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Checking their principles at the door.

Another in-brief message today, due to being again under the weather. For your perusal, some visual evidence that more then 1 Conservative MP has been “passing off government cheques as his own, or Conservative Party benevolence”.

The problem is, it isn’t the Conservative Party’s money to be handed out, it’s the taxpayers money (our money) that is being doled out through the federal government. The Conservative Party has no business slapping their logos or their MP’s names on this grant money. It is unethical and probably illegal.

The Conservative Party is descended from the “Reform” Party (you remember, Preston Manning’s creation) that was mad back in the day at Brian […]


Blogging blahs – but a congrats to Kady O’Malley on getting a CBC gig

When you catch a nasty post-Thanksgiving sinus cold, one really doesn’t feel like blogging too much – not even on something you are passionate about – such as politics. In between sniffling and using up half a forest of Kleenex, however, this caught my eye – Kady O’Malley is making the jump to the Mother Corporation:

Political blogger Kady O’Malley is making the switch from Maclean’s magazine to CBC News. O’Malley, who has covered federal politics for more than a decade, will be part of the CBC News team covering Ottawa and will blog for, beginning Oct. 26. She has covered federal politics as a freelance writer for the […]


Happy Thanksgiving.

For all my Canadian readers, a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all. For your entertainment, this clip from the 1970’s Johnny Carson show seemed rather appropriate even if it isn’t referring to our particular Thanksgiving. Johnny’s sidekick Ed McMahon was away, and Doc Severinsen, the Tonight Show’s bandleader, swung over to be Johnny’s sidekick.

Johnny Carson & Doc Talk About Thanksgiving – Watch a funny movie here


A shell game

That’s what one commentator at Macleans termed it after reading the latest assessment of the government’s progress reports by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office. See the report here.


They really hated George Bush in Europe that much eh?

In brief – Great line from David Graham on Facebook this AM: He “congratulates President Bush on winning President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize”, which if you hadn’t heard, occurred today.

I congratulate Obama for winning this, though like others, I’m thinking it was a tad premature to be awarding him this yet. If he somehow manages to get the Israelis and Palestinians to sign another Camp David-type peace accord, then for example, I’d have had no trouble with it. This being awarded to him seems to be designed more to prod him along to keep up his peace efforts and international co-operation on serious issues on the world stage.



I see the Cons ‘base’ is getting hopeful.

Shorter Stephen Taylor (head honcho of the Blogging Tories aggregate) could be summarized from his tweet as being Those of us who are Conservative activists want a Conservative majority so they can actually start implementing the more contentious parts of our right-wing agenda we’ve kept under wraps.

I’d be interested to hear from Stephen what part of the Conservative agenda he’s hopeful would get implemented if the Conservatives didn’t have to operate within the confines of a minority. Some are rather obvious – like the repeal of the long-gun registry, as BCL suggested over at his site, but I’m curious to see Stephen’s wish-list of things he wants implemented by […]


The time isn’t to panic.. the time is to rethink strategy.

I won’t sugar-coat my views on things; the latest set of polls are not good for those of us in the Liberal camp. The latest includes today’s Ekos poll release, that has a few of us Liberal-allied blogs smarting. I’m sure the Liberal politicians and strategists are smarting even worse.

I have a few qualifiers over these polling disappointments – I’m still not convinced we’d have seen this big of a drop-off if the Liberals had managed to force an election the past 2 weeks. I think people would have been grumpy and then gotten on to accepting it. However, it’s obvious that the charge that the Liberals and Ignatieff […]


Attack ads become en vogue for the cable TV vs big broadcaster public opinion wars

This is just a random observation from me that the public relations folks working for the cable companies and the TV broadcasters must have decided that the Conservatives were/are on to something with their attack ads, because I’ve seen a lot of TV commercials or newspaper ads the past couple of weeks from the 2 sides denouncing each other for being greedy and wanting to screw the consumer. I believe the “consortium” of local broadcasters were the first to strike, and the cable companies have retaliated with ads of their own.

This seems to be a trend that we’ve imported from the US, where you can find attack ads even […]


Maybe it’s just me..

For those of you who read the Toronto Star, I wonder if I’m the only one who isn’t really sure I like what they’ve done to visually change their website. I’m not really sure I like the new layout, (particularly the editorial section) and it seems harder to me to find the stuff I want to read.

Perhaps I’ll get used to it, but the new format seems awkward.


Good politics, questionable legal policy

I agree with Jeff: the opposition parties (including now the NDP surprisingly enough) appear to be falling over themselves backwards not to appear “soft on crime” or face that charge from the Conservatives by supporting or appearing to support a floating trial balloon being put out by Rob Nicholson that the police should be given the power to randomly force people to take breathalyzer tests. Apparently, the opposition parties would rather implement it first, and let the courts deal with its legality afterward, rather then take a strong principled stand against it now by arguing this is a slippery slope to other violations of rights.

The opposition parties and particularly […]

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