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Canada owns the top of the podium at least.

With the amazing OT win by Canada on the goal by Sydney Crosby, Canada wins its 14th gold medal – a record # of golds for a host country, and a record # of gold medals won at the Winter Games period. So congratulations to our Canadian Olympic athletes for making us all proud.

Now, I know some folks are jumping all over the place claiming that we really do “Own the Podium” now, and I hate to be a party-pooper just moments after a fabulous hockey game win for Canada, but that’s not the case. Even the Canadian Olympic Committee admits that. Their goal was to win ‘most medals’ […]


Update on Hurricane Helena

Urgent Dispatch from the Canadian Hurricane Service:

Helena has been downgraded from a Category 5 storm with lots of fury and hot air to a very sullen Tropical Storm system. The storm initially roared into and out of PEI, lashing airports and people as it left, but it weakened as it moved towards the mainland. It’s now centred over Ottawa, with the centre of it currently over the the Prime Minister’s Office. No plans by the PMO to apparently do anything however; they hope the storm will eventually go away; it would be rather inconvenient for them to have to act, despite other people advising them they’re sitting under a […]


Quite the juxtaposition

Compare and contrast:

– Joannie Rochette, who won a bronze medal last night in the women’s figure skating, but would be awarded a gold medal for bravery/courage if there was such a thing.

– Helena Guergis, Minister of state for Status of Women, who decided to throw a tantrum over having to follow airport security procedures that the rest of us regular people have to endure. Apparently, Guergis felt that being a junior Cabinet Minister gave her privileges to avoid those inconveniences, and was enraged when that wasn’t the case. I wonder how the folks in Helena’s riding feel of her performance of late.

UPDATE @ 11:58 am: Hah. Great […]


Apparently, CBC doesn’t think it needs to change anything re: iCopyright

I just got a heads-up from Cameron McMaster on this blogpost over at CBC’s public affairs blog, regarding the furore a few weeks back over their use of the company iCopyright to try and make money off of people who want to quote full articles or post them at their site in full.

I’ve seen reassurances from CBC before that nothing has really changed in their policy, but what annoys me to no end (which I didn’t catch before in any of their communications) is that they want folks to write into them to get permission to quote excerpts before they use them at their own blogposts/websites etc. As […]


Queue the gun lobby hysterics (as well as the ‘liberal court’ charges)

I think even most people casual on politics knew this before the Supreme Court ruled this way, but just in case anyone thought differently:

Today’s decision in R. v. Montague, 2010 ONCA 141 makes clear (as if it was necessary to clarify!) that Canadians have no constitutionally protected right to possess weapons:

[16] Moreover, contrary to the Montagues’ contention, the Supreme Court of Canada has addressed the question of whether the possession and use of firearms is a constitutionally protected right and has rejected the notion that Canadians have an absolute constitutional right to possess and use firearms.

I’d be interested to see the next gun lobby newsletter to its […]


Conservatives want to pretend prorogation has no consequences vis-a-vis crime bills.

I see via Far & Wide that Justice Minister Rob Nicholson had the gall to come out and demand the opposition parties reinstate the Conservative crime bills. Those would be the same crime bills that Nicholson and his Conservative government were in daily hysterics last year demanding that the House and Senate quickly pass them in order to protect the country. Those would also be the same crime legislation that got killed due to Harper proroguing Parliament, showing that “urgency” to be a complete sham; trying to protect the government from potentially politically damaging/embarrassing information was more important.

Now, Minister Nicholson wants the opposition parties to pretend prorogation never happened. […]


James Lunney: church groups are being meanies, so I’m not meeting them

What a brave guy James Lunney, (MP for Nanaimo-Alberni) is. He refuses to meet with church groups affiliated with KAIROS Canada who are upset at the Conservative government pulling its funding because of the Conservative government claims it’s anti-Israel (made by Jason Kenney in Israel, you might remember. You also might remember Kenney isn’t even the Minister in charge of handing out CIDA grants to NGO’s – that would be Bev Oda, who gave an entirely different reason in the House of Commons for the KAIROS Canada grant removal).

The reason given by Lunney for not meeting these folks? Such radical church groups as Quakers, Mennonites, and Anglicans are trying […]


I love the retro 70’s look from Norway

On a much lighter Olympic note, the Norwegian Curling team’s pants are a hit. What pants, you say? If you haven’t been watching curling, it’s these ones:

The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants

Someone decided to create a fan page for their pants at Facebook, and they’re now over 313 thousand members. Not bad at all. They’re also getting widespread media coverage of their choice of decor, and that’s not bad publicity for the sport of curling either.

Most importantly, they’re backing up their fancy look with good play. They are one of Canada’s main threats right now for a gold medal.



Olympic Monday

I had some Olympic related thoughts on this Monday, in the midst of a snowstorm here in SW Ontario.

First, I hope the Canadian Olympic Committee figures out in the aftermath of the Vancouver Games that setting unreasonably high expectations for what we were going to get vis-a-vis medal counts at these games was a bad idea. They should have done our traditional Canadian low-key approach to this (“we hope to meet the medal count of 24 we got at Turin” wouldn’t have been unreasonable to say), rather then issue bravado to the world about “owning the podium” and leading the medal count. The cockiness should have come from the […]


Use anything to make a buck

Never let it be said the Conservatives fail to take opportunities to fundraise a buck or 2 off of anything they deem could help them politically. The thought was perhaps the Olympics might be able to help them politically if Canada did well. It appears they’ve decided to be more overt about it.

Not only are they using our soldiers as political props, they’ve decided to use our Olympic athletes as well. It’s fitting that Mike Duffy is the one leading the charge.

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