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Throw them all in jail for contempt of court.

I don’t know if the tribunal has the authority to do that or not, but if they do, that’s what I hope they do if these witnesses pull this stunt as ordered by the Conservative Federal Government’s Justice Department. Heck, throw some of the Justice Dept lawyers in jail for contempt as well, for ordering this stunt:

Federal lawyers are trying to block government witnesses from testifying before a military watchdog investigating the treatment of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan, The Canadian Press has learned. The Justice Department has invoked national security and told the Military Police Complaints Commission that subpoenaed witnesses will be allowed to appear at the inquiry, but […]



Harper and his government are claiming that “90% of the stimulus money has already been pledged”. Stimulus money is referring to Canada’s Economic Action Plan – you know, the thing that Harper’s government is paying millions of dollars to try and promote that this government is doing something on TV. The Liberals dispute that – Gerard Kennedy’s study says that in reality, only 12% of the stimulus money has gotten out the door so far. I’m no economist, but I’d think that the latest statistics on Canada’s Gross Domestic Product shows the Liberals are much closer to the truth and the mark then the Conservatives:

After a 0.1 per cent […]


You were running for the wrong party, Gordon Landon

Being candid and open with your comments is not a positive attribute in Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party:

A moment of candour has cost Gordon Landon a shot at federal politics. Landon was dumped Monday as the Conservative candidate for Markham-Unionville after publicly musing the GTA riding was being shut out of federal infrastructure funding because it is held by a Liberal….As a regional councillor from Markham, Landon, 61, is used to being independent and speaking his mind, “so it’s hard for me to bow to a lot of structure and having everything approved by Ottawa,” he said… Landon said he stands by what he said about the lack of funding […]


Peter Van Loan looks like he wants to declare martial law

Seriously, what a petulant statement this is from our Public Safety Minister:

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan says he fears for the government’s ability to fight terrorism in light of “an increasingly complex legal environment” in which judges are no longer deferring to the government in its efforts to deport foreign suspects. His comments followed a disastrous week in the courts for the Conservative federal government as it watched one of its key tools for fighting terrorism — the power to detain non-Canadian suspects without charge or without knowing the case against them — suffer critical blows that have left the regime in tatters… Van Loan says he is […]


The grassroots/netroots CAN have an influence on their political parties.

A CBC report had this small but important snippet talking about the resolution of the Outrement situation:

Ignatieff’s decision created divisions between Coderre and Cauchon supporters and a backlash in the blogosphere.

This little entry is just my own PS to resolving Outrement peacefully: There were more then a few Liberal bloggers (including yours truly) and Liberals grassroots folks who made their displeasure known publicly and privately at how the Outrement situation was initially handled. I’m not saying they were the only reason for the decision to be reversed, as there were more then a few of the “establishment Liberals” who also were displeased and let that displeasure be known, […]


The Outrement situation is resolved the right way

This just landing in my email box from the Liberals comes this announcement regarding the riding of Outrement:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today welcomed a move by candidate Nathalie Le Prohon to run in Jeanne-Le Ber, saying Ms. Le Prohon has put party unity first and demonstrated the strength of the Liberal team in Quebec. Mr. Ignatieff also announced that following Ms. Le Prohon’s move, open nominations will be held in both Outremont and Jeanne-Le Ber.

We’re fortunate to have two good candidates in Martin Cauchon and Nathalie Le Prohon who want to join the Quebec team of the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Denis Coderre, Liberal Quebec Lieutenant.

“I […]


Mark Steyn won’t be happy with these poll results.

I mention Mr. Steyn because when he isn’t busy in his US columns raving at Obama, he occasionally writes a column in Macleans raving about Obama. The most recent one basically seems to claim that Obama is losing some popularity in polls because regular American folks were opposed to his attempt to impose government-run healthcare on the freedom-loving masses (otherwise known as a Public Option, or a public insurance option, which would compete directly with national insurance companies and offer health insurance to people. Obama’s commitment to that being included in any health reform package seems to vary from public statement to public statement and the mood on any given […]


Conservative candidate agrees with Liberal study: pork-barrel politics appears to be taking place with ‘stimulus’

We see an article out today stating that not only is the Conservative government’s stimulus nowhere near to being implemented, what has gone out the door has gone massively to Conservative-held ridings:

Liberal research suggests only 12 per cent of the $4 billion set aside for immediate job-creating infrastructure projects has actually flowed so far – a far cry from the Harper government’s claim that 80 per cent of its economic stimulus plan is being implemented. Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal infrastructure critic, says that means a maximum of 4,800 jobs has been created since the infrastructure stimulus fund was created in last January’s budget. And that barely makes a dent […]


Video: ‘Harper chooses donuts over planet’

This was being passed around late yesterday from an environmental group, and it’s humourous and appalling at the same time, showing Stephen Harper being a “no-show” at the UN (to quote Bob Fife).


Good point.

This comes from a commentator at Macleans, commenting on Harper’s speech at the Tim Horton’s, who apparently felt it was more important to lauding its HQ return to Canada and trying to take credit for it, rather then waste time listening to President Obama and other world leaders speak at the UN (or waste time speaking there himself):

…a few weeks after helping pack the truck of Nortel and all its belongings, Harper’s out backslapping the Joe and Jills for having brought Tim Horton back from the States… the place he then returned to for more photo op/tv appearances…

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