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A brief complaint about CTV Olympic coverage

Will you please stop with the “When will Canada win it’s first gold medal on Canadian soil” shtick? It’s only Day 2 for pete’s sake. Will you also please stop trumpeting every Canadian athlete as a “gold medal favourite” (saying they’re a “medal favourite” would suffice)? You set everyone up in the country for a letdown if they “only” win silver or bronze. You’re also putting more pressure on our athletes then there already is.

Look at Jenn Heil for instance. She was under a lot of pressure last night to perform, and did so. She just got beaten by a superb performance by her American competitor. She won the Silver; quite an accomplishment in a sport where there have been no repeat Gold medal winners from Olympics to Olympics. Yet, the CTV interviewer afterwards was doing her interview in her best morbid tone possible trying to make it out like she had lost a Gold, and asking in dismaying tones stuff like “when oh when will Canada ever win a Gold on home soil” (and credit to Heil for handling it with grace).

Here’s hoping we win a gold soon so we can put that anxiety of CTV commentators to rest.


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  • Mavis

    ARE U kidding me ???
    sure.. the big boys up top have a lot to do with the “style” of broadcast… however..
    when will anyone take some constructive criticism and actually try to out perform for once?
    CTV is a prime example where conservative converage is the only way to go… where money isn’t spent… and too afraid to show some excitement?
    (slightly frustrated by the broadcasting)
    what could they do to peak interests and spur some sort of excitement during the olympics?
    Perhaps… hire younger broadcasters… lose Lisa Laflame.. and her beautiful hair… and frozen upper and lower lips….
    so what will i do?
    I’ll just have to watch the olympics on NBC.
    less Canadian content… but at least i’ll feel a bit alive watching it !

    • wow what a bunch of critical -??? lets take some shots at ctv- give it up =all of you- dont like what you are watching then switch the channel- freedom -of– !!!
      Their are some – of us- whom have been enjoyning the coverage – from ctv- and hey as far as the lets make fun of lisa laflamme- Grow UP!!!!!!!!!
      guess all of u can do so better!!
      Go Canada Go!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Dont blame CTV…they are doing their best….Bell Canada is running the coverage, not CTV. All the useless Bell Canada telecom beurocratic suits who make decisions and the big $$$, are suddenly TV programmers….Ego 101….power corrupts, ultimate power, ultimately corrupts.

  • NorthYorkCity

    I was not only disappointed, but also offended, by the lousy coverage of the Men’s Short Programme in Figure Skating last night on CTV.

    Firstly, and I don’t know if there is a common standard in broadcasting, but since artistry and interpretation are evaluated in this sport, why is the music (and composer) that skaters perform to not identified onscreen at the start of the programme, or even mentioned by the so-called commentators.

    Speaking of the “commentators” (aside from Rod Black), I’m not sure if the voices belonged to Salé and Pelletier who covered the Pairs programmes, but there was a lot of silence after many keys moments, and frankly two bumps on a log would have had more to say, and provided more insight.

    Finally, the thinly veiled homophobic remarks from that moustachioed doubg Rod Black while Johnny Weir was preparing to skate had no place on a national broadcast.

    I’m looking forward to competent and dignified coverage of skating events on the CBC again, once the Olympics have passed.

  • ConcernedCanadian

    Here’s a real strange thought, why not let the TSN announcers do the majority of the coverage and completely eliminate the CTV anchors who feel entitled. Just give them a couple of weeks off. Honestly, it;’s what they do for a living, sports that is.
    At least if you would let Pierre Mcguire take a stab at doing Brian Williams job you know that Pierre would do his homework for all the sports and be able to give us interesting background on the sport and athletes. Probably due to the fact that he has no ego when he does his job.

    Hey Brian Williams, sorry to here that you caught Lloyd Robertson disease and care only about your past experiences at prior Olympics. What a shame!

    Here’s another thought. Even though Mike Landsburg is often annoying, he does do a good interview. So why not let him conduct the post interviews with winning athletes. Why are we hiding him in Whistler. Again, what a shame!

    Millions of people watching this country, what a time it would be to expose different parts of Canada to people who might want to come visit. What if, someone from halfway around the world enjoyed the fiddling at the opening games so much, that they would like some kind of in depth, 4 minute, background of where they came from, etc.

