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Opinions on prorogation of Parliament

I have just a minor quibble with an otherwise excellent Andrew Coyne column at Macleans where he condemns Harper’s contempt of Parliament. I noted this part of his column, which seems a tad resigned or cynical at the reaction of “some folks”:

Each time Parliament allows one of these abuses to pass, its power is reduced a little more. Indeed, so diminished has it become that it is hard for some observers to muster much indignation at this latest assault: it’s only Parliament, after all. It’s exactly this sort of whittling away by degrees that has allowed closure, for example, to be invoked more or less routinely to cut of […]


Even a stopped clock is right twice in a day

Stephen Harper’s decision to do a 2nd prorogue in just over a year even got Connie Fournier of the ultra-rightwing site Free Dominion upset enough to say this:

I don’t care what anyone says, repeated prorogation of Parliament, as a political strategy, is an affront to democracy.

This guy is mad with power!

That’s more objective and critical of Harper then I’d bet 99.9% of the Blogging Tory aggregate, which Free Dominion isn’t even a member of. I don’t know if Connie just pulled a radical conversion (as Little Green Footballs in the US recently did) or if this is just a 1 day thing, but credit where it’s due.



Our blogging friend OttawaSteph needs some advice

Taking a break from this prorogue stuff, there’s been some new developments in the case of our blogging friend OttawaSteph, who’s gotten some help from her local MP in talking to the landlord, but she now faces a decision on whether to legally fight to stay at this current rental (apparently, they’ve still decided to kick her out, regardless of the money she raised that pays off the December amount + arrears) or to take the MP’s office up on an offer to find a cheaper place, with the landlord agreeing to give her some time to locate that.

Head on over and give her some thoughts, if you have […]


Whatever happened to Harper’s promises of accountability before 2005?

That seems to have fallen by the wayside, as Ms. Goar and Mr. Maher recall the examples of Harper and the Conservatives shutting down independent committees and those who strayed from the government’s official line, and we may now be heading for yet another proroguing of Parliament to avoid more accountability on the Afghan detainees front:

The Conservative government will ask the governor general to suspend Parliament today, delaying the return of MPs until the beginning of March. Sources say the government is expected to prevent Parliament coming back on its scheduled return date of Jan. 25 so it can keep the House in recess until after the 2010 Winter […]


Do the Conservatives have ADHD (Afghanistan Deficit Hyperactivity-Disorder)?

This is a very curious story over at Macleans on the sequence of events so far. Twenty eight countries have appointed officials to work with Richard Holbrooke on Afghanstan – the U.S. Special Represetative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, who was personally picked by President Obama, and who reports directly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Six months ago, Holbrooke personally requested the Canadian government for a representative from our country, and we still haven’t done anything, and apparently aren’t anywhere close to picking someone:

When Barack Obama appointed him at the beginning of 2009.. several countries immediately named Afghanistan-Pakistan envoys who would serve as direct interlocutors for Holbrooke. The Brits, […]


Coming out of the woodwork..

Terrorist incidents or attempted ones these days are sure to bring out the the radical extremist right-wing of the conservative blogging community in Canada, and the attempted bombing of a passenger jet just outside of Detroit (which would have brought the jet down in Canadian territory if it had been successful) has done that, as our friends at Stageleft have shown.

One of the usual suspects has even put forth a solution: do not allow Muslims to emigrate to Canada (as apparently all Muslims are potential terrorists), and start deporting Muslims. Am I surprised to see this? Nope: smearing entire groups with the same tarred brush is an all too […]


Happy Holidays

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a Merry Christmas. Of course, many families who hold multiple Christmas get-togethers with different sides of the family hold them on Boxing Day as well, so my hope to those folks is that you’re having a good Christmas get-together, and Happy Boxing Day to you!


Consider buying a potted Christmas tree that can be planted after the holiday season

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree by now, you might be out of luck this year. However, this might come in handy for you next year.

There’s often a debate about whether to buy a real one or an artificial one for inside the house. I have a different suggestion for you; next year consider going down to your local tree farm or gardening centre and buying a real tree that’s in its pot still, which can be planted by you in your yard (or somewhere else) after the holiday season.

As an example, my family this year put the artificial tree up inside, but went down to one […]


Some more on the Conservatives imitating Ebenezer Scrooge vis-a-vis KAIROS

Ellie Kirzner of NOW Magazine takes apart Jason Kenney and his ally in the Toronto Star Rosie DiManno, and their attacks on KAIROS. I’m going to quote a large excerpt, because it’s a good piece:

…So unsettling is the anti-Semitism charge that many are preferring to believe that Kenney really didn’t say what it seems he said. Rosie DiManno in Monday’s Star argues that the minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism didn’t overtly accuse KAIROS of anything but merely opined that the group had taken “a leadership role in the boycott’’ of Israel. That’s the tack the Canada Israel Committee is taking too. When I ask Sara Saber, the organization’s […]


OttawaSteph has met her fundraising goal! (Now, will the landlord relent?)

Thanks to a big push by some Progressive Bloggers (and others) who heard about OttawaSteph’s plight, her fund-raising goal has been reached for what she owes the landlord. The question now seems to be if he will relent on his eviction notice or not now that she has the money in full, despite it being 10 days after the imposed deadline.

It’s Christmas; hopefully he is not a pre-changed Ebenezer Scrooge-type landlord:

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