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My attempt at a segue

I saw this status message on Facebook from a “friend” – who I believe ironically enough is a Harper/Conservative supporter, but who was leaving this in a non-political context:

“Great people talk about ideas; average people talk about things, small people talk about other people. In other words, those talking about others have nothing intelligent to say.”

Great lines. It leads me to think about our current political discourse: Michael Ignatieff is talking about big ideas in his pre-election ads, while all the Conservatives can do is continue to belittle Ignatieff. Here is the Liberal’s latest pre-election ad as an example:

If you listen to this ad, and the other Liberal/Ignatieff ads, and then you look at the Conservative “attack ads” and the Harper: Unmuzzled video where he attacks everything and anything should be more then enough evidence that Harper and the Conservative Party are rather “small people” in the Canadian political world right now who have nothing intelligent to say.


20 comments to My attempt at a segue

  • kwittet

    Joseph…again above all you do is berate my comments but nver any ideas on how the Libs or any party could do better. Yes the Libs managed the economy in MUCH BETTER GLOBAL times. Unfortunately they did it by slashing transfer payments and dumping them on the provinces then the provinces had no choice but to dump on cities and towns. We are now paying for the crumbling infrastructure. This infrastructure didn’t just start to fall apart in the last 3 years so your argument is lame.
    I agree with you that he has not handled it in the best manor. I repeat that because you missed that point. We are stuck in debt because of 2 major factors. The whole world economy has tanked and I don’t care who is in power that is the way it is goijng to have to be for now. Do I like it? NO. Do you think Harper likes running massive deficits to keep the economy just barely afloat? I’m quite sure that he also does not.
    The second reason is that when we have (in my opinion) this stupid system where the party voted in by the majority of people who voted cant lead because the rest of the partys together can hold up any kind of legislation or anything that may in your’s or my opinion help out thier hands are tied. We pay these people to run our country yet all this political BS going on and not much is getting done. We need a system where who ever is elected is given the keys to the car to drive it anywhere they want. If they F**k it up then next election they get their asses turfed and try something new.

  • Big Winnie

    Harper broke his own fixed election law to spend $300million on an election no one wanted (still waiting for the decision)…He’s had 11 months to work cooperatvely with the opposition and has failed to do so. The Liberals tried working with Harper but you can’t work with someone who doesn’t give a damn about Canadians! Now, I’d say this parliament is dysfunctional. As for the coalition, it is perfectly LEGAL in our system but you CONS don’t seem to get it…Harper lied about the recession, deficit, wanting to work with the other parties (nice video by the way)and instead of telling Canadians what they would do, they run attack ads, trying to scare the Canadian public. I’ve also never heard of a sitting PM sue Elections Canada (In/Out scandal.

  • kwittet

    quote from above”small people talk about other people”

    this is so dam funny. You sit there and slam Harper for doing these things(and he is wrong to be doing them) YET YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING??? I am doing it..what a vicious circle

  • Joseph

    Items like this really make me wonder about two things – the deficit projections and the real status of the “action plan” stimulus package Harper seems to have wrapped himself in as the latest candy-tossing exercise in his eternal campaign:

    I’ve seen other reports in regards to other major stimulus projects in other parts of Canada.

    The Vancouver Sun tends to drift in coverage towards the conservatives so the fact that this is an article here says something. If the dollars aren’t getting through to the actual projects here, what does that mean? How can deficit projections be steadily climbing yet money not being released or spent on major components of the stimulus?

    Is it possible the deficit is still in fact much worse than we’ve been told?

    I would love to know the real answer to that question. When are these dollars counted as being spent?

  • Big Winnie

    Sorry Gab, I have to disagree. Security may be important but when he lets Canadian citizens “rot” in jail in other countries, he’s not what I want in a PM. When he lies about taxing income trusts, not raising taxes (EI payroll tax), working with the other parties and then doesn’t, that is a “man” who can’t be trusted…He can talk a “good game” but he’s shown (with that video) what he believes in and protecting,trying to cooperatively work with parties is not in his nature…Time for him to get his butt kicked out of office!

  • Gab

    As the person who posted that on their Facebook wall, I’m wondering why there are quotation marks around the word friend. Are you implying we’re not friends because I’m a Conservative?

