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The (sorta) flip side to Harper’s Globe interview.

I was rather critical of Eric Reguly of the Globe with what I considered at best an extremely softball interview of Prime Minister Harper last Friday (which got overshadowed by the Ignatieff attack gaffe), so for the sake of fairness, I’ll point out this article by Adam Radwanski that is critical of Harper’s line about “no taxes being good taxes”.

I’m saying this is a sorta flip of the coin in my title because it’s not quite comparing apples-to-apples. Radwanski is passing editorial commentary on Harper’s remarks, rather then actually pointing this inconsistency out to and challenging the Prime Minister on his reply directly (as Eric Reguly should have been doing, instead of murmuring “good” at the end of Harper’s answer as a response and moving on to the next question).

1 comment to The (sorta) flip side to Harper’s Globe interview.

  • foottothefire

    Perhaps Eric’s interview was more telling than all the first glances would suggest.
    Given the chance by Reguly, Harper exposed a narcissism fit for a windbag. One can only imagine how Harper puffed up at the opportunity to inject his ideology to a question of taxes. Harper does like to hold forth, doesn’t he?
    Adam almost got it.

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