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Add another Conservative excuse for prorogation not going over well.

The Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Maestro decides it’s his turn to try and explain prorogation. First he pulls out the already tried “it’s been used so many times before!” excuse, before finally settling on “it’s the media’s fault for covering this!” excuse.

Here’s hoping the voters of Peterborough helps Dean get a long rest after next election. Perhaps if CAPP decides to go with a strategy to target certain Conservative MP’s to aid in their defeat, I’m hoping Dean will be at the top of their list.

2 comments to Add another Conservative excuse for prorogation not going over well.

  • Scott:

    At this point we need a list of excuses, for handy reference. My favourite is still “Democracy’s tough,” but there will be other ripe ones coming, I’m sure.

  • Jodi

    Mr. Del Maestro fits in well with the ‘under cloak of darkness’ mentality of Mr.Harper. Just imagine what they could do, if people quit paying attention all together.

    While most of the media is biased, they are our voices and it is their responsibility to shine the light in dark corners…….and ASK the tough questions.

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