    Argh!!! CTV you let me down yet again.

    Why not get KD Lang’s opening games song on Itunes, so many people are asking for it right now. Maybe we could, oh I don’t know, take some of the proceeds from sales of that song and/or video and help invest in our athletes training programs. Cause last time I checked they are often under funded.

    But of course, what would I know in comparison to the high and mighty, all powerful CTV machine, who clearly know what this hard working, proud canadian needs.

  • Ken stephens

    I was watching the great Hockey Game between Canada and Norway which made me proud to be a canadian. What took place during the post game celebrations makes one ashamed. A man with a mike (i am not sure if he was working for CTV on not) was interviewing some men and their arrogance towards Norway was a total digrace. They actually told Norway to gt home and they Booed Norway including the announcer. Even though the men wee drinking : the announcer was just as guilty with their disgusting attitude towards a country visiting Canada.

  • Chris

    Completely agree about the snowboarding analyst. She was awful.
    As I watch these Olympics on CTV, I cannot help but think most of the main hosts feel out of their elements covering sports. I doubt that people like Lloyd Robertson, Bev Thompson, Lisa Laflamme, Seamus O’Regan and Jeff Hutchinson even LIKE sports, let alone understand them. You get the impression they’re saying to themselves, “I’ll be glad when this is all over, because I’m getting tired of pretending I care.” (and don’t even get me started about the idiots from Etalk and MuchMusic.)
    Even the so-called ‘sportscasters’ representing CTV leave a lot to be desired. Rod Black has always been poor at everything he tries. I often wonder whether some of the TSN people have a clue about any winter sport other than hockey. As for Brian Williams, while I’ll give the guy credit for being around as long as he has, he’s too annoying to stomach. What’s with his dragging out the ends of words like “loojjjj”? When Williams comes on, I switch over to see what they’re doing on NBC.
    I am a proud Canadian, but NOT when it comes to CTV.

    • Mavis

      Chris !
      love your comment… couldn’t say more !
      CTV is at its pinnacle…. and really won’t know what hits them.. .when the media giant loses ratings !
      bully for them !
      I really hope someone will take better note of the undercoverage here… and profit from it !

  • Sam

    So here in California, all I can see is NBC since CTV feed is blocked online. Oh yes, I was braced for a fight, ready to decry NBC’s lack of coverage of Canadian athletes, Canadian champions, Canadian culture…. and was I ever wrong. The most recent little filler (5 minutes ago) was about our national anthem (and, yes, how we sometimes fluff up a few of the lyrics) — but good heavens, they at least acknowledge we have an anthem in two languages with several updates. Last night, NBC showed the entire gold medal ceremony for “the first Canadian gold on home soil”. They cheered on the crowds, congratulating all our athletes. There has been film from Nunavut. Fort Churchill. PEI. The tone of the journalists has been consistently respectful, encouraging, professional. Canadian content takes up at least 25% of everything I’m seeing – that may not sound like much, but 25% excellent coverage sounds better than what you all are experiencing. All this from the “evil” American media. What a wake up call for me!

    • pe_islander

      I didn’t watch NBC coverage of the Opening Ceremonies but I later heard that an announcer referred to Betty Fox as Michael J Fox’s mother. It may be 25% Canadian coverage but perhaps a little more research is needed. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with all comments regarding CTV, and if it does not improve, I’ll be watching NBC Olympic coverage myself.

      • Sam

        Hmmmm – I didn’t hear that glitch, and I was listening. But they did do a MAJOR feature on Terry Fox. I’ve had my students come up to me (knowing I’m Canadian) and ask me about him. So: it’s been a surprise.

        Trust me, I’d RATHER watch Canadian stations, but the options have worked out better than I’d imagined.

  • Alan

    Womens snow boarding…Tara Teigen….wow….amateur, weird sound effects, squeals, ai-ai-ai whenever someone falls, and I put on mute!

