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So much for that prediction

Stockwell Day issued a “don’t worry, be happy” newsletter to his constituents the past week, declaring the recession to be over.

So much for that prediction, and now you know why other government cabinet ministers distanced themselves from that declaration:

The gross domestic product fell 0.5 per cent in May, a faster rate of decline than in the previous three months..The output of the energy sector dropped a further 2.3 per cent in May as oil-and-gas extraction as well as associated support activities posted significant declines…The manufacturing sector continued to fall in May, down 1.6 per cent, with about half the decrease due to a 21 per cent drop in […]


A couple tales of the tape.

That title is NOT a reference to the suddenly-back-in-the-news Wafergate thing, although I suppose it could be (by the way, I think I like BCL’s term for it better; ‘cracker caper’). However, if you’re looking for tape on that and a recap of a story that proves it’s summertime around here, and that both media and politicians are looking for something to make news, read Jeff’s piece. (Plus, you can read how some Conservative supporting folks have gone way over the edge on this story and may end up losing a bit of money, dignity, or both. Then again, this is Lifesite news, so I’m not surprised).

No, my title […]


Quite a bit of posturing going on over EI

You’d think the way Pierre Poilievre and Diane Finley were fulminating to the media would indicate the Liberals have gone into the EI blue-ribbon panel with inflexible demands or something on the 360 hour qualification to obtain EI. As Aaron Wherry shows over at Macleans, that’s not the case.

An objective person who saw this might conclude the Conservatives are:

a) negotiating in bad faith b) posturing publicly for partisan reasons c) trying to set the stage so they can blame the Liberals if the EI panel fails to come to an agreement and the government falls. d) some of the above e) all of the above.

I’m one of […]


Contradictions on the economy

Some of you may have received another one of those Conservative Party fliers in your mailbox today, highlighting the fact that the International Monetary Fund praised Canada for its economic stimulus package, which therefore, according to the propaganda spin in the flier, means that the Conservative government is on the right track with its plan of fighting the global economic crisis.

In this flier however, there is a complete lack of any specifics of where all this stimulus money has been spent or is being spent, and how much of it has even been allocated. The only thing the government wants to highlight in its ad is it’s “cutting taxes”; […]


New Conservative spin-meister wanted.

It seems that we soon won’t be having Kory to kick around anymore for the Conservatives propaganda spin he helped to send out:

Harper’s communications director to step down

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s director of communications, Kory Teneycke, is planning to step down from his post, CTV News has learned, just as speculation ratchets up about a possible fall election. It is not clear exactly when Teneycke will vacate his post, but it will be “very soon,” according to CTV News Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife. Teneycke’s departure means the prime minister will have to find someone new to control and shape his messaging as he prepares his strategy, should […]


The National Citizens Coalition prefers input from you on trivial matters, not relevant issues.

Forget the recession, forget how fast government stimulus is or isnt getting out there, or whether its being put to good use or how wisely it’s being spent; Stephen Harper’s former organization wants to know from you folks whether the Queen should be giving former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien the Order of Merit or not.

As you might expect, the vote over there is overwhelmingly against Chretien receiving this award. I’m sure the Queen will hurry along to respect the wishes of the Kool-Aid crowd over there and rescind the honour. I don’t particularly “get” putting up a poll question like that when the NCC knows the way […]


Why Canada Must End?

This “thesis” was sent to me at my email account, and I wondered if anyone else got this email today in their mailbox:

Dear Scott, Why is a race law part of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Is this the price we have to pay to keep the country together?.. (part of letter promoting book and website cut). Take a look at chapter 2 entitled Segregation by descent which documents Canada’s race law as well as chapter 5 which outlines the federal government’s complicity in entrenching segregation in our constitution..

The email was written to me from a guy named Tony Kondaks who left his address as […]


And then there were 3.

Another end of an era:

The last British survivor of the World War I trenches, Harry Patch, has died at the age of 111. Mr Patch was conscripted into the Army aged 18 and fought in the Battle of Passchendaele at Ypres in 1917 in which more than 70,000 British soldiers died.

According to the BBC, there are now only 3 surviving WWI Veterans:

John Babcock, who turned 109 on 23 July, was with Canada’s Boys Battalion in England but the war ended before he turned 18 and could go to the front

– Frank Buckles, 108, joined the American army aged just 16 and was held in reserve in […]


Speak Out on Copyright! (.ca)

Professor Michael Geist has set up a new website in response to the Canadian government’s Canadian Copyright Consultation forum, which is seeking input from Canadians on what type of Copyright laws they wish to see in Canada.

Why the new website? Professor Geist says its important to not allow a repeat of Bill C-61 to come back and to encourage Canadians to participate in the process:

There has been some criticism over the past week about perceived “A” lists for those invited to roundtables and those excluded. My view is that the only list that really matters is the list of people who take the time to make a public […]


Sue ’em.

After reading this bit of horror, I think Abousfian Abdelrazik has as good a case as Maher Arar did to sue the Canadian government for the way they refused to help him and how they treated him. I’d love to hear Deepak Obhrai explain right about now why he couldn’t even look the guy in the eye to tell him he couldn’t come back to Canada.

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