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All Canadians are equal before the law…

..but the Harper government is arguing that it should be allowed to pick and choose which Canadians it should help overseas or in another country if they get into trouble, regardless of the circumstances. That’s part of their justification in launching an appeal of the Federal Court decision that orders them to seek the return of Omar Khadr home to Canada, and as Jeff points out, it appears as a Canadian you’ll get help if the Conservative government likes you – not so much if they don’t, or if you aren’t a member of an ethnic group that the Conservatives are trying to woo to vote for them:

This argument […]


Some people appear to be a bit oversensitive.

I’ve noticed a few folks who appear to be a bit touchy to criticism. or just to simple questions. Here’s a couple of examples: (read more) […]


Did I say it’s about time?

If not, then I will again, because it should be said over and over – It’s about time:

The federal government said it will comply with a court order to bring Abousfian Abdelrazik home from Sudan even as fresh revelations emerged that Washington sought Canada’s help in building a criminal case against the Canadian citizen..Justice Russel Zinn ruled two weeks ago that the Sudanese-born man has a Charter right to enter Canada. Zinn said the chain of events that left him stranded at the embassy, fearing further imprisonment at the hands of Sudanese authorities, made him “as much a victim of international terrorism as the innocent persons whose lives have […]


A new threat to privacy rights in Canada on the internet?

Under a rather Orwellian sounding name for a proposed bill – The Investigative Powers for the 21st Century (IP21C) Act – the Conservative government has put forth proposed surveillance legislation for the internet that I am very uneasy about at first blush:

Internet service providers would have to make it possible for police and intelligence officers to intercept online communications and get personal information about subscribers under bills tabled Thursday…Nicholson said the government believes the proposed legislation strikes an “appropriate balance” between law enforcement’s investigative powers to protect public safety and the privacy and rights and freedoms of Canadians.

What makes me uneasy about this proposed legislation? The first and […]


Thoughts on the Harper/Iggy EI reform deal.

My thoughts on this turn of events that got announced this AM:

– The Liberals do get an extra opposition day on the week of Sept 28th, which means they do get to bring the government down if they feel it is warranted. There is an extra accountability report that is due on Sept 28th prior to the optional extra non-confidence motion; in that report will be the government’s reports on its efforts to fight the deficit as well as progress on how much stimulus spending is actually out the door.

The key will be for me of course, is that the Liberals actually USE that extra opposition day […]


Stimulus spending won’t stop because of an election

You may have heard Harper and the Conservatives using the line that if an election were to ensue because of their government’s potential defeat in a non-confidence vote on Friday, it would stop all stimulus package spending on the economy, and would therefore be the opposition parties fault and responsibility for hindering the economic recovery, or words to that effect.

This morning however, Canadian Press (via Kady O’Malley), shows that’s a false Conservative talking point:

More than 90 per cent of the economic stimulus planned for this fiscal year will continue to flow whether or not opposition parties defeat the federal government and force an election on Friday. And that […]


Ignatieff: Conditions for avoiding an election.

Basically, it appears Ignatieff wants EI changes AND more details on stimulus AND details on how to get out of deficit AND action on the medical isotope shortage.

On the surface, those appear to me to be tough conditions, and ones the Harper government surely won’t or can’t meet. If that’s the case, then there may be a summer election after all, but the ball is back in Harper and the Conservative’s court.

UPDATE @ 2:48 pm: Interesting takes on Iggy’s positioning by Paul Wells and Rob Silver.


Loose lips sink ships.

Regardless of the decision Ignatieff makes or announces today (in a few minutes actually) on whether he will be bringing up a vote of non-confidence against the Conservatives, I’m still annoyed (as others seem to be) by all these leaks on the Liberals strategy we’re seeing today in the press. Unless the multiple leaks I’ve seen today are actually being orchestrated by the Liberal strategists, that is a problem that has not gone away post-Dion era, and needs to be addressed.


Who do you believe more?

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (and watchdog) Kevin Page, who is predicting that budget deficits are going to be deeper and more long-term then what the Conservative Government is forecasting, or Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who says Page is wrong? I’m not sure it’s that hard of a choice who to believe:

Past warnings from Page have proven accurate. But Flaherty says he’s off-base this time, because the bleak prediction is based on unduly pessimistic economic-growth projections. “He’s wrong,” Flaherty told journalists Saturday in a conference call from the G8 finance ministers’ meeting in Lecce, Italy. “Because he says growth rates likely will be slower than I had predicted. Now, if […]


Get some more popcorn ready..

Courtesy Buckets, we find out from Chronicle-Herald reporter Stephen Mayer that there may be more goodies coming from the Lisa Raitt tape very soon:

In the section of the recording that we have been able to decipher (we are now having the recording cleaned up electronically so we can hear more of the conversation), Ms. Raitt speaks to an aide about cabinet colleagues, her career ambitions and — over and over again — what might please or displease Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Wouldn’t all this be fun to hear, and fun to hear all the contortions from various cabinet ministers and Harper on Raitt’s thoughts – particularly during a potential […]

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