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Oh yea.. about the actual BC election..

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. I consider Gordon Campbell’s Liberals to be LINO’s (Liberals In Name Only). From my perception, there is a lot more old conservative Social Credit thinking and ideology and not as much Liberalism prevalent in this party. I consider this batch to be a moderate centre-right party, so I’m rather agnostic as to how they do and whether they win or lose – though they have put forth one redeeming policy in the carbon tax.

This is another reason I hope the proposed STV electoral passes – so that the Liberals and the NDP aren’t the only 2 credible choices to have a chance to […]

How does the STV proposed electoral reform model in BC work? (and I endorse STV)

Well, try this site out and take a look. Thanks to Andrew Coyne for finding that, who is trying to do some dramatic last-minute posts at Macleans endorsing STV to get it over the hump. Heck, even Paul Wells has jumped on the STV endorsement wagon, and that’s something, because I recall at the very least he was agnostic about the MMP proposal in Ontario in 2007.

I obviously endorse STV and hope it passes – if only so I don’t have to read another smirking editorial from the Toronto Star (led I won’t doubt by Ian Urquhart, if he’s still involved in the editorials over there. Ian has always […]

PTSD (Post-traumatic-Stress-Disorder) doesn’t affect just soldiers.

It affects all who experience war and horror. Read Deb’s account of her journalist friend to see the consequences of it.

Conservative government appeals the Omar Khadr order to request his repatriation.

No surprise here for me about this decision by the Conservatives; they’re obviously going to go to the bitter (judicial) end to avoid any real action on Omar Khadr unless the Supreme Court forces them, or Obama beats them to the punch: (read more) […]

Watching the Abousfian Abdelrazik case with interest.

I’ve said before that I thought Abousfian Abdelrazik would have a stronger case before the Federal Court on being allowed back into Canada then Omar Khadr (and note that Omar did win his case – at least in the Federal Court), simply because of all the promises given to him by the government and then taken away, as well as the statements by our intelligence agencies he poses no threat to Canada. The UN also seems to have gotten tired of the Canadian government using it as a crutch for trying to justify keeping Abdelrazik out of Canada, as a UN official in charge of the blacklist program came out […]

Some publicity for “Tea For Two.. a hundred or so” event.

A colleague of mine passed this along to me and wondered if I was interested in this. In her words:

“I have been working with a wonderful group of women to set this awesome day up. Purchasing tickets is easy and the cause is great. This is a female oriented event – you may wish to send this flyer to your Mom, Sister, Daughter, Spouse, Significant other etc!”

I thought I’d do a bit better then that and give it a bit more publicity on here. What exactly is the event for? I’ve quoted from the PDF brochure that she sent to me:

Join us for Tea for Two… Hundred […]

Make it 7! (Canadian NHL teams)

Since I don’t have anything particularly compelling to post on politics today (so far), I thought I might as well state I support Jim Balsillie’s efforts to relocate the bankrupt Phoenix Coyote’s NHL team to somewhere in Southern Ontario, where fans will actually support the team. (Unfortunately, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman seems to have a problem with grasping that concept if it involves crossing the 49th parallel – or the equivalent Canada/US border crossing).

Here’s the simple but effective website promoting that effort to bring back the team originally based in Winnipeg – if not back there, at least back to its home and native land.

Go give Zoom some encouragement and support.

Zoom, if you’re wondering, runs the blog, based out of Ottawa. She’s been a Progressive Blogger affiliate for a while now, which is how I got to know her. I’ve also given her some help in re-designing her blog a bit in the past. She posted late yesterday that she’s been diagnosed with a form of breast cancer.

I found out she was very strong-willed over what she wanted for her blog design and how it was to look. I am certain that same frame of mind will help her beat this.. but every little bit of encouragement helps. Go over there and give her some words of […]

Wednesday thoughts in brief.

– Some of you out there may have read that the Conservative Party has tightened up their process for allowing a challenge to their incumbent MP’s in a nomination battle. While I’ll agree that one of the reasons given for this extra incumbent protection by the Conservatives is laughable – their MP’s don’t need the extra stress while they’re operating in a minority government situation – I’ll point out that there is little independence allowed MP’s in how they vote in the House of Commons. Rob Anders may be a jerk, but if he lost to someone else, that someone else would still vote the exact same way as the […]

Idle threats?

So I saw this:

Canada threatens WTO complaint over European seal product ban

The federal government says it will launch a complaint with the World Trade Organization unless Canada is exempted from the European Parliament’s ban on seal products.

My initial thought is that whether or not one is for or against the seal hunt, all I can say is that if the EU saw how Canada and the Harper government folded over the softwood lumber issue, despite repeated wins against the US, then this threat to go to the WTO over this issue should hardly scare anyone over in Brussels.

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