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A hope that Ted Kennedy's legacy will live on with real health care reform in the US.

So if you’re politically inclined at all, you’ll know that Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away today. He wasn’t a perfect person by any means (and who is?), but he also did a lot of good things on the legislative front.

My hope is that his legacy will live on in a health care reform bill (perhaps renamed the Teddy Kennedy Health-Care Reform Act in his memory) and that it includes the “public option” in it, which is something Kennedy wanted – as a minimum.

Here’s also hoping the Democrats in the Senate use all legal and legislative means (google “reconciliation”) to pass this through the Senate against the obstructionist Republicans and more then a few DINO’s (Democrats In Name Only). Otherwise, it won’t happen, due to the filibuster. Perhaps this passing of Kennedy will spur both the President and the Democratic Congress to realize that “bipartisanship” will not work in this instance. The sentiment I have can be found elsewhere:

This passage ought to fill Democrats with a new resolve to do something about health care. Much will be said about this man in the coming days, yet there can be no greater tribute to him than for Democrats to pass health care reform. While the party has lost his powerful voice, perhaps it can now find its own backbone.

1 comment to A hope that Ted Kennedy’s legacy will live on with real health care reform in the US.

  • Kennedy will be missed, I am sure, and he was a Liberal Democrat, the last of a great family.
    Did Harper say anything about him ? He should have.

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