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The Harper Conservatives.. breaking all the (wrong) records.

Lest you thought I’d forgotten about the incompetent Conservative government, I saw this pop up today. I share the sentiment obviously:

A policy I may disagree with by the Liberals isn’t going to stop me from supporting the Conservatives ouster and fixing the damage they’ve wrought on this country.

4 comments to The Harper Conservatives.. breaking all the (wrong) records.

  • Stan

    You know you guys make yourselves look like complete fools to Canadians when you try to blame the world wide recession on Harper.
    What do you gain by that?

    If you hadn’t noticed Canada is doing far better than most other economies.

  • kwittet

    militant dipper

    scott will agree or disagree with anything that would make the conservative look bad at the time. he is an opportunist blogger that will jump on any little thing as long as it makes the conservatives look bad.

    I dont know what you seem to think the conservatives can do about this recession? Things just keep getting worse and there is nothing that any government can do about it. I agree that the employment insurance rules should be changed but that will raise deficits and you scream about that. If the libs were in power it would be the same thing. Your hero down south Obama has the same things going on and he has spent trillions trying to get things moving and it is not happening there either. This is global and it is going to take time for things to work out. But lets go to the polls again and spend another 300 million so nothing will change.

    I would think you would hope that the Conservatives stay in power otherwise you would have nothing to complain about or blog about!!

  • militant dipper

    ” A policy I may disagree with by the Liberals isn’t going to stop me from supporting the Conservatives ouster and fixing the damage they’ve wrought on this country. ”

    Fair enough, I certainly share your disdain for Harper and recognize the damage he has done but, is an Ignatieff lead Liberal party that much better? I honestly hope it will be. Is this the first time you have disagreed with Ignatieff? Womans equality, the tar sands, asbestos, a very one sided view of the war in Gaza. Mr Ignatieff has a lot of positions many Liberals are uncomfortable with. What else might you disagree with Ignatieff on in the future? Another extension of the Afghan war. Just today the Cons anounced they plan on getting rid of the faint hope clause. Will Ignatieff vote for this bill? Are you okay with that? Mr Ignatieff is also a big supporter of the new Free trade pacts with Columbia and Peru. Is the Liberal party really supporting a trade deal with a country that has right wing militias with reputed ties to govt officials running around the country killing trade unionists? In spite of all that he still may be a better choice than Harper but than again he might not.

  • JMR

    punishment is no way to fight crime.It saddens me that our new leader appears to be following the conservative party line. Bring back Mr Dion at least he thought ourside the box
    the more I see of Michael Ignatieff the more disappointed I am. As one blogger asked when are we going to see real liberal ideas and policies.

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