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Replacing doorknobs is part of the Conservatives economic stimulus?

Apparently so:

The Harper government is plastering signs promoting its economic action plan on federal buildings that are receiving what Liberals say is routine maintenance. Liberal MP Wayne Easter says a huge “propaganda” sign has been posted outside an RCMP building in Charlottetown, where “internal door hardware” — otherwise known as door knobs — are being installed…

“Do you think this is stimulus, putting a door knob in an RCMP building in this country? (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper calls this stimulus?” he said, holding up a door knob for emphasis. “For every (time) he screws a light bulb in a building, he’ll probably have a sign out in front of it and it’s your money.” Liberals contend the door knobs are further proof that the Conservatives are using taxpayer-funded stimulus programs to promote their partisan interests.

The Harper government is looking for any reason excuse to plaster their propaganda around to hoodwink the Canadian public into thinking they’re being proactive on the stimulus spending front. This is the latest in a series of attempts to use “The Government of Canada” to promote a Conservative partisan agenda which to recap includes:

– The report from Gerald Kennedy that Conservative ridings were being awarded disproportionate stimulus funding when compared to opposition party-held ridings

– Conservative MP’s handing out what are supposed to be Government of Canada stimulus cheques with either their name on the signature or the Conservative Party logo

– The revelation this morning that Harper and company spent 108 000$ in their scripted June economic progress report in Cambridge, Ontario, when they could have tabled it in Parliament for no cost at all.

– The Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan website which had a link to Harper’s piano act in Ottawa (which as mentioned this AM got hastily removed once attention was drawn to it in the media and blogs for being very inappropriate and unethical).

There are other things also going on that don’t look very good on this Conservative government either. There is a pattern developing here – and it is one of pork-barrel and partisan politics. These are the folks who campaigned on changing Ottawa, remember? The excuse given by some Conservative supporters that “the Liberals did it too” – won’t cut it, when that’s hardly what was campaigned on by the Harperites.

PS – Nice picture of Wayne Easter holding up what the Conservatives are justifying is part of the economic stimulus package.

10 comments to Replacing doorknobs is part of the Conservatives economic stimulus?

  • kwittet

    Did anyone ever think that just maybe the signs are there as advertising? I see the spots on TV yet they are not working on my tv so is that wrong also?
    NON ISSUE..sorry..issue to the libs who are desperately behind in the polls and need some dirt no matter how trivial.

  • John Rollinstien

    JM, your line of defense is a useful diversion for those looking muddy the waters about the issue, but it misses the point completely.

    If this is work that would have taken place regardless, (maintenence) it doesnt matter how expensive the project is or isnt, it is not a stiumulus measure.

    • jm

      @John Rollinstien, You do understand what maintenance is John? If you need me to explain it to you I will.

      From what I have heard today, this project had to do with handicap access, and also had to do with hardware on fire doors. If I was a die hard partisan I would want to know who was the MP that would of taken credit for this building 5 years ago when it was built. Luckily for him, he doesn’t know the difference between a residential door knob and what would be considered “internal door hardware” on a RCMP building. 😉 But if you what to believe him John, all the power to you.

  • jm

    The Harper government is plastering signs promoting its economic action plan on federal buildings that are receiving what Liberals say is routine maintenance. Liberal MP Wayne Easter says a huge “propaganda” sign has been posted outside an RCMP building in Charlottetown, where “internal door hardware” — otherwise known as door knobs — are being installed…

    Just a bit of info for you liberals..

    -federal institutions, especially RCMP buildings, do not have cheap residential door knobs like Easter is holding up.

    -“internal door hardware” on a federal building is a lot more than just door knobs. “internal door hardware” on a RCMP building would be even more complex. On any institutional job you can have mag locks, magnetic hold opens, alarms in panic hardware, power transfers thru hinges. Sometimes these have to tie into a fire alarm system so they can release. They might have to tie into security sometimes. (Just so you know, systems like these require an electrician also)

    -if it has to do with handicap access you are opening a whole new can of worms. Wayne wasn’t thinking about that because he should of had a lever handle for his prop. Does that mean he doesn’t care about handicapped people?

    -another thing when it comes to door hardware upgrades. When you get into commercial/industrial door hardware, they are not all the same and are not always interchangeable. I’ve been on enough jobs to realize that some hardware consultants are idiots (not all) and you end up having to do major prep work to be able to install the new hardware. That might mean welding and grinding on a metal door and frame, it might mean new veneer on a wood door and welding and grinding on the frame. And that means painting/staining.

    If you have any questions about this, I will try and get back to you tomorrow night. If any of you have a direct line to Martha Hall Finley, can you let her know that the sign is definitely cheaper. Her spin gives someone like me a big headache.

  • kwittet

    and the ctv link shows nothing..if there is a stimulus sign pointing to the doors saying this is THE ONLY THING being done here then i will believe it. I’m sure there is more going on there that your liberals cronies are failing to report

    another point to ad was that scott thought ctv earlier this year was favouring the conservatives and wanted them to all lose their they are your best friend again??

  • kwittet

    the picture on kinsellas website shows one doorknob holding a doorknob. what does this prove. using links to other liberals blogs to prove your point is like hiring the rcmp to investigate the rcmp

  • Roll Tide

    All this Liberal hoopla over the government stimulus would have some credibility if the Liberals had not insisted on on a GREATER stimulus in the first place.

    Its like the NDP now complaining that the HST is regressive. Last year The NDP complained the 2% GST cut favoured the rich.

    We have sad opposition in our country.
    How I wish we had a opposition that demanded deep tax and spending cuts, an immediate abolishing of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. I am not holding my breath.

  • Easter is upset because a sign went up for a single doorknob in a building, nothing else was done? This sounds like a serious abuse of propaganda.

  • Perhaps Mr. Harper finds doorknobs stimulating generally.

  • The meme is familiar – ah, yes! it’s the Sandy Crux-perfected technique for including in the tedious enumeration of Harper’s “New” Government’s accomplishments everything including the kitchen sink.

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