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Is there a 26 year old aide or 2 that the Conservatives can blame for these?

Following the Lisa Raitt missing binder affair, I’m sure these 2 stories aren’t exactly what the Conservatives had in mind to demonstrate to the Canadian electorate there is competence in this government:

– First, it seems there’s a lot of gold missing out of the Canadian Mint, though they’re not sure how much yet, or the Conservatives are refusing to say. (H/T Woman @ Mile 0)

– Second, it seems that in the government’s haste to sell off “extra items” that Rideau Hall had, they somehow managed to sell some silver flower baskets that were on loan from Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace (and they didn’t even get full value for them; they were sold at bargain basement prices). The government is now hastily trying to retrieve some of the other items they managed to sell off in their haste to make a buck, but no word if they’re trying to get back Buckingham Palace’s items. (H/T Buckdog)

It’s Conservative amateur hour in Ottawa these days, and there are only so many aides that this Conservative government can go around blaming before there’s no one else to pass the buck off in an attempt to blame their own incompetence on others. It’s squarely this Conservative government and the ministers and the Prime Minister that’s made the mess in Ottawa – not their aides.

UPDATE @ 2:59 pm: Blaming Jasmine MacDonnell and using her as a scapegoat to try and spare Lisa Raitt is hardly a one-off thing for the Conservatives. As Warren lists here, they have a trend of blaming their aides and underlings when they screw up, both when they’ve been in government and out. So much for being the “party of accountability”.


4 comments to Is there a 26 year old aide or 2 that the Conservatives can blame for these?

  • Marie

    They couldn’t blame the Liberals on this one so the poor girl had to take the heat.

    • DTM, B!

      If the poor girl is looking for a new job, the Liberals should hire her. After all, her dad’s a major fundraiser for Iggy in Nova Scotia. Oh wait, that would look bad too.

  • slg

    I think it was Dr. Mustard in the library.

  • In the end, these buck-passers will just blame us: “You voted for us, it’s your fault!”

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