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The NDP’s latest strategy may actually be very clever

I read the news story about NDP leader Jack Layton making “conciliatory noises” towards Stephen Harper, indicating he’d like to make Parliament work. Some bloggers of my political persuasion or my allies immediately go after Layton and the NDP.

It’s not hard to do this, if you’re an opponent of the NDP. After listening to all of their party members/ MP’s. strategists and bloggers preach ad naseaum how they’re the “real” opposition party because of their voting all those times against the Harper government, and now seeing them in a position where their votes actually matter for something, it’s easy to accuse them of being hypocrites, but I’m actually […]

Harper and his ‘Hidden Agenda’ at the TIFF?

I don’t know if this REALLY is at the Toronto International Film Festival or not, ๐Ÿ˜‰ but this is well done, regardless, and I’ll give it a personal award for creativity and in the “best documentary in one minute or so” category:

Note the audio and video from the Conservative Party only meeting last week where Harper unmuzzled himself to throw red meat to the CPC base, little knowing that a student (that we now know was Young Liberal Justin Tetreault, former blogger at Northern Ontario Liberal, and who now has a blogging gig at the site), recorded this for all of Canada to hear and see. Well […]

Turnabout is fair play on Harper’s statement

Let me just turn the statement around that Stephen Harper made about all those left-wing ideologue judges we apparently have in Canada today, and how the Liberals would put more “left-wing ideologues” in place if they were in government.

Imagine how many right-wing ideologues Stephen Harper would be putting in the courts, federal institutions, agencies, the Senate, if he were to get that majority government he was literally begging his party supporters in Sault Ste. Marie last week to help him achieve. I should say, how many more would he be putting in? The new appointment to the Federal Court of Appeal of former Mulroney Cabinet Minister Pierre Blais is […]

This is your speech to convince the Canadian public the nation’s finances are in good hands?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty decided to hold a press conference today, which initially led to all sorts of speculation what it might be – perhaps a crafty move to try and pressure opposition parties not to vote the Conservative Government down?

If that was the goal, I’m not sure this speech is going to do it:

The Conservatives admitted today that the federal government deficit would be worse โ€” a total of $101 billion this year and next โ€” than expected and that the government cannot say when it will balance the books again…In the budget, Flaherty had predicted that the government would begin running budget surpluses again in […]

Stephen Harper: Unmuzzled

Stephen Harper has tried very hard to cultivate himself as a moderate conservative in public. That mask slipped off however in a speech to the party faithful in Sault Ste. Marie last week that was behind closed doors and meant for their ears only. Unfortunately for Harper, Harper’s speech was videotaped by an audience attendee, and it eventually made its way to CBC News. Here it is, in all of its “speech to throw red meat to the base” glory:

Some more details that Warren listed at his site:

A sampling of what the Cons didn’t want you to hear:

ยท On his claim to be satisfied with a […]

Check out

This was a pleasant surprise when I saw this: my friend Jonathan Ross, who used to do some political commentary at TDH Strategies, has returned to online commenting at the new site

What will CivicScene discuss? Here’s what the site says in their own words:

CivicScene is a new voice on the Vancouver municipal blogging scene that aspires to provide informative, balanced and interesting viewpoints on the most pressing issues in municipal politics and policymaking. The blog will be managed by a team of progressive voices (many of which will continue to be added to this profile as further collaborations are struck) from across North America who will […]

Polls, glass houses, and Nervous Nellies

Some stuff that catches my eye this afternoon:

– I’m always a tad skeptical about anything that John Ivison writes in the National Post, particularly as it has to do with ‘Liberal insiders”, but even if there are a few “Nervous Nellies” amongst the Liberal caucus, good on Ignatieff for taking a page out of Jean Chretien’s book and facing them down, if true. One of the things that I believe did Dion in was his failure to just say to the nervous Nellies in his caucus that “I’m the leader of this party, and we’re going to vote against the government” and be done with it, rather then allow […]

Nanos Poll: reaction

My short reaction to the Nanos poll that came out with regional specifics today is as follows:

– While we dropped a bit in Quebec, we don’t see BQ #’s anywhere close to what that Strategic Council Poll had, and the Liberals are still in that 32-33% range. I actually don’t mind those poll numbers; because Liberal support in Quebec is still highly concentrated in the Montreal area, the Liberals would probably have a net pickup of 5-10 seats in and around that area. The NDP has also surprisingly slumped into single digits in the Nanos poll. If that is true, and it confirms that part of the Quebec SC […]

The fate of Harper’s government appears to rest on Jack Layton and the NDP’s shoulders

At least, that’s what it appears to me to look like, as these statements and actions from Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe today seems to indicate he and his party doesn’t intend to support the Conservatives on any non-confidence vote (at least, not beyond any theoretical Ways and Means Motion trickery the Conservatives might try to table in order to blame the Liberals for killing the Home Renovation Tax Credit, as Mr. Duceppe has said his party would vote for that). I don’t see a lot of wiggle room here from Monsieur Deceppe’s statement today to back off a “no-confidence in the government vote” by the Bloc:

A federal election […]

My refusal to join in on the Twitter bandwagon is validated.

Politically off-topic.. but I couldn’t resist posting about this:

‘Facebook makes you sharper but Twitter makes you thicker’

Facebook makes you sharper but Twitter makes you thicker, a psychologist has said…The social networking site boosts a part of intelligence that is vital to success in life, while tweeting away may have the opposite effect. Keeping up to date with Facebook may have the same effect as playing video war games and solving Sudoku, said Dr Tracy Alloway of Scotland’s University of Stirling. It hones the ability to remember information and to use it, known as “working memory”.

…But text messaging, micro-blogging on Twitter and watching YouTube were likely to weaken […]

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