with sadness to confess I have been unfaithful to you, my home and native land. It seems I lack national sentiment, or so I have been told by your governing party’s most recent advertising campaigns. Why am I anti-nationalist and unfaithful?….We Canadians abroad who wave our flags from afar on July 1st, who carry our Tim Horton’s mugs, who search out specialty stores that sell maple syrup and Molson beer, clearly must be less patriotic than our peers who stay at home…I am […]


Provincial Tory Government would put curfew on kids if re-elected.

This caught my eye today:

Kids 15 and under would have a one o’clock curfew if the Tories return to power. (Nova Scotia) Premier Rodney MacDonald said his party would bring in a law banning these youth from being out along from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. He said there’s no reason for kids that age to be out on the streets in the middle of the night. Parents who don’t keep there kids at home during the curfew hours would face warnings and a possible fine of up to $500.

The idea is interesting, but I find it more interesting it’s the Conservative Party offering the idea up. After […]


Taking a (Ekos) poll.

Well.. I just got polled by Ekos Research. It was an automated call, with a series of questions. One of the more interesting ones was whether I supported the idea of high-speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton and the Southern Ontario 401 corridor ( I answered “strongly support”).

They also asked of course who I’d vote for and who would make the best PM, so if there’s a bump in Liberal support in the next Ekos poll, I can take a minute bit of credit for it. [superemotions file=”icon_biggrin.gif” title=”Big Grin”]


More problems at Chalk River nuclear site..

I wonder who the Conservative government is going to blame this time for this shutdown, since they can’t kick Linda Keen around (or off the job, which she was doing properly as the regulator should be doing):

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) announced Monday that its Chalk River reactor, located about 185 kilometres northwest of Ottawa, will remain out of service for more than a month due to a leak at the base of the reactor vessel. The agency noticed the heavy water leak on Friday, a day after the reactor was shut down due to a power outage in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. The leak, which also […]


What’s a synonym for a “principled Conservative politician?”


Ok, that WAS my joke for tonight.. but it seems I’ll have to change my punchline to “endangered”, as we have 1 Conservative MP on record (a rookie no less) as being against the Conservative’s negative ad pre-election campaign being run against Michael Ignatieff.

I’ll give her about 3 days tops before she gets cowed back into parroting the official Conservative line.


Some advice for electoral reformers: better messaging needed.

That’s what my friend and colleague Michael Taube writes in the Calgary Herald in this column, about how proponents of electoral reform can have better success.

Last week, I trotted out the idea that electoral reform advocates needed to now forget about MMP or STV and instead start advocating the voting voting model known as Instant-Runoff-Voting (IRV), which I felt would be easier to explain to people, as well as be a bit more of an incremental change that Canadians might accept. Mike takes a more general view – he doesnt pick out a specific voting model, but related to my “pick a voting model that is simple and easy […]


Conservative negative ad demographic strategy.

I hope everyone had a good Victoria Day and holiday weekend. I was noticing over this long weekend that the Conservative’s main strategy of where to play these attack ads seem to be sports events and home and garden shows. The hockey playoffs got some multiple repeat airtime for these things, as did Blue Jays baseball (I’m presuming that the Conservative brain-trust figures that since the Jays are currently in first place, more people are watching them on TV). The home and garden network also had a lot of these ads running yesterday.

So, the apparent target demographic – at least from my observations – for these attack ads are […]

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