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Conservative candidate agrees with Liberal study: pork-barrel politics appears to be taking place with 'stimulus'

We see an article out today stating that not only is the Conservative government’s stimulus nowhere near to being implemented, what has gone out the door has gone massively to Conservative-held ridings:

Liberal research suggests only 12 per cent of the $4 billion set aside for immediate job-creating infrastructure projects has actually flowed so far – a far cry from the Harper government’s claim that 80 per cent of its economic stimulus plan is being implemented. Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal infrastructure critic, says that means a maximum of 4,800 jobs has been created since the infrastructure stimulus fund was created in last January’s budget. And that barely makes a dent in the 5,800 jobs that have been lost each month since the budget…. Liberal research also concluded the money has gone disproportionately to Conservative ridings. The average Conservative riding got 13 times as much money as the average opposition riding in British Columbia, 2.7 times as much in Quebec. In Ontario, Conservative ridings got 11 per cent more than opposition ridings.

And today, we also come across a news report where a Conservative candidate matter-of-factly admits that his riding hasn’t gotten any stimulus money because the riding isn’t held by a Conservative member of Parliament:

..suggesting he agrees with Gerard Kennedy’s study that the stimulus package – or at least, what little of it has managed to get out the door – appears as if it is being used by the Conservatives in a pork-barrel politics type of way to reward their own ridings, while leaving others hanging – which is implicitly saying to voters if you want the spoils, you need to vote Conservative to get them.

7 comments to Conservative candidate agrees with Liberal study: pork-barrel politics appears to be taking place with ‘stimulus’

  • Marie

    Roll Tide,The problem is that Ignatieff wanted Harper to spend even more.
    You know and I know that Ignatieff wanted the EI qualifications to be a priority and part of the stimulus package and you know and I know that Harper and his parrot clown Cons wanted no part of that.

    The Liberals are not telling them that the money isn’t going fast enough but that it does go out before fall and that didn’t happen did it? Only in Reform riding’s it appears.

  • Roll Tide

    This spending issue is the best issue to nail Harper on.
    The problem is that Ignatieff wanted Harper to spend even more.

    “Liberal research suggests only 12 per cent of the $4 billion set aside for immediate job-creating infrastructure projects”

    The Liberals should demand all the money be returned to the treasury. Instead they complain that the money is not spent fast enough.

    This is why the frugal voter is parking his vote, reluctantly or not, with Harper.

  • Lorraine

    Check the projects map at the Canada’s Action Plan site.

  • Well that certainly jibes with the message Gerard Kennedy and Iggy were putting forth in Burlington today. I hope the news media starts doing a better job of holding this government to account. This is just disgusting.

  • As a Westerner, living in Sask., AB, and now Beautiful BC, the one angry comment I always heard from my Reformer acquaintances was that “Ontario and Quebec get all the money, and AB gets nothing”. Obviously, based on population, Central Canada SHOULD get more funding – followed by BC. After that, the other regions. Distributed on a per-capita basis, rather than raw dollars, you can see that past governments MUST spend where the votes are – in the sense that more populous regions and cities require more funds simply on the basis of population.

    This is much, much bigger than the so-called Adscam. Not just that, but it is official government policy by the Conservatives, not just rogue “low-level” party members trying to make themselves look good… This Conserva-scam stinks right up to the PMO…

    Time the Harper Party gets investigated for their very partisan thefts…

  • Which means that the Conservatives are deliberately spending billions of our money for the benefit of their party.

    This is beyond Adscam. Far far beyond it.

    I don’t care if ‘other parties have done it before’ If it wasn’t acceptable then, it isn’t now.

    Chretien was dogged by this sort of thing for years by the Conservatives. Remember all that over the hotel in his riding?

    They’ve been spending tens of millions of public funds on partisan ads, and now we’re into billions.

    They are raiding the public purse to get in power. Just think: What will they do with a majority government?

    • kwittet

      @Mark Francis, Yes this is just like AdScam where millions were spent on nothing to with no work done? Are you insane? Let me put a different spin on this. Is this spending right or wrong? It appears to be wrong but now those conservative riding’s that were ignored for so long by Chretien and Martin are finally getting some much needed projects done.
      And to say the conservatives do this to stay in power? Are you that naive? They have all done this and it doesnt make it right. You need to remove those liberal red glasses.

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