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Harper’s hubris will catch up to him eventually

This particular Prime Minister of ours just can’t help himself, it seems, in issuing overconfident and arrogant statements. He stated in an interview that  his political opponents lack the will to defeat his government and force an election.  It may be true, but the fact that Harper feels the need to say it out loud, more or less publicly taunting his political opponents – is an indication of how partisan this Prime Minister really is.

That’s why I find it amusing that the Toronto Star has an editorial in the very same newspaper that this story is mentioned that basically pleads with Harper to try to tone that down and find compromises with the opposition parties to make the minority parliament work.  I’m not sure why the Star editors think that the leopard is going to change his spots, because Harper has shown no inclination that “compromise” is in his vocabulary, unless something needs to be done to save his government from falling, and even then, only a minimum move as possible is made (as an example of this, read Thomas Walkom’s op-ed in the Star for the table scraps Harper gave to the NDP on EI, and how their move barely helps anyone other then a constituency of worker the Conservatives are targeting for votes.  It shows how desperate the NDP is to avoid an election that they would meekly accept this).  It’s not in Harper’s nature to be co-operative, or to be compromising, but to be confrontational, and I think the Toronto Star is engaging in wishful thinking.

(There is one part of the editorial that I think Liberals may need to consider, and that is the Star asking Ignatieff  to consider telling the voters what he would do differently if he was PM. There is a thought process in Liberal HQ these days that believes policy planks and platforms need to be kept under wraps til the election is called, or else the Conservatives will pick them apart and distort them (a la The Green Shift) if they’re released too early.  I’m not advocating that the Liberals  release the whole platform, but I think releasing a broad general scope of what the Liberals  would do on certain key policy fronts – in  contrast to the Conservatives current position –  would be helpful, because this criticism of the Liberals and Ignatieff seems to be fairly prevalent out there.)

Regardless, I don’t believe you’re going to see Harper do anything different in this minority Parliament then the prior ones with regards to how he and the Conservative government operates in this Parliament, but I also believe that “pride goeth before a fall”, and that his haughtiness and ultra-partisan nature will catch up to him, eventually.

16 comments to Harper’s hubris will catch up to him eventually

  • I think the only accurate response to the CONbots here would be — buck-buck-buck-buck-buckawwaaww! CHICKENS!

  • Optimus P

    I don’t suppose it ever occurred to you that Harper might *want* an election, and therefore is happy to provoke one…

  • Christina Monroe

    So my question/comment is to “Roll Tide” and “Helen”.

    Did you forget which blog you were supposed to post your “opinion” too? Since it seems to me the they were written for you by the conservative party?

    If you are going to trash talk Warren Kinsella his website is Please feel free to tell him what you think of him there.

    BTW sorry for being off topic Scott.

  • Roll Tide

    Kinsella changed “Republican mouthpiece” to “US Politico”
    It shows how Kinsella likes to “publicly taunt his political opponents”
    with falsehoods.

    He must be reading this blog.

    • @Roll Tide, boy.. you 2 have this going after Warren well coordinated; how long did it take you folks to come up with the plan to leave criticisms of Warren at other Liberal blogs, rather then have some guts and leave them at his own site?

  • Helen

    So I open up a blog site and see the following…

    “It is not very often that one gets to witness a “leadership frontrunner” immolate his own candidacy so blithely, so recklessly, but if you click here and you peer inside, you will see the corpse of Michael Ignatieff’s vaulting ambition. He is done – and if he isn’t, he should be.”

    The author …Warren Kinsella Liberal strategist.

    • @Helen, you’re off topic.. go leave that over at Warren’s site.

      Or are you Conservative guys and gals too chicken to leave it over there and instead want to do it at other Liberal sites? Really brave, folks.

  • LMA

    Ignatieff is largely an unknown to Canadians and his ads have so far done little to change this. He supposedly has a big vision for Canada but gives no specifics, thereby just creating a lot of uncertainty which Canadians don’t need right now.

