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If you want to debate or complain about someone and/or their position, go to their site.

One other thing in brief:

I’ve been rather amused to see what looks like an almost coordinated attack against Warren Kinsella at my site’s comment section – in blogposts that hadn’t even mentioned him. I’ve heard I’m not the only Liberal blog where this has gone on in the last bit – mostly from apparent Conservative Party supporters (I half expect to see a Conservative Party TV attack ad associating him to Michael Ignatieff.  because um, he’s the Canadian Prince of Darkness, and he’s mean to political opponents, and why is Michael not disassociating from him.. blah blah).

Note to folks: If you ladies and gents are so up in arms over him, and  want to attack some position he’s taken, go do it at his blog’s comment board. If you aren’t leaving stuff that libels him, I’m sure he’d welcome your interest, and he’d probably get a kick out of it.

3 comments to If you want to debate or complain about someone and/or their position, go to their site.

  • AnnieS

    conservatives don’t like Warren because he is smart and funny and they are dumb and vicious.

  • You should probably delete them. They reek of malice.

  • As much Kinsella rubs me the wrong way, I have to support you here. Comments on your blog should be germane to the topic you’ve introduced in the blog post. Attacks on Kinsella should, therefore, be limited to three online situations:
    1) Kinsella’s blog;
    2) Posts on other blogs specifically about Kinsella; and,
    3) One’s own blog where one can write whatever one wants.

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