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I’m boycotting TV today.. least until the coverage of the Michael Jackson tribute/public service is over.

I’ve nothing against Jackson, and I acknowledge his influence on modern-day music, and I’ll even concede his passing and this funeral is this generation’s version of when Elvis Presley passed on, but as a noted journalist friend of mine on Facebook said in her status message, “People are dying for freedom in Iran, Honduras, Congo … and we’re still on a pop star?” (I’ll add the Uighurs in China as well).

4 comments to I’m boycotting TV today..

  • 300baud

    TV is dead! I don’t know when it died, but then it got up again. Still quite dead. Now it is held in thrall by the Adv E’ert Izer clan who command the decaying monster to feast on eyeballs and brains.

    Do you know it’s been more than ten years since I was infected with a jingle? As long as I avoid small children, I no longer have to hear fart noises or screeching laughter. I don’t know anything about the latest generation of branded cleaning gizmos and creams. I even still have a full head of hear — though I’m sure you think that is a coincidence. Poor deluded masses.

  • MoS

    Gee JMR, TV news has put me off TV news and long before this character OD’d. I worked as a reporter in “TV news” way back when. It was crap then but it’s so much worse today that it simply is not worth watching. You are far more likely to wind up misled than accurately informed so why bother?

  • JMR

    Let’s hope that once the man is buried we can get back to the News. This week long orgy has put me right off TV news

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