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More of Lisa Raitt critiquing her fellow cabinet ministers..

This time, it’s Jim Prentice:

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is the second minister subjected to a less-than-flattering assessment from the natural resources minister. Sources familiar with the tape say Raitt suggests her colleague is pandering to Alberta┬┤s oil sands. What makes that observation surprising is that Raitt – as natural resources minister – is responsible for defending the oil sands, while Prentice is responsible for reducing carbon emissions.

I suspected there was going to be a lot more “material” on here then just Chalk River and her assessment of the Health Minister when we found out there was 5 hours worth of material on this tape. Prentice is the next one, and I wonder if we’re going to get a different Lisa Raitt assessment of a new cabinet minister each day for the next week. And Harper really wants to keep her on?

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