  • Paul

    I have to agree with many comments which have been posted so far. CTV’s coverage so far is extremely disappointing. The most painful part of the whole event is the commentary or lack thereof. Event after event it seems like the voices we are forced to listen too have little clue how to cover a sporting event. The women’s snow boarding commentators which is now on the air is the worst I have heard so far. I do hope things get better but at this point I can’t imagine they will. It feels like I’m watching my local cable TV station with it’s programming being produced by high school volunteers.

    CBC does Olympic coverage better than just about anyone else on the planet. They are sadly being missed here on our home turf.

  • Darlene Goodwin

    As much as Brian Williams annoys me, he shines compared to many of the people covering the Olympics. High profile news anchors are so used to sharing doom and gloom they report the olympics in the same depressing way. Listening to the boarding event I can’t beleive how much time this guy is spending predicting the worst rather than sticking to reporting what’s happening on the hill. Athletes and families listening to him must have this sinking feeling in their guts rather than the positive feeling needed. Reporters commented on how much postive energy could be felt in the village. Well what about the negative energy? Keep seeing the glass half empty and people will start getting your message. I don’t know how CTV chose their reporters for the olympics but I think they goofed in many cases. One guy must have had whiplash after his report; he didn’t know if he should look at the camera or the two fellows with him. Yikes! The Petro Canada ads could have used a tweek or two. Up in the top, left-hand corner you can barely make out the name of the family member who the parents are supporting. You would think CTV had enough time to make sure everything they were doing was first-class and focussed on the best reporting possible. I just have to shake my head and ask how they managed to provided second-rate coverage. I know not everyone will ever be satisfied with anyone’s coverage but I cannot help but think that sound problems, camera problems and poor reporting are things that should not be issues. Maybe it’s just me. Go Canada Go and to all the athletes of the world participating I say “we know how hard you all worked to get to the olympics and we wish you success”.

  • Alan

    So, the gay-ification of the TV media is complete….I have nothing against gay people, but the last few years of “Gay in my face” 24/7 is getting intolerable. Now the CTV commentators seem to embellish the feminine voice, describing the sporting events as if they are doing a fashion makeover on TLC…
    Also, Bell, who owns CTV, has deep pockets, and has power, and with money and power comes arrogance and a sense of “I can do no wrong”.

  • Colleen

    Here’s what bugs me about CTV Olympic coverage:
    1) You have no idea what’s on. Who’s in charge of programming hey? Do they really think that Canadian across this country (who couldn’t fork out a couple months worth of wages in these economic times to go to Vancouver) can give up our jobs to watch when the events we like are telecast…..dah? There’s a reason why a lot of us are not in Vancouver…we have jobs!! So how about showing schedules for events that are happening…not the 5-7 time block on your TV Guide that has 3-5 items listed for that time period…its a freaking guessing game when the events are on. My husband wanted to watch the Women’s 1st game…we had no clue it was on or when it started. I wanted to watch the figure skating (men’s and women’s, not pairs), again…no clue when on or when it started. And frankly my PVR can’t handle 7 days at 7hr each day, besides the regular stuff we have programmed to view (IE: House,CSI, Kids shows, etc).

    2) The broadcasters (if you want to call them that)…is driving me nuts. I totally agree with a previous comment that they are so focued on Canada winning gold on Canadian Soil…ah dah…do they happen to remember, when it was a thrill when a Canadian won a medal…any medal…PERIOD! Please yes, we would love every Canadian athlete to win Gold on home soil, but we should proud and just as enthusiastic if they Silver or Bronze. They work…hard…they win…we respect that. And even if they don’t win…we need to prove to the world, that our athlete’s mean more to us than some Gold medal.

    3) The boucing back and forth…good heavens. CTV cover one event at a time will ya. I remember the Good old days when our boys and girls and CBC would cover an event and then give us updates on other events happening at the same time. If there was a big break…like a Canadian winning a medal, then they’d show it. I’m sick and tired of having to flip through all the time zones on my satallite to find the event in full..not switching between here there an everywhere. Including Broadcasters comments from Whistler or BC Place.

    All in all…I know it was a change to have CTV braodcast the Olympics….just seems that there’s only thing that CBC is good at…Broadcasting sports. Always have…always will be…Wish leagues and committees would get this through their thick skull…CBC – Champion Broadcaster for Canadian sports.

