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Just a thought on the new visa requirements for the Czech Republic and Mexico.

We want to make sure that asylum seekers to Canada are legitimate and we want to cut down on bogus claims. I get that.

However, I’m not sure that the method Jason Kenny and the Immigration Department used in announcing new visa restrictions would be imposed on visitors from the Czech Republic and Mexico was the right way. It was imposed without warning, and has the Canadian tourism industry in a state of panic:

Tour operators, hotel owners and other Canadian businesses that depend on Mexican tourism described the decision as a “bomb” that would affect both their revenues and their staffing levels. The industry is calling on the Conservative […]


Comments so silly, they deserve a blogpost highlighting their silliness.

I’ve noticed sometimes that Markos at Daily Kos (the massive liberal Democratic supporting blog in the US) will post his most humourous hate mail for the week for everyone’s amusement. I’ve decided after getting 2 gems from an obvious Conservative supporter in my comments section of the last blogpost to emulate that. […]


My nomination for worst MP in the House of Commons

Lori is running a little contest over at her blog for who people think is the worst MP in the House of Commons.

My nomination could be any of a number of people in the Conservative caucus, and certainly Pierre Poilievre and John Baird would normally merit strong consideration for past performance, but based on most recent boneheadedness, I think my nomination will have to be Conservative Barrie MP Patrick Brown for these stupid comments.

UPDATE: Interesting blogpost over at James’s place. I’ll bet Patrick wasn’t claiming this fellow was a Liberal when he and Jason Kenny were chumming it up with him in this photograph. It’s only when this […]


Breaking News

I was checking the news today on CNN.. and they informed me in not -so-many words that Michael Jackson is still dead.


The (sorta) flip side to Harper’s Globe interview.

I was rather critical of Eric Reguly of the Globe with what I considered at best an extremely softball interview of Prime Minister Harper last Friday (which got overshadowed by the Ignatieff attack gaffe), so for the sake of fairness, I’ll point out this article by Adam Radwanski that is critical of Harper’s line about “no taxes being good taxes”.

I’m saying this is a sorta flip of the coin in my title because it’s not quite comparing apples-to-apples. Radwanski is passing editorial commentary on Harper’s remarks, rather then actually pointing this inconsistency out to and challenging the Prime Minister on his reply directly (as Eric Reguly should have been […]


A fitting punishment for Dimitri Soudas….

…for his erroneous information given to Harper about a quote Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff didn’t actually say – and which resulted in the Prime Minister being forced to publicly apologize to Ignatieff -might be to force him to write the official Government of Canada press release congratulating former Prime Minister Jean Chretien in receiving this honour:

Queen Elizabeth has appointed former prime minister Jean Chrétien to the Order of Merit, placing him in the exclusive ranks of such figures as Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela…The award, founded in 1902 by King Edward VII, is given to “individuals of exceptional distinction in the arts, learning, sciences and other areas […]


A rather softball interview by the Globe’s Eric Reguly with PM Harper.

It appears to me that either Eric was told by the PMO to lay off on the tough questions with Harper if he wanted his interview with him, or else Eric has revealed that he ideologically agrees with Harper on what one should do about taxes.

I won’t paste the whole snippet of the Q & A; you can read it at the link, but here is the relevant part of the interview that left me shaking my head:

Reguly: Do you regret cutting the GST now?

Harper: No, not at all.

Reguly: No?

Harper: No, it’s … First of all, I believe cutting all taxes is good policy, okay? […]


Dimitri Soudas resignation watch?

What a bunch of boneheads; both the PM for again using the international stage to criticize and try to smear a leader of the Official Opposition party (and question whether he’s Canadian, no less) and for his press secretary Dimitri Soudas for getting the supposed Ignatieff quote wrong in the first place:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has apologized to Michael Ignatieff for questioning the Liberal Leader’s support for Canadian international interests, saying he based his attack on a quote Mr. Ignatieff never uttered…During the news conference, Mr. Harper attacked Mr. Ignatieff, saying he was irresponsible for comments he allegedly made about Canada’s position within the Group of Eight industrial nations. […]


Not the kind of publicity you want.

I’m rather neutral about this whole Toronto garbage strike affair. I don’t live there, so it isn’t affecting me and I really don’t have an opinion about it, but when you’re the mayor of Toronto, and CNN is calling you up to do an interview on how bad it is, I’d say that isn’t exactly what your city needs for publicity:

Miller was a guest on the U.S. cable network CNN to talk about the city’s continuing civic workers strike and reports in American media that there are “mounds of trash throughout the city that is known for its cleanliness.”..On CNN, Miller tried to paint a picture of a city […]


Status quo in new Ekos poll.

So here’s your new weekly poll from Ekos:

National federal vote intention: ¤ 32.2% LPC ¤ 31.8% CPC ¤ 16.0% NDP ¤ 10.7% Green ¤ 9.3% BQ

A full provincial breakdown is at the Ekos link. Basically, the Liberals have a lead based on their improved stance in Ontario, and it’s your basic stalemate for the summer poll. basically. I will however note the last day of their tracking poll shows a spike for the Liberals; did Wafer-Gate affect that? 😉 Probably not, but it’s such a blase poll result, there’s not much else to talk about. Heck, even Ekos is forced to say that Ignatieff wooing Albertans isn’t working […]

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