  • Roll Tide

    Harper should continue what he is doing. Provide strong leadership in a small c conservative- moderate fashion.

    Someone should tell Warren Kinsella that Mike McCurry (who signed the contract) is a prominent Democrat (read Bill Clinton press secretary). Sloppy work on Ignatieff aid Warren Kinsella.

  • I’m on the side of keeping policy private until an election. I don’t see any other parties promoting much of a vision yet, either. Maybe the NDP somewhat, that’s arguable (whether they stick to it remains TBD).

    That includes the Conservative government, which is evidence to me of Harper’s partisan behaviour. I think Harper knows a majority of Canadians wouldn’t support their vision. Remember the secrecy around the last Conservative Party convention?

    Asking to see the platform reminds me of someone in an old western movie holding a gun, asking another to ‘stick your head out, let me see your face.’

    • @The Rational Number, I asked a vaild question. Here’s goes again. When did the CPC start a negative Ad campaign against Dion? When did they start the Just Visiting Ads against M.I.? When did the Liberals respond with their own Ads, and when did the LSI (Nanos Leadship Score Index) show a big drop?

      I am a partisan ex liberal, but understanding Mass Media and asking questions about a correlation regarding TV ads, June MSM meltdown are valid.

      I agree with your post the PM should not taunt or rub salt in their wounds. I don’t think it is helpful.

      • @canadiansense, Sorry, I missed your original question. Where is it? I genuinely don’t understand what you’re getting at here, no flames intended. I think the negative ads against Dion and M.I. were pre-writ and played a part in declining perception of those leaders. I never intended to suggest your questions are invalid. I prefer questions to assumptions. My point above is those ads aren’t showing Conservative policy, they’re just negative. I expect the government to present their policies as a normal course of doing business, not to keep them hidden for the next election. But as long as one side won’t disclose policy, I don’t hold the other side to either.

        Don’t get me wrong, I expect Conservatives would start tearing away at any and all disclosed Liberal policies – how did they behave during the EI committee this summer? They constructed a ridiculous, overpriced strawman and burned him down. The only reason they have an EI proposal now is purely partisan.

        • @The Rational Number, My apologies the original question was meant for Scott. My post was a follow up from another blog.

          I have been asking for months, if the Liberals let the CPC off the hook to rebuild, refinance and make changes is it unreasonable to expect the other parties would not have the same problems?

          It looks like the Liberals are the most prepared/willing to face the voters after the CPC. I think the CPC are interested in going to the polls but do not want to be percieved as being responsible.

          It looks like the NDP and Bloc want to rehabilite their voting record. It may last for a short time, poison pill, financial organization concerns are eliminated.

          I don’t blame a political party for following their survival mode. Polls show Liberals gain 20 seats at NDP/Bloc expense. (Sudbury Polls) If numbers continue to grow in Ont, BC the CPC may go Rambo again!

  • Lycan Stark

    EI reform, something that the Liberals were chirping about all these months, has been accomplished with absolutley zero Liberal contribution to the process. Now the Bloc is going to support the Home Renovation Tax Credit and the Liberals will vote it down, citing total and utter rejection in all things Tory from this point on. So who is not compromising and working with Parliament now, eh? LOL

    This idea that Layton and Duceppe have somehow has been cowed by Ignatieff’s sudden show of spine, when from a perceived position of weakness, Layton and Duceppe helped the PM and the Tories to wrest all vestige of leverage on these issue away from Ignatieff and the Liberals is utterly laughable. EI reform, something that the Liberals were chirping about all these months, has been accomplished with absolutley zero Liberal contribution to the process. The Home Renovation Tax Credit will be on official record in Parliament as having been rejected by the Liberals. What a fantastic narrative that the Tories have going into a potential election.

    It is utterly remarkable how ineffective and irrelevant Ignatieff is making the Liberals. I never thought that it was possible, but I’m now beginnning to believe that Ignatieff, for all his supposed pedigree and polish, is actually a worse Liberal leader than Dion.

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