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Diversion, perhaps?

I wouldn’t put it past Transport Minister John Baird to deliberately get overheard throwing F-bombs at Toronto in an effort to take some of the heat off of Natural Resources Minister Lisa “the isotope crisis is sexy” Raitt.

Regardless, Question Period should be even more of a circus then it normally is…but with good reason; those folks passing off as Cabinet Ministers brought it upon themselves, and one shouldn’t even be a cabinet minister anymore.

There are a lot of cancer patients out there who don’t regard the isotope shortage as being “sexy’, Mrs. Raitt, and who won’t appreciate you trying to use this to better your political position.

UPDATE @ 1:57 pm: Credit where it’s due: Baird apologizes to Toronto mayor David Miller.

4 comments to Diversion, perhaps?

  • Gene Rayburn

    Or maybe Conbot, he was just absent. Sometimes an orange is just an orange or to help your little mind out, bluster is just bluster.

    Librano? Seriously? That is so 2006. Why don’t you come up with something new?

  • Gene Rayburn

    “Watch your Leader get smacked down today in QP and observe Coderre closely(if he shows up). The game is on.”

    What kind of “sexy” nonsense is this? The game is on? That was just a waste of typing.

    • dillon


      Although he was in the House around noon, Coderre failed to show up for QP. Maybe he’s just cleaning out his locker. Stay tuned Librano.

  • dillon

    What happened to the critical comments by Raiit about the Health Minister and other Ministers? Were they deleted from the tape?

    Watch your Leader get smacked down today in QP and observe Coderre closely(if he shows up). The game is on.

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