    Anyways, this kind of article ironically fits with what I see as petty politics on both sides of the aisle. “Teacher, he called me a bad name!” “He called me a name first!” Yawn.

    Anyways, fyi, I switched from being a Liberal-leaning centrist to a Conservative centrist for the Conservatives’ ideas. Rather than trying to placate everyone, the CPC has taken a principled stance on foreign policy and the fight against terrorism. They genuinely are interested in fighting terrorism, not just with words but with actions, and have demonstrated that repeatedly (eg not marching in a parade with Hezbollah supporters, cutting funds to groups that incite to hatred, putting Hezbollah + Hamas on the terrorist group etc.).

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that we need security as much as we need food and shelter – and the CPC have the right ideas for delivering that security. If/when Ignatieff gets his election, I’ll still be voting for the Conservatives because they are honest and do what they say (eg 2% tax cut, etc.)

    Ignatieff is another Dion/Chretien type leader who’ll do and say anything to please whoever his latest audience is – he has no core principles and ideas. I still wouldn’t vote for him if he had principles that were opposed to mine, but at least I could respect him as a leader, then.

    (Note also the difference in my criticism and that of others: My problem with Ignatieff as a leader is that he panders. Il dit une chose et son contraire, as we say in French. (He says one thing and its opposite.) So you can’t trust what he says.

    As to Harper and the CPC, I grant you that he and the head honchos debase themselves with the petty attacks. I wish they’d stop. But even if they have that negative aspect, they still have a core group of principles that they are loyal to and honest about.

    Hope we’re still friends! Hehe 😀

  • Big Winnie

    Appointing 27 Senators at a time of recession is not being fiscally prudent, nor is proroguing parliament,calling an election which wasted $300million of taxpayer’s money, having a status update at a plant in Brampton, hiring 2 American spokespeople to get Harper on US tv, etc… Good riddance!!

    • kwittet

      @Big Winnie, any party appointing senators in this archaic system is wrong. Calling an election and wasting 300 million was a bad idea. But i guess when the polls say Canadians don’t want an election but Iggy does then wasting another 300 million is ok now? How hypocritical!
      The polls suggest another minority no matter what party wins( can we call it a win with a minority?)

  • Joseph

    The deficit would not be as bad if the Liberals had been in power. The conservatives, in their never-ending campaign toss taxpayer funds around like candy to try to spring a majority – scatter shot funds around without any long-term plan for the country. Well, the plan may be winnable seats but that’s about it. Nothing long-term. Government spending is up since Harper got into office, even before the stimulus package took affect.

    The reduction in GST did not prevent a recession but it did cut funds to the coffers – the last thing I’d read said it may have an impact twice as much as originally anticipated. A structural deficit was in the cards “thanks” to conservative efforts before the recession.

    Hell, now they are barreling out money to sell “Canada’s Action Plan” in ads like it was a conservative stroke of genius ever did . . . sadly forgetting they were content to do nothing on stimulus until forced to.

    The “liberals did it too” meme is getting even more surreal these days. Do the conservatives actually have a record of their own actions they can point to? Seriously.

    • kwittet

      @Joseph, the “$50 billion hole” is one created by the Liberals in cooperation with the Bloc and NDP. It was the attempted coup d’état, or coalition of Liberals, Bloc and NDP (aka “political suicide”), that forced Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hand, leaving him no choice but to implement a left-wing, socialist, Big-Government budget. The deficit Canadians see now is the product of the opposition parties’ blackmail. The Conservatives, while not exactly fiscal conservatives before the economic crisis started, can easily wash their hands of this “$50 billion hole”.

      • Joseph

        Oh, how to say this delicately . . .


        The GST cuts alone take out at least $6 Billion per year, and that clock just keeps ticking with every passing year.

        The Stimulus is nowhere near $50 Billion but nice try making it sound like that’s the reason alone. There was a structural deficit brewing – and which Harper and Flaherty lied about BEFORE Harper’s lame proroguing maneuver.

        And Federal spending was up big-time in the years prior to the recession, squandering the surplus when it existed.

        So, again, let’s state it clearly.


        This is Harper’s deficit. It’s his government. And if his only plan is to “wipe his hands of it,” then why doesn’t he resign today.

        Canada needs leadership, not an incompetent who can’t even take responsibility for his decisions.

