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Hard hitting.

This is one of the harder hitting editorials (titled A country that abandons its own) I’ve seen come out of the Toronto Star on any issue in quite awhile. It’s referring of course to the specific case of Suaad Hagi Mohamud, the Canadian who was falsely accused of being an impostor, and offering little help to her in defending herself against Kenyan charges (they in fact wrongly recommended to the Kenyans to charge her).

However, the editorial does talk about the difficulties other Canadians have had with getting help from their government while overseas and in trouble, and it bluntly states:

If Canadian citizen Suaad Hagi Mohamud were wealthy […]

Premier McGuinty: ‘Something is fundamentally wrong when we can’t count on the Canadian government to stand up for Canadians’

I’ve sometimes given the Premier of Ontario a hard time for some of his policies, but when he comes out and says stuff like this, he gets props from me in a big way:

Ottawa has no excuse for failing to go to the aid of a Toronto woman who has been hung up in Kenya for nearly three months, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said today. “Something is fundamentally wrong when we can’t count on the Canadian government to stand up for Canadians – I’m not sure I can put it any more directly than that,” he said. Canadians expect their government to help them when they’re in distress, no […]

I interrupt my regular loathing of Twitter for this one time. Check out Tweetcommons.

I’m not a big fan of Twitter as many who have read here or at Facebook know. However, I’m going to suspend my indifference to it (to put it mildly) at this point to give a plug to a new application for it that is being promoted by my volunteer coder at Progressive Bloggers, Kelly John Rose, and the company he is part of.

I received a press release from them talking about Tweetcommons. What is that, you might ask? I’ll quote part of their press release to let them explain in their own words:

TweetCommons is a new web-based initiative to connect Canadians with their elected representatives in […]

Entirely predictable

Could anyone have predicted this would happen? I think it’s a no-brainer that suppliers decided to hike isotope charges because of the Chalk River nuclear plant’s downtime and the resulting lack of medical isotopes; not to mention the complete lack of response or preparedness on this file by the Harper government:

Big isotope bills are starting to pile up at medical clinics. Doctors opened their mail last week and found bills up to $30,000 higher than usual from suppliers who have come to collect after hiking their prices in the spring. The higher costs came around the same time Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. shut down its aging reactor at […]

‘Blame Canada’ is becoming the stylish thing to do, apparently.

First, Stephen Harper our own Prime Minister blames his own country for the visa flap with Mexico, and now Tim Horton’s joins in, or at least one of its US branch managers:

According to the company’s Rhode Island regional director, Tim Hortons’ decision to pull the plug on its offer to provide free coffee to an anti-gay marriage lobby group had nothing to do with mollifying its growing American customer base. “They rescinded the offer today as a direct result of the hubbub in Canada,” Christopher Plante told CanWest News. “This is an issue only north of the border.”

Insert your own sarcastic response/retort here.

No reason to keep her from coming home now, is there?

Whoever is in the Canadian consulate in Kenya who decided this lady was a fraud should be out of a job:

DNA tests have confirmed a Toronto woman marooned in Kenya really is who she says she is. Somali-born Suaad Hagi Mohamud has been stuck in Nairobi for more than two months after she was told her lips did not match her passport photo when she tried to travel home… The charges were laid as a result of the Canadian government saying Mohamud was not who her passport said she was… Canadian consular officials said she was an “impostor,” voided her passport and sent the case to Kenyan authorities for […]

Harper to Mexico on visas: ‘Blame Canada, not me!’

Interesting strategy:

Stephen Harper is trying to repair frayed relations with Mexico despite his refusal to roll back new entry restrictions for its citizens, emerging from a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon Sunday night to say it’s Canada’s dysfunctional refugee system that made him do it…“This is not the fault of the government of Mexico – let me be very clear about this,” Mr. Harper told reporters, explaining his mid-July decision to clamp down on soaring bogus refugee claims from Mexico by requiring Mexicans to obtain visas before entering Canada. “This is a problem in Canadian refugee law which encourages bogus claims.”

..Mr. Harper insisted the visa obligation […]

BC Premier Campbell appears to support Iggy’s EI stance.

I’ve never thought that the provincial BC Liberal Party was all that “Liberal” (or “liberal”), but in reading this article, it appears that the BC premier is more in Ignatieff’s camp then he is Harper’s, and has publicly stated as such , a rare intrusion by him into federal politics. He could be a key ally of Ignatieff’s come the election call, if the Conservatives on the EI panel continue with their partisan games and untruths over the Liberals EI reform proposals.

“The Job Losses Continue” – The return of Gritgirl.

With today’s grim unemployment figures mentioned earlier comes a new video from Gritgirl.

The recession not over, and some EI 360 hr cost spin from the Cons.

I take a look a some very bad job figures that seem to completely contradict the Bank of Canada and the Conservative government declaring the recession over, as well as some extraordinary bad faith cost estimates the Conservatives did with the Liberals EI 360 hrs proposal (more). […]

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