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Obama addresses the UN, Harper shows up at Tim Horton’s.

Wow, Canada’s really back on the world stage, eh:

Harper makes donut run

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, traveling in the United States this week, will be a no-show during U.S. President Barack Obama’s address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday morning. The White House press office says Mr. Obama’s speech starts at 9:15 a.m., but the Prime Minister’s Office says Mr. Harper is scheduled to be back in Canada for an event in Oakville, Ont, at 11:30 a.m. The reason? Mr. Harper’s making a stop at something called the Tim Hortons Innovation Centre. That’s right. The coffee-and-donut heavyweight apparently has a research and development arm. Presumably they’re responsible […]


Well, this IS stimulus in a different sense…

..though not economic stimulus, really, except for the operators of the phone service that the Federal fishery minister mistakenly linked to perhaps:

HALIFAX — Maritime lobster fishermen in need of financial help are getting a lift of another kind. A toll-free hotline number announced today by federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea for fishermen is actually a sex line.

I believe this is classified under “short-term stimulus help” for those fisherman. They’ll forget their troubles with fish for a brief time anyhow. I can’t wait to see the government ads for that.



Harper AWOL at UN Climate meetings – and gets called out by CTV’s Robert Fife (!)

When Bob Fife of CTV News calls Harper out on this as well as the lack of “any significant action on the environment” from his government, that’s blunt indeed, coming from CTV News.

Harper would rather meet the Mayor of New York then 100 world leaders – including President Obama – on this crucial meeting leading up to Copenhagen. Really though, in defense of Harper, why should he show up at this meeting when he and everyone else at this conference knows he’s just going to hastily follow whatever President Obama ends up doing (It was nice though that he decided to show up for the free dinner at […]


Iggy: Harpers clean energy investments are worse then Sarah Palin’s.

The best zinger of the Iggy economic speech today was arguably during this sequence:


More specifics coming from Iggy today on economic platform? (UPDATED: Yup)

It appears that might be the case, according to Susan Delacourt:

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is in Toronto today to nail down the key planks of his economic platform – growth, green jobs and a role for government in the economy… Ignatieff…will argue today that Canada is poised to flounder in the restructured economy, because Harper’s government has racked up a deficit that now stands at $55.9-billion and has no real strategy to lead Canadians into a new economy. The idea of government as a helping force in the economy is a defining difference between the Conservatives and Liberals, he says.

“Maybe before the world economic disaster you could […]


Mr Ignatieff: Allow the riding of Outrement to be an open nomination for the Liberal candidate (updated)

I saw this story pop up in the Canadian Press today at one of my Liberal colleagues notes at Facebook, and I couldn’t agree more with his sentiment; the Liberal Party leadership should be allowing an open nomination and a contested nomination to see who the standard-bearer for the Liberal Party will be to run again NDP’er Thomas Mulcair.

In brief, it appears former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon would like to come out of retirement and run again, but Denis Coderre (the Liberal Party’s Quebec lieutenant) announced last week that this riding was being reserved for someone the Liberals wanted to have run here. It appears from the news […]


Time to defeat the other half of the former ‘power couple’

This was an interesting story on Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer being described as a “would-be power couple unplugged”:

In 2001, an aide did an interview with a Vancouver radio show in Jaffer’s name. Jaffer first said he’d done the interview, and then confessed…On election night last year, he gave a victory speech, then had to concede defeat to the NDP candidate when the final results were in. When he announced he would seek the nomination again, his riding association told him not to bother.

Guergis, too, has shown less than impeccable judgment. She had a series of meetings in Mexico in 2008 as minister of state for foreign […]


The Liberal Top-10 list

In brief, if you want some reasons why the Liberals have decided to oppose this government and no longer will vote confidence in it, here are some reasons: 10 of them, to be precise.

As an aside, I’m seeing some blogs out there pondering why Ignatieff and the Liberals would pick now to oppose the government, since we’re at a stage in the country where “no one wants an election”, and where the polls have shown some Conservative movement in their favour. You might remember some of us Liberal bloggers have long argued that we should start factoring in opposing this government and voting against it -with the knowledge it […]


Thoughts on the confidence motion passing today

The Conservative government’s Ways and Means motion passed today, as expected. That’s fine. The Liberal Party as the Official Opposition is now actually opposing the government, as it’s supposed to be doing. Let the other opposition parties decide the fate of the government and whether it survives or falls on non-confidence motions, and let them wear the burden of propping the government up.

Overall, continued good positive reviews for the Liberals and Ignatieff’s stance on this vote from the media, and some rather negative reviews over the NDP’s performance, including from some of their normally supportive folks, such as James Laxer:

Michael Ignatieff is a winner because his bluff paid […]


Congrats to Dr Eric Hoskins for winning St. Paul’s riding.

A very impressive win for Dr. Eric Hoskins in the provincial riding by-election of St. Paul’s, despite the efforts of the PC’s and NDP to claim there was a race here:

Despite efforts by the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats to stoke public anger over what they called a “tax grab” from the 13 per cent HST that takes effect next July, voters sent Dr. Eric Hoskins, 48, to represent them in the Legislature. Hoskins, who works as a family physician treating immigrants and has cared for children in combat zones around the world as a co-founder of the charity War Child Canada. He easily defeated Conservative challenger Sue-Ann Levy, […]

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