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Monday supper notes

– In a followup to my blogpost of yesterday, regardless of whether Sheila Copps is being hypocritical or not, I agree with her premise and disagree with James – remove the position of Quebec lieutenant. If it’s not necessary elsewhere in the country, it certainly doesn’t need to be necessary in Quebec. It concentrated too much power in the hands of 1 individual who may or may not use it wisely. As for primaries and the power of appointment et. al., read yesterday’s blogpost for my position on those.

– Random police testing for drunk drivers? As BC’er says, it sounds like a trial-balloon designed to see if it […]


On primaries and party democracy.

As a Liberal netroots/grassroots supporter, this blogpost from a few days ago over at Pogge’s is a rather uncomfortable one for those of us hoping there will be some genuine attempt at democratic renewal/reforms in the LPC from the current Liberal leadership:

I’ve been wondering why Liberals haven’t made more of the fact that the change their leader made in Outremont was not from one appointed candidate to another but from an appointed candidate to an open race for the nomination. I would have thought they’d take the opportunity to frame this as representing a re-dedication to grass roots democracy instead of looking for any opportunity to change the subject. […]


Riling up the rural base

Apparently, it’s been decided by some Conservatives and their supporters it’s time to rile up the rural base (again) over gun control. There’s a full front-page section in the Tillsonburg News in today’s paper (owned by the extreme right-wing conservative supporting Sunmedia Chain) detailing the private members bill C-391 and it’s attempt to kill the long-gun registry. That article is full of quotes from Elgin-Middlesex-London MP Joe Preston, Oxford MP Dave Mackenzie and Haldimand-Norfolk MP and Cabinet Minister Diane Finley spouting off Conservative talking points on the gun registry.

In addition, we coincidentally (cough, cough.. yea, right) have an editorial in there from the local editor (which unfortunately doesn’t […]


Can a blog tell you and others what your personality type is?

To explain what I mean, I quote from JJ Hippie’s piece I saw this evening:

While surfing around last night in search of something amusing that wouldn’t cause my head to implode (ie. “News”), I stumbled upon “The Typealyzer“, which assesses a blogger’s personality by somehow analyzing the blog’s content…

It intrigued me enough to try it, and here are my results, based on what I’ve written at my blog:

Eerily, the first part is not exactly far off the mark in describing my personality. I have to disagree a bit with the “brain analysis” though, as I’ve always detested mathematics and never was (and still am not) […]


Words can come back to bite you.

This is particularly true in Jack Layton and the NDP’s case today, after they abstained on the Liberal’s non-confidence motion. Look what Mr Layton. had to say a couple years ago on the Liberals abstaining:

NDP Leader Jack Layton accused the Liberals of being an “absent Opposition” and handing the Tories the gift of being able to operate as if they had a majority government. “Nothing makes people more cynical about politics than when parties don’t do what they say, don’t stand up for what they believe,” Mr. Layton told reporters just hours before the vote.

I’m sure Stephane Dion was smiling a bit today, as he saw the NDP […]


Ekos poll numbers stabilize; Iggy needs to get some of this speech out in an ad

In brief:

– As anyone who follows Canadian politics knows, it’s been a rather tumultuous week in Liberal land as a result of the goings-on in the Outrement riding, and Denis Coderre throwing hand grenades out there in his resignation speech as the Quebec lieutenant (which, by the way, I think we should do away with in the Liberal Party. It concentrates far too much power in one person’s hands, and I don’t see why we need it in Quebec if we dont have that position anywhere else). The latest Ekos poll took in the opinions of folks during this time frame, and to the surprise of some media observers […]

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