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Some articles/data on prorogation

There’s a great article by Professor Michael Geist on the explosive growth on the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group and how critics of the group have missed the point of social advocacy today in the Toronto Star. Geist, as he mentions in his article, has had his own facebook group, Fair Copyright For Canada, as a barometer to measure against CAPP, and sees similarities. I won’t say much more about this other then I highly recommend reading the article, and I thought his closing paragraph was the best summary he could give:

Skeptics have pointed to rallies planned for this week as the litmus test for the effectiveness of […]


Doing what you’re supposed to (Haiti) vs not doing the job (prorogue); apples & oranges

I’ve seen a few news polls and stories asking people/wondering if the Conservative government’s reaction and response to the Haitian crisis would blunt the anger that has been directed at it because of Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament. I would argue that it shouldn’t.

The Canadian government is reacting exactly how people expect it to react when a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude occurs in a country. I’m not sure you’re going to get a lot of upside tick for humanitarian aid everyone expects it to undertake (though this government is trying hard to get that – there’s been a few complaints the past week about the photo-ops they’ve […]


Revised media reaction to prorogation.

It’s kind of amusing to watch the second guessers in the media take aim at their comrades for being wrong on the public’s negative reaction to Harper proroguing Parliament.

We start with Richard Gwyn of the Toronto Star taking aim at those pundits in general, and Andrew Coyne in particular (who said that Parliament didn’t matter) to people with a piece titled, Actually, Parliament Does Matter. (To be fair to Andrew, he did say in a follow-up blogpost that he might have been wrong about his feeling people were indifferent to shutting down Parliament).

Next up comes Rick Salutin of the Globe & Mail, who doesn’t merely go after other […]


Yet another poll release showing there are lots of anti-prorogue elitists in Canada

Ekos released a poll today, and again, the Conservatives and Liberals are in a Margin Of Error dead heat, as per Kady O’Malley:

Conservatives: 30.9 (-2.2) Liberals: 29.3 (+1.5) New Democrats: 15.3 (-0.7) Green: 11.9 (-1.6) Bloc Quebecois (in Quebec): 40.7 (+2.5) Other: 2.3 (-) Undecided: 14.0

Some analysis from Ms. O’Malley:

Any way you slice, dice, parse or dissect it, though, these numbers would suggest that this whole prorogation thing may not be working out quite as well as the prime minister might have hoped. Unless, of course, you heed those who are of the firm opinion that this has nothing to do with prorogation at all, since Canadians […]


Cons 31, Libs 30. New SC poll. Prorogation hurting Cons: pollster

There are a lot more “elitists” out there that care about their Parliament getting unnecessarily prorogued then cabinet minister Tony Clement thinks apparently, if this new SC poll is any indication:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has paid a large price in popularity for shutting down Parliament, with his Conservatives effectively tied with Liberals in a new poll by The Strategic Counsel. Conservatives are at 31 per cent, compared to 30 per cent for Liberals, in the poll conducted by Strategic Counsel late last week, as controversy was starting to build over Harper’s prorogation of Parliament until March 3.

“Proroguing of Parliament has hurt the Tory brand,” said Tim Woolstencroft, […]


Dear Cheryl Gallant

You forgot to explain to your constituents in your overly demagogic newsletter how you can justify killing over 30+ of your government’s bills – many I might add, that your government slammed the opposition parties and Senate over for not passing as quickly as you thought they should; particularly the “law and order” bills your government deemed so crucial and important to get passed. They weren’t crucial and important enough, apparently; shutting down Parliament to stall further Afghan detainee questions on the Parliamentary committee you happen to sit on was, however.

I know your riding isn’t exactly full of progressives, since you still manage to get elected there despite being […]


Help Haiti

While the lives lost may not be comparable to the 2004 Tsunami in Asia, the massive earthquake that has hit Haiti will be very similar in it being devestating to the people and to the country.

As with the tsunami, the current and best way for Canadians to help is to donate money. Right now, the organization that probably would be the best current vehicle for people wanting to do that is the Canadian Red Cross. Information on how you can donate online or in another fashion can be found at this Red Cross page.


More Conservative headaches not to do with prorogation

This kind of blew up out of nowhere; you don’t often see a government appointed board rebel against the government like this so publicly:

Tory appointees ‘unfit’ for rights agency board, staff says

The entire staff of a government-funded rights advocacy group is calling for the resignation of three Conservative appointees from the board of directors, including the chairman. The extraordinary letter from the staff of Rights and Democracy – a non-partisan, two-decade old advocacy body – follows the death last week of president Remy Beauregard, who died of a heart attack following a vitriolic board meeting.

It lays bare a raging battle over the direction of the advocacy group, […]


The CAPP group’s amount of supporters now greater then the National Post’s circulation.

The numbers are give or take of course, but the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group now as of this writing is at 171 084 supporters. The National Post’s national circulation is estimated to be at around 170 000 – the same National Post whose editorial page and op-ed writers scorned the group as being any indication of a grassroots movement a week and a bit ago. (A better indicator of things is that Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory headman, and anti-coalition Facebook organizer from 2008 – has recently gone on the offensive in the NP’s full comment page against the Liberals stance and past usage of prorogation. That’s an indicator […]


Seen in Ottawa on a street..


If you’re a member of a different CAPP city chapter, but want to use their template, The article over at No Prorogue has them.

UPDATE @ 4:57 pm: Photos taken by Mark Blevis, as mentioned over at the No Prorogue site.

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