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Liberals call NDP’s bluff

I was given a hint from an LPC member last night that this maneuver might occur, but that person wasn’t really sure the Liberals would go through with it. The party apparently decided to do so, however, and I think it’s a very clever strategy on forcing the NDP to make some choices:

The Liberals have offered to speed passage of Tory EI legislation, hoping to rob the NDP of its rationale for propping up the Harper government. The Liberals proposed Thursday that the bill – worth up to $1 billion in extended employment insurance benefits for about 190,000 long-term workers – be whisked through all stages of the legislative […]


If you want to debate or complain about someone and/or their position, go to their site.

One other thing in brief:

I’ve been rather amused to see what looks like an almost coordinated attack against Warren Kinsella at my site’s comment section – in blogposts that hadn’t even mentioned him. I’ve heard I’m not the only Liberal blog where this has gone on in the last bit – mostly from apparent Conservative Party supporters (I half expect to see a Conservative Party TV attack ad associating him to Michael Ignatieff. because um, he’s the Canadian Prince of Darkness, and he’s mean to political opponents, and why is Michael not disassociating from him.. blah blah).

Note to folks: If you ladies and gents are so up in […]


Things that make you go hmm.

In light of some rather bizarre news, I wish to leave you with this thought:

There are many politicians out there that have proven to be hypocrites, but these extra extreme cases of hypocrisy pop up from time to time (ie. taking a hardline position against gay marriage/gay rights when they themselves are secretly gay, preaching family values when they’re secretly seeing prostitutes behind their wife’s back, and so on).

From what I have observed, I believe many of those taking the most vociferous stances against a position they are themselves secretly actually doing or participating in are not just taking that hypocritical position to help advance their political party’s […]


Harper’s hubris will catch up to him eventually

This particular Prime Minister of ours just can’t help himself, it seems, in issuing overconfident and arrogant statements. He stated in an interview that his political opponents lack the will to defeat his government and force an election. It may be true, but the fact that Harper feels the need to say it out loud, more or less publicly taunting his political opponents – is an indication of how partisan this Prime Minister really is.

That’s why I find it amusing that the Toronto Star has an editorial in the very same newspaper that this story is mentioned that basically pleads with Harper to try to tone that down and […]


Co-operation is better then co-opting.

In brief, I think how this particular situation has transpired could have been handled a lot better by the Liberals (and which they still have time to handle better).

UPDATE @ 9:58 pm: It appears things have been straightened out per the News section at the Facebook group. Antonia Zerbisias with the update:



BQ will support Conservatives on Ways and Means, but NDP still on the hook

No real surprise here, because the Bloc had already indicated almost 2 weeks ago it would likely vote for the Ways and Means motion to ensure the Home Renovation Tax Credit would pass.

That means the heat is still on the NDP, because the Liberals have a formal agreement from the EI panel discussions in June with the Conservatives to be able to introduce a non-confidence motion on or around September 28. The Bloc has previously indicated it would probably vote against the Conservatives on a non-confidence vote, even if it did support the Ways and Means motion, so again, the onus will fall on the NDP, and if you […]


Now it’s the NDP’s turn to get pounded in the media for ‘propping the Conservatives up’

With the news reports saying that the NDP has caved or is about to cave to the Conservatives and support the government (so much for the “real opposition” claims), the media has turned its guns on the NDP’s apparent show of hypocrisy here (after being so vocal over how many times they’ve voted non-confidence in this government). Here are a few quotes, courtesy of a Liberal press release:

“With the latest polls showing the Dippers in the basement of public opinion, Layton and his party will need all the help they can get. Will true love come to Jack and Steve? Stay tuned.” – Greg Weston, Sept 15, Kingston Whig-Standard



Don’t do it, Dan.

Speaking of caving into pressure, CalgaryGrit admits he’s done the same thing. It’s a sad day for us non-Twitter folks out there… (and he admits he sees no real purpose to using it… yet he’s crumbled to fellow bloggers peer pressure apparently).


Taking a temporary break is good.

If you were wondering why on this Monday I didn’t bother with any comments on the House back in session, and specifically whether the NDP is going to try claiming all those times the Liberals didn’t vote to bring the government down is somehow different from the support the NDP may or may not offer the Conservative government.. etc etc, I was up in London today on some business, visiting my grandfather in the Veterans wing at Parkwood Hospital, and helping to celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday with family members.

Some things are more important then politics, and I think I’m allowed an off-day here and there 😉


My attempt at a segue

I saw this status message on Facebook from a “friend” – who I believe ironically enough is a Harper/Conservative supporter, but who was leaving this in a non-political context:

“Great people talk about ideas; average people talk about things, small people talk about other people. In other words, those talking about others have nothing intelligent to say.”

Great lines. It leads me to think about our current political discourse: Michael Ignatieff is talking about big ideas in his pre-election ads, while all the Conservatives can do is continue to belittle Ignatieff. Here is the Liberal’s latest pre-election ad as an example:

If you listen to this ad, and the […]

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