    Please put things back to normal…so we have some clue of what’s happening when, and we know where events are…

    I’m really hating this CTV crap.

  • Ray in Cgy

    I think CTV is showing that an event like the olympics is completely out of their league.
    Give it back to the cbc.

    Also, I think it is unfortunate that these views will never see the light of day in mainstream media. CTV certainly won’t bring any external criticism to light, and CBC (and others) will be afraid of showing any sour grapes for not winning the rights to coverage.

  • Kev

    I have to agree with everyone that CTV and co are butchering these Olympics. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t subscribe to all the extra channels that are required to watch the coverage. I also don’t have high speed access where I live just outside of town, so watching online is out of the question. Instead I’m stuck watching only CTV, which has about 90% useless commentary, commercials and filler. That last 10% of actual coverage is split 9% taped footage and 1% live. At least with CBC it was only one station covering the games, so they had to keep us informed on everything that was going on. Now they just leave it to the viewer to flip between channels to find out results (which I can’t do).
    I don’t have any issues with Brian Williams commentary. It’s not his fault he’s stuck on CTV where they don’t actually show any events.
    Hopefully it gets better, and is better for the next Olympics.

  • Liz

    All I have to say after reading all these comments is: I agree that CTV and it’s employees are doing a very poor job of covering the Olympics. They should make an official apology for all the poor comments and offenses they have made.

  • Frank

    I agree with the general feel here. CTV is screwing with a formula that works and it is embarrassing to see how it is being covered. Too much channel changing to catch the events you want and too many technical/video errors.

    Please cut down on the chatter about celebrities, clothes and style and replace it with unbiased sports coverage and bios on the athletes (without the American style glory music and hyperbole).

    Hopefully they read this and they can adjust before the end so they can redeem themselves. Also, the amount of TV ads that show up during events / special moments is getting me to turn off the TV as I can’t stand the interruptions. If you have to include ads, place them at appropriate moments.

  • kathy

    At the risk of repetition I have to agree with most of the negative comments and I feel so un Canadian for doing so. I have just watched C.T.V. morning and will never get that time back!. I felt uncomfortable . I understand there are no venues open for us in the eastern time zone but can we see some athletes peforming from yesterday?Can we see some of the sports coming up and explanations of how they are performed and who is performing in them ? I tried to watch in the evenings but they cut to commercial after each athlete performs it’s so erratic.
    Does anyone know where I can complain directly to the network? I looked on the website and there didn’t seem to be any forums.
    Hopefully they will hear some of our voices and do something about it. These young people from all over the world have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to be usurped by talking heads and an inept network. They deserve so much better.

  • Liz

    Coverage is horrible!!!! I have resorted to watching online coverage in order to get results of various sports, expected so much better. And where are the medal presentations? I saw a brief clip of womens moguls and of course the mens moguls but that’s it! You wouldn’t know that 16 Gold medals have been won so far! Give it back to CBC PLEASE…much more events shown!

    • Frank

      The CBC would not have been any better, and it’s not their business to compete against private industry for advertising dollars. Do you see PBS covering the Olympics? No, and there’s a good reason for that.

  • Sheila

    Opening Ceremony – horrible rendition of O Canada – disgusting…. the entertainment was awful (except for the dancing/fiddling that showed some talent — the flying around on cables and all the songs were totally irrelevant and uninteresting.

    CTV coverage — too bad CBC didn’t get to do this — they at least know how to cover events… way too much chit chat and foo foo that isn’t important… Brian Williams is dreadful (he is condescending and self-important as if HE is the object of everyone’s viewing) — we just want to see the athletes and their events… for goodness sake, have some sense for when to put on commercials (it’s nuts — right in the middle of a riveting performance, CTV puts on commercials!)… and this one really gets me — why is CTV all about men’s hockey???!!! even to the point of showing these guys arriving at the airport, then a big focus on their practice and their line up — oh brother, give me a break! If you really want hockey, take a look at the women!! They truly love what they’re doing, aren’t being paid big bucks, model great sportsmanship, and are better players anyway — it’s sickening to see the men being pumped up like they’re gods. And then the gall to suggest the women should not have trounced their opponents in the first game — bravo to them, let them play their best, because when they meet real competition, they will need to know what they CAN do! Who was the idiot sportscaster constantly criticizing the figure skating pairs’ outfits?? CTV really needs to find some people who have some integrity and tact. We also take issue with the months of advertising and pumping specific Canadian athletes as if CTV could predict who will win Gold — this has been and continues to be detrimental to those specific athletes (ie we would have been happy with Jen Heil’s Silver if CTV hadn’t made her and the public feel like only Gold would do), it is detrimental to the public, and certainly unfair to all the athletes who don’t even get a mention (until the “fair-haired” “chosen” one fails… ie like Manuel Osborne-Paradis — then they start talking up all the others that had no publicity before). And believe it or not, we’d be interested in seeing events even if there are no Canadians in them…

