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Liberals overtake Conseratives in fundraising for this quarter.

With the arrival of this fund raising news, I almost half-expect Doug Finley’s next fund raising letter to the Con faithful will scream about Iggy being a “Manchurian Candidate”, and that since the Liberals are donating to him, that proves they are power-hungry, and therefore the sheep members must donate even more to the CPC to help stop him.

(h/t Warren)

1 comment to Liberals overtake Conservatives in fundraising for this quarter.

  • Anonymous

    You know, it’s not quite right to say the Liberals have overtaken the Tories. The only reason you guys came out ahead was because of a transfer from your ridings. The actual contribution numbers show the Tories ahead by about 80K. You also had your party convention which was a one-time thing. Still, very impressive. We’ll see where you are in October.

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