        • kwittet

          @Joseph, THE LIBS VOTED FOR IT so it must have been good enough for your leadership? You say you want a real leader then why did he vote for it? How hypocriticalYou dont think that the people will spend most of that 6 billion back into the economy? I have said time and time again that I dont think that Harper has handled the economy in the best way but I see him saying and doing things. All I hear from liberals is how they can do better and a whole lot of bitching and complaining about Harper but never any concrete ideas on how they would do better! I can think of many ways to save or get back the 6 billion right now that would offset that lost revenue but the softys would SCREAM at the top of thier lungs that I am a cruel insensitive bastard.
          Get rid of the Senate. there’s millions.
          Pull out of Afghanistan..theres a few billion.
          Stop immigration for now to help get people off welfare that are capable of working.
          NO ELECTION..300 million not spent.
          Eliminate the Bloc from federal politics..they never run a national campaign so they should NOT get federal dollars.
          Revamp the pension system for all politicians so that they have to serve at least 12 years to collect a full pension and then they can only start to collect it at age 65 like the rest of us.
          Dam..I could cut so much fat.

        • Joseph


          What part of “Harper has been PM since 2006” do you really not understand?


          The Liberals did manage the economy for over a decade. They kept the financial systems strong, they balanced the budget, they paid down the debt.

          The Conservatives came to power, presented and managed their own budgets, tossed funds around like candy to “key” ridings, they cut the fat (clear to the bone), and now we’re all stuck in a growing deficit hole because they MISMANAGED the economy.

          That is not the Liberal’s faults. It’s not the NDPs fault. It’s not the Bloc’s fault.

          Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister and HE is responsible for the wise execution of his government. No one else.

          He has failed to keep Canada’s financial health in order. And all you want is a plausible way for him – as you put it – to “wipe his hands of it.”

          That is not leadership. That is failure.

  • Big Winnie

    Prairie Kid: Why tip the hand when there isn’t an election? Moreover, when the Cons come out with attack ads (no election), it shows how low they are willing to go to scare Canadians. Is that how an “acting” PM is supposed to behave? I think not!!

  • lr

    we were already in deficit mode before the economy crashed.
    the CPC did a fine job with that.
    it’s called buying votes

    again, the Liberals will have to fix the tories mistakes! *sigh*

  • Prairie Kid

    There’s a great expression that goes something like this. “Those that can do and those that can’t teach”. These “ideas” you talk about. What are those ideas? Can you tell me a single idea that Ignatieff has come up with that if Liberals had been in power they would have done differently than the Conservatives? I have not heard from a single Liberal including your leader about anything they would have done different. The line “we can do better” is exactly like Obama’s “yes we can”. Nice oratory but no substance.

    Would Liberals have gone into deficit? Of course they would have. There was no choice.
    Would Liberals have saved thousands of jobs? Of course not. The job losses were due to a global and not a domestic situation.

    Canada came out of the recession (or almost out) in better shape than all the other G8 countries. Even the other G8 leaders agreed. So rather than throwing stones for the sake of throwing stones, put some meat on the bone. Let us know what you would have done different during the last year or so.

    Anybody can say they have great ideas but why not tell us what they are?

    • @Prairie Kid,

      – “Those that can do and those that can’t teach.” My father is a teach and he is amazing at his job and has contributed so much to our country. Your use of that phrase is cliche and offensive.

      – “Would Liberals have saved thousands of jobs? Of course not.” You are wrong here. The budget the Conservative Government passed only including job saving infrastructure spending because Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party forced them to. Stephen Harper’s idea of “stimulus” was cutting the funding to political parties and de-funding woman’s groups.

      • kwittet

        @The Equivocator, You say Prairie Kid is wrong in that the liberals would have saved thousands of jobs then you go into your rant about cutting funding yet mention nothing about HOW they would have done this? You say the budget passed was forced upon them by the liberals to save jobs eh? Great really worked well!!So..we are all patiently waiting for your oh so wise words on how Iggy and the Libs were going to be the only country in the world to not have any job losses in the worst global recession in decades?

    • Cue

      @Prairie Kid, Harp is gonna teach us a lesson.

    • kwittet

      @Prairie Kid, Its Liberal policy to make it up as they go. Hold the finger to the wind and see which way it is blowing that day!!

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