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Saturday snippets

Some stories that caught my eye today:

– The world’s oldest man and one of the last World War I veterans, Harry Allingham, has passed away today, a month after his 113th birthday. That’s a pretty remarkable life. I see from the article that there are 2 remaining World War I veterans alive in Britain. Canada has only 1 World War I veteran left that is still alive: John Babcock.

– When Rocco Rossi became Liberal Party National Director, you knew he’d bring some much-needed fund raising prowess to the LPC. This new venture he’s doing is something really unique: On July 23, he’s paddling from Kingston to Ottawa in a kayak to raise funds for the party, and in fact, the number 23 is very prominent in this fund raising (Didn’t Jim Carrey make a movie about that number? Why, yes he did. Hopefully, Rocco isn’t as obsessed about it).

More information on Rocco’s kayak trek here.

– Toronto Star public editor Kathy English’s column this week continuing the Antonio Zerbisias/ Bernie Farber controversy is best classified as a non-apology apology, as well as an opportunity to act snobby about the blogosphere, apparently. For the most part, the level of condescension and being offended for blog folks being critical of their columns as we’ve seen from the US mainstream media at times towards their blogosphere companions/rivals has stayed out of the Canadian print media to the Canadian blogosphere, but not in this case. A good response to her slightly whiny column can be found over at Dr. Dawg’s site.


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  • MoS

    Why do you never see a story “New Oldest Man Discovered”? I mean the crown naturally passes to somebody. Why do we have to wait to find out just who and what he used to be? And what about his runners-up?

    Now there’s an idea. The Top Ten Oldest Geezers on the Planet. The bookies would have a field day with that! You would be able to take a look at the lot and figure out who was the best bet to be around long enough to get the Golden Ring.

    Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? Wait, I just did.

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