    • The Maj

      I long for the expertise of CBC coverage. That opening music sequence that plays 500 times a day is starting to get grating. NBC is on the air for less time yet provides more insight on other athletes from around the world. I would rather watch dead air time then watching some interview with an athletes parents. Just show more sports

  • sandy

    I agree with a lot people that CTV was putting extra pressure on Canadian athletes by interviewing them and their families before the competition and harping about ‘Gold material’ etc. Frankly, I think CTV time could be better used by covering actual events and leaving the poor athletes alone to do their best. The actual coverage of events was very little and repetitive.
    CBC always did good job of covering such games in the past.

  • Jay S

    I would normally not bother with blogs, but the ctv coverage of the olympics has annoyed me to such an extent. I am currently watching the figure skating and I find it absolutely annoying to watch it on CTV. The commentator loves the sound of his own voice. It seems he has a very bad case of verbal diarrhea and needs some Pepto Bismol. He keeps on making the most mundane comments regarding the skaters and their costumes. His favourite line seems to be “that kicks them off contention for gold”, yet the pair ends up with a top 3 score. He has no clue of what he’s talking about as well as no background experience. He’s like the guy in the movie theater you want to punch in the face for talking crap.

    Another comment I have is that is whether CTV is trying to be the new FOX of Canada. Did CTV have to show the actual full video of the Georgian luger from beginning to tragic end on Friday night. Seeing him die was something I did not have to see. As well, did they have to show how Davidson slashed Dube face a few years back with his skate while I was eating supper? I really did not need to watch in slow motion blood, flesh and bone flying off her face at moment of impact.

    Sorry, this Rod Black is sooo annoying me. He just finished putting down how poor this pair was and they just scored 210 total..What a douche!!!

  • I watcher the figure skating last evening Feb 13th. I think the Idiot male commentators were just that Idiots. The critisized the costumes of Countries. Si9nce when is it commentators jobs to critique cosstumes for the whole world to listen to their diatribe. Overall CTV is a discrace and I personally wish I would wake up tomorrow morning and find its just a nightmare I am having.

  • Matt

    I find the coverage to be all over the place. It bounces from here to there and is full of annoying and cheesy commentary. Furthermore, there’s little background on athletes. In several hours I’ve seen maybe a few minutes of sports and hours of filler commentary.

    And what’s all this about telling me to go to Rogers Sportnet? I don’t have that channel. But glad my tax money is paying for their content this week and next.

    It just seems so much more commercial than it needs to be. A real shame, because CBC did hands down a better job at covering the Olympics. I can’t picture myself enduring this sporadic coverage for another day.

  • Jen

    I agree with many of the comments as well. The coverage is erratic and I find myself switching channels repeatedly trying to figure out which channel is showing what and thinking I am missing something.
    There is no chemistry between Lisa and James on the daytime coverage. They seem to just tolerate each other.
    I do enjoy Brian Williams Olympic “professionalism” with the evening coverage.
    The hot tub and body shot scenes are totally inappropriate. There is a way to tastefully show the party scene and fun sides of a venue without making us not-twenty-somethings uncomfortable.
    Even with some of the questionable interview questions, it’s nice to see our athletes have acted admirably with grace under pressure.

  • Gary

    This is what happens when you have a network that normally doesn’t produce anything of its own (as CTV just hijacks US programming left, right and centre to constitute its lineup, especially during primetime hours) actually has to produce something of their own – we suffer through a poor broadcast by a bunch of so-called professionals.

    At least we do get NBC in this country.

  • Mary

    I agree with these comments as well. As a parent of an athlete who would do anything to have this opportunity to represent their country on home turf, CTV is ridiculous. From the ‘stupid questions’ of “are you disappointed you didn’t win gold” to the two (Jennifer and Dan) nuts who shouldn’t be given the air time and go back to grade school to learn something. Of course they’re disappointed… wouldn’t you be? But to just medal or place in the top 15 of the best in the world is still a great accomplishment and should be treated as such. It seams as if they don’t win a medal after all the the pre-event hype then, you don’t even mention them again. Every Canadian on that team is representing Canada and wants a medal…. think about it! They’ve worked and sacrificed for years for a chance to be there and sometimes somethings happen that they can’t control. They may fall, or slip up, but they didn’t do it on purpose knowing that the whole country was watching every move they make and to be dissed for doing it.

    CTV grow up. Stop being so American! Get some commentators who know what they are talking about. Not someone that thinks they know it all. You were an embarrassment to watch on Sunday morning and when those two ‘dweebs’ come on, I just turned them off. Absolutely pitiful!

    Jenn Heil had more class in her answers to your questions than your entire broadcast team has combined. She certainly said it all without telling you that you are an idiot and receiving a silver medal is just a rewarding as a Gold. Many didn’t even medal!

  • Margaret

    I absolutely agree these comments. This is the worst Olympics coverage in Canada that I’ve seen and am sorely dissapointed. I’ve had CTV’s coverage all day so far and have seen one sporting event in it’s almost entirety, a bit of the cross country skiing and now a snippet of the snowboarding while we fill in time waiting for speed skating. Disgraceful. Someone needs to send them a link to these comments. Oh look, a repeat of the downhill skiing is on now…fant-f’ing-tastic.

  • Jeff

    I’m glad to see I’m not alone and other Canadians also find the CTV coverage to be of such poor quality.
    On Brian William’s: all I can say is that CBC Sports is better without him, and ironically, CTV Sports is much better with him, but only because the CTV Olympic crew is so bad and Williams had at least a bit of depth to his commentary.

    This morning, I thought I must have misheard something from the CTV host, so I rewound my pvr to hear it again —
    It was James Duthie (sitting with Lisa LaFlamme) right after the Men’s Downhill coverage and he says (paraphrasing) “and now we cut away to something bigger than any medal event today…the canadian mens hockey practice”

    Give me a break… sure hockey is big in Canada, but what an ignorant and insulting comment to the Canadian and other olympic atheletes competing today. This CTV coverage is just a farce.

    • JMc


      If you know Duthie, you know he didn’t mean that literally.. His intention was to make fun of the ridiculous hype behind the men’s olympic hockey which will sadly overshadow any other event.

      • Jeff

        JMc, While I truly hope you are correct in your interpretation of Mr. Duthie’s intentions, it is sad that one would need to know his particular style to get the joke. Strange that he gave no hint of sarcasm – no wry smile, or wink to the camera… If you didn’t know the man you’d swear he was being completely serious. But then again, I don’t know the man (I wonder how many Canadians do?).

        • Stephen LaRose

          @Jeff, Jeff, that has been Duthie’s shtick throughout his career. He’s got a deadpan that makes Jack Benny appear hysterical. Having said that, CTV’s Olympic coverage makes me think Leni Reifinstal (sp?) didn’t do her work in vain, unfortunately.

  • E

    I am extremely disappointed with CTV’s coverage, right from the opening ceremonies. It just has gotten worse. I was thoroughly disgusted with the Jennifer Heil post-race interview. Instead of celebrating the win of a silver medal for Canada, and despite the fact that Jennifer pointed out it was an achievement for Canada, the unprofessional interviewer’s attitude was the equivalent of “OMG, what happened to you? Why did you blow it?”. The NBC interview was much better and I found that depressing…they celebrated her achievement instead of crapping all over it like CTV did! Today, I heard one of those idiots say on air something like “while Jennifer Heil didn’t bring smiles to Canadians, she sure did for Americans”…What kind of callous, insensitive crap is that???? CTV is trying to be hip and relevant; sadly, they are waaaaay off the mark. NBC is much better in terms of quality and approach…even the way they cover Canadians competing! Better context, better commentary, more professional. Shame of you, CTV!!!! You are an embarrassment to professional broadcasting!

  • Bill

    I feel sorry for Brian Williams. 25+ years of professional Olympic coverage and now he’s stuck with these yahoos.

  • Kathleen

    This is the worst coverage of an Olympics seen! Shame on CTV for allowing such unprofessional broadcasting. Do we care about what Shamus is doing in his off time and the ridculous flirting and kissing going on with his fellow collegues on camera. It is not a total party people, you have a job to do and you are doing it very poorly!

  • Exactly!

    The people who did it best were in New Orleans. They planned just as big a parade whether the Saints won or lost the Superbowl.

    The worst I’ve heard of is the treatment of Brian Orser after he “lost” the Calgary Olympics (aka won silver). There was no celebration. The night that he “lost” he spent alone, was moved to a hospital bed in the dormatory and cried himself to sleep.

  • Joe Carp

    Glad to see I’m not alone in my feelings of how CTV is covering the Olympics. I thought I was being a prude for not embracing MTV’s ridiculous contributions of commentary and skits. Very innappropriate. Makes me think the decision makers at CTV are a brood of twenty-somethings. Hoping after the Olymics have come and gone they do a full 360 on themselves, openly discuss the myriad criticisms directed at them and come out of it with better direction.

  • c brady

    CTV journalists and sport announcers for thinking it is ok to make fun of and laugh at Olympic athletes costumes and make up. Who are they to laugh during an Olympic event. They are supposed to representing Canada and all of the citizens of this wonderful Country. We are knowsn to be courtious and gracious.

    Also to the two goofs who did the skating and dating skit was embarrasing! How CYV think that they can show clips of skaters in positions that were not meant to be made fun of. I would like to see those two make it to the Olympics and then get made fun of on TV. Shame on you CTV for allowing such unapproriate behaviour.

    • Jay Garvin

      CTV coverage is being done for Canada – not the rest of the world. There is absolutely nothing wrong in poking a bit of fun and adding some entertainment value to the coverage. Don’t forget, Sale and Pelettier are World Champions and Olympic gold medalists… somewhat qualified.

      The idea is to actually get MORE interested viewers rather than bore them all to death. After last night, I’m am most likely going to tune to the figure skating coverage for a change.

      • Gina

        At least most of you seemed to be able to hear what Pelletier and Sale were saying, I thought that their mikes must have been turned off. If I turned the sound up loud enough to hear them then the music would make me deaf.

        The same with the coverage of the moguls, all I could hear was the announcer on the hill and not clear enough to know what he was says but he drowned out the commentators.

        I don’t remember it being like this for other olympics

  • John

    CTV Olympic coverage is the worst ever.
    I don’t want to watch constant reruns of the same event while they’ve turned off live coverage of the rest of the Olympics. Not everyone in Canada has Rogers or OLN or access to high speed internet.

    Time to turn CTV OFF. CTV is a Real Canadian Olympic embarrassment.

  • Patricia Vanhorn

    I am disappointed in the daytime announcing of the Olympics.
    The guy and gal who come on and think they are funny, are
    rediculus! Come on, it’s the olymics not the comedy network!
    Brian Williams is a pro and I enjoy the evening coverage but the daytime coverage is a total BORE!

  • pe_islander

    I couldn’t agree more. CTV coverage of the Olympics is nothing but a joke. It’s only day three and I am completely annoyed. I don’t give two hoots about Cindy Crawford, George Clooney or who’s hanging out at the local bar. TELL ME ABOUT THE ATHLETES. I, for one, appreciate Brian Williams coverage. He’s the only anchor, so far, who sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Shame on you CTV. I hope you can get your act together before 2012.

  • Terry

    The commentators for the pairs short program last night will hopefully be removed before the long program is aired. The immature, rude comments by Rod Black, Salle and Pelletier had me searching for the American coverage. I normally enjoy the professionals with their explanations of the various technical moves. In this case I was subjected to snide remarks on the contestants costumes, makeup skating prowess etc. These commentators could take a lesson from our athletes who have shown nothing but class during their interviews and have left me proud to be Canadian.

    Rod Black, Salle and Pelletier left me with nothing but embarrassment and the hope that the rest of the world was not judging the rest of Canada by these few rude individuals.

    • margie carscadden

      I was looking forward to our pairs in Olympic competion. Still high from our gold medal win. Then Rod Black and Pelletier began to make fun of Skaters outfits and skating ability with their cruel comments on the competitors costumes.I could not believe how juvenile Pelletier sounded .Rod Black as the professional announcer should have know better than to take part.I had to change to NBC . I was so ashamed. Please ensure this does not happen for the long program. An apology would be nice.

    • Ruth

      I agree with all of the comments regarding the touting of potential medal winners, why oh why does every Canadian athlete have to be labelled as the “best hope for the first Canadian gold medal on home soil”…thank goodness for Alex Bilodeau, maybe it’ll stop now! Don’t you remember the summer Olys and what happened to Adam van Kooverdam? He was touted as the most likely to win the gold medal and what happened? He did his best and completed the race…quit beating the horse already, it’s dead, ground up and ready for meatballs!

  • Richard

    The worst coverage of any olympics I have ever seen. from the 12 year olds in the hot tub, to the body shots in the Whistler bar, to the lack of live coverage of our athletes getting their medels. Very little on the backround of various athletes. It looks as if very little homework has been done to properly cover these games. I am embarrased when I should be proud. I have a strong feeling that CTV will be raked over the coals for this one. And so they should. If Canada wins a large number of medals it may overshadow the unprofessional coverage. I for one won’t forget. SHAME ON YOU ctv

    • Jay Garvin

      Don’t be such an old woman! They’re just showing that visitors are having some fun at this world class event. After all, there is some marketing to be expected for all the money that has been spent hosting this very expensive event. Also, there is plenty of time to do background coverage on the athletes, and if you were actually watching all the broadcasts, you would know that they have produced some very in-depth profiles on most of the contenders.

  • Frank

    Scott I agree. The CTV coverage strikes me, for lack of a better word, as dorky. The NBC coverage seems to be both more knowledgeable and more cordial. CTV has a ton to learn from our neighbours, I hope they eventually do.

  • Reiner Graumann

    You think the coverage in Canada is bad??? Try watching Chanel 5 [NBC] . The west coast coverage
    does not start till 7PM Pac. time. That is 10 PM East.time. we know of all the results before we see any. Then they talk for app. 2 hours of special people before showing 15 minutes of actual competition.
    They also repeat the same at least 3-4 times if an American athlete does good. Also showing the full Hocky game of 18-0 Can.-Slv. There are too many big shots that want to report the Olympics on NBC. Leave them home, ” show the actual competition “. Every one I have talked to about the Olympic coverage
    has said the same thing. It was bad the last few times, [coverage] but this time it is teribble!!!!!!
    Sorry NBC, but you stink. At least we dont have to listen to Conen at the tonight show because he comes on late!!!

  • Helen

    I am very disappointed that they are not airing the short program in skating. I assumed that the Olympics being in Canada, we would get much more coverage. This business of watching the short program on Rogers Sports Net is ridiculous. What are the Canadians who don’t have Rogers suppose to do, I wonders??? Wait for replays of the top three?? And I also agree, it is well past the time that Williams should have been replaced. I’m off work recovering from Cancer surgery and thought I would finally be able to watch live coverage of the Olympics, but there is far to much talking about everything, but the sports events. What a waste of time and tax payers money.

  • I agree. We are all excited for the first gold, but they seem to just sit around and fret over who will provide that best commercial moment. To focus on it so much does destract from the other beauties of competition.

    And it would be nice to see more sports. I don’t mind Duthie and Bev, but I don’t tune in to hear what they think-but to enjoy the sports…The skiing postponement hasn’t helped, but it has been off to a slow start. I’m hoping it will pick up as some of the other sports (like hockey) get peoples pulses up even more…

  • Jim Vincent

    Couldn’t agree with you more about the CTV coverage. The pre-ceremony program was also incredibly over the top with Donald Sutherland’s doom-laden voice narrating a series of completely overblown