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“The media aren’t going along with our propaganda on Ignatieff. They’re biased!”

A summary of Stephen Taylor’s blogpost on the media’s general condemnation of the Conservatives negative ad campaign is apparently “they’re all liberal media types who are ganging up on us”.

C’mon Taylor, since when is Rex Murphy and Stephen Van Zandt of the Sun Media Chain ever qualify as “liberal media”??? I’ve also seen Greg Weston of the same Sun Media go after Harper for his stunts of late; does that make him “liberal” as well? Is every media publication in Canada automatically tagged as “liberal” when they criticize your dear leader or the Conservative Party?

By the way, as James Bowie points out, it wasn’t long ago that Taylor […]


A quote not remembered in the Conservative Party.

“The personal attack is the last refuge of the scoundrel who has nothing of substance to say”-Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke is viewed by some as the philosophical founder of modern conservatism, but his modern-day disciples in today’s Conservative Party here in Canada seem to have forgotten that lesson.


Conservative attack ads already being spoofed..

…and again, it isn’t by Gritgirl.


Conservatives attack ads on Iggy are doing great for fundraising…

..for Liberals, that is:

The Liberals sent out a email solicitation yesterday, in response to the Conservative attack ads ..I have a well placed source has told me this email fundraiser has already produced “the best result of any email solicitation we have ever sent out”. Further, it would appear the Conservatives have stirred up Liberal supporters, described as “people (who) are outraged”.

Further down in Steve’s blogpost, we read a link from KNB at her blog that has Liberal MP Marlene Jennings getting quoted as saying that the negative ad campaign started by the Conservatives has done the Liberals a fundraising favor. And in comments, Steve mentions the […]


A hint of the counter-attack strategy from the Liberals?

The new Conservative attack ads, as you know, target Michael Ignatieff’s extensive travel and work abroad over the years, and try to use that against him as something that is “un-Canadian” (my words in describing my opinion on what these ads are trying to say, overtly or covertly). I’m presuming the Conservative brain-trust feel that “real red-blooded Canadians” will frown on a Canadian going abroad and becoming a success, or something.

We may have seen the hint of what will be used by the Liberals to counter that silly line of attack over at Warren’s site:

What do you think? Sixty thousand bankruptcies in a single month, or a Canadian […]


Not quite up to Gritgirl standards…

..but still not a bad video from one of those Liberal supporters on Youtube that the Conservatives are partially using to justify spending money on officially Conservative Party sanctioned attack ads on the Official Opposition’s leader between an election during a recession:


Isn’t it ironic.. don’t you think?

The Conservatives are using a website based on a server in Montenegro to attack Ignatieff for having lived outside of Canada for a time.

Nice to see the folks at Conservative War Room central are helping the Montenegro economy out.. but surely they had enough cash in the bank to support a Canadian server host to do this?

UPDATE: If you’re wondering where Montenegro is…

UPDATE 2 @ 3:35 pm – The plot thickens. A colleague of mine wrote this, stating it may not be in Montenegro, despite the .me domain:

“I pinged the IP address for and did a geolocation trace on it. Here are the results. […]


Thoughts on BC – mostly on electoral reform.

Some thoughts on the BC election/electoral reform referendum yesterday: Gordon Campbell comes through again, winning a third straight term as Liberal premier, which makes him only one of four leaders to be elected 3 straight terms. Whether you like him or not, that’s impressive. That’s my one thought on the general election; the rest of this blogpost deals with the failure of STV to pass in the electoral reform referendum (read more): […]


Jason Kenney – ministerial overreach in the Ruby Dhalla nanny controversy?

That title would be in reference to whether Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is perhaps overplaying his hand in this whole question of whether a couple of nannies were not treated well by Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla and/or her family, and politicizing the Department of Immigration in an attempt to help get Dhalla de-elected, and get Jason’s pal Parminder Gill elected to that riding which Dhalla currently represents.

Now, some of you’ll say of COURSE I’d say that or wonder that, being a Liberal blogger and all. Of COURSE other Liberal bloggers are wondering about all of this, because they’re biased too. But, they and I are not the only ones […]


Pros and cons of wind power

I’ve been interested in reading John Laforet’s blog where he occasionally details his opposition to how things are being handled in Toronto via-s-vis putting in wind farms up there without what he feels is proper due diligence. That’s why today’s story in the Toronto Star titled For and against wind power which details how some folks think wind energy is a “sham”, while others defend it just as vigorously from what they believe are inaccurate charges was a good read. I’ll be interested to see if John has an opinion on the article.

For myself, I can’t say with certainty whether these wind turbines are as effective as their proponents […]

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