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Want your 15 seconds of fame on CBC?

You can do so by being the person with the winning name entry for a segment of the new CBC Power and Politics Show:

If you are a regular viewer of Power & Politics you may have noticed that we like to end the show with a little tidbit..The problem is… the segment doesn’t have a name. We sometimes call it the political goodie bag, but frankly, that name isn’t that good. There are a couple of caveats: the name has to be able to be encompass the funny and the light as well as the serious (when need be). And it shouldn’t include my name. Rosie’s Rambles, for instance, […]


A short climate/weather observation

No measurable snow fell in Toronto today; this is the first time in 162 years, according to the Toronto meteorologists, that no measurable snowfall fell in the city of Toronto (during the entire month of November) . With isolated exceptions, that is pretty much also the case for the rest of Southern/Southwestern Ontario. If the opposite scenario had happened – where the province/city of Toronto had the most snow in November in 162 years – you can bet the skeptics of climate change would be all over the place having a field day in the media about how global warming/climate change wasn’t real; this was proof etc.

Now, I’m not […]


The ICC has started its investigation of torture. Is Canada included in that investigation?

That’s the question I have reading this snippet from Norman Spector via Dr. Dawg just now:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno Ocampo, “is already conducting a ‘preliminary examination’ into whether NATO troops ? fighting the Taliban may have to be put in the dock: ‘There are different reports about problems with bombings and there are also allegations about torture’,” Mr. Ocampo tells editorial writer Daniel Schwammenthal.

Spector then asks Harper a very good question/makes a very good suggestion:

As you know, Prime Minister, the International Court was designed by its creators, which included Canada, to function when a […]


Eventually, the truth does come out

..and it may be starting to with regards to what the Conservative government did and didn’t do in how they handled the Afghan detainee situation. It appears Canadian officials may not have been done any investigations of torture allegations, but washed their hands of the matter:

Claims by senior Conservatives that Canadian officials investigate credible claims of torture in Afghan jails are called into question by court testimony last year, documents obtained by the Star show. Kerry Buck, former director general of the Afghanistan Task Force, testified Canadian officials in Afghanistan don’t investigate the credibility of torture allegations involving detainees handed over by Canada, but simply pass along the claims […]


Harper causes me to post twice on a Sunday – very rare.

I once said this about our current Prime Minister:

“…this Prime Minister is a partisan cheapshot artist who demeans and disgraces the very chair he sits in as PM. There are many PM’s rolling in their graves at how low Harper has taken the office of Prime Minister down to.”

..and that was before this latest bit of cheap misleading partisan attacks on the opposition parties, and the using of our troops as political props for that attack:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a partisan shot at his opposition critics while touring the HMCS Quebec in Trinidad-Tobago Sunday. The Canadian ship and navy officers are helping with security for the […]


Sunday November 29/09 snippets

– BigCityLib fact checks & reads Mark Steyn’s columns at Macleans so you don’t have to. I wonder if he’ll be doing that with recently arrived Colby Cosh as well. He may not be blogging about much else if he takes that on too.

– An odd way for the Canadian government to show patriotism with the upcoming Vancouver Olympics: “Canada’s $9.2-million, Olympic pavilion is being built by a U.S. firm from Chicago. The contract was awarded just recently on short notice, and apparently helped to exclude a lot of Canadian firms from doing the work. This is particularly galling when Canadian firms are facing trouble getting contracts in the […]


If Harper can change his mind on things..

…then I can as well… at least partially, anyhow. The thing I’ve changed my mind on (partially) is using Twitter.

I’ve been a rather strong skeptic of Twitter as many of you know. I’ve not seen much use for 140 characters or less,and I’m still not sure I do. However, in talking with one of my Progressive Bloggers affiliates, Matt (who blogs at bastard.logic), he mentioned there was a thing called Twitterfeed, that could retransmit blogposts (or at least, their title and a brief summary) to Twitter.

That I think would be half useful.. so along with some mild persuasion from Matt (who is usually not that mild in his […]


No excuses for not holding a public inquiry or releasing the unredacted Colvin memos.

Let’s presume for a minute that there are “state secrets” in Richard Colvin’s memos that would harm Canadian national security (a big presumption with this government – anxious to discredit Colvin’s testimony – but like I said, let’s do it for a minute). Is that enough reason to withhold them? James Traver says nope, that’s just an excuse:

Often the last refuge of those tossing restlessly at night, the secrecy obstacle now threatening the public right to know is best removed by appointing a judge to privately review classified documents during an otherwise open process. Justice Dennis O’Connor considered far more sensitive intelligence in probing the treatment of Maher Arar […]


Another poll shows overwhelming support for Colvin; majority want public inquiry.

Hat tip to Steve V over at Far and Wide for seeing this poll, taken on November 24/25:

49% find Richard Colvin’s testimony credible; 10% side with federal government ministers.

As Steve said, that’s a ratio of 5-1 of people polled who believe Colvin’s testimony over the government’s official version of “no credible evidence”. That’s even higher then the 2-1 margin from the initial poll taken a few days ago on Canadians impressions of Colvin’s testimony.

We also see in the same polling that a majority of people want a public inquiry:

A majority of respondents (53%) support launching a public inquiry on what the government and the Canadian Forces […]


Retired generals accessed secret government documents to prepare for testimony…

…and Peter MacKay has no idea how that happened. And pigs can fly.

Video supplied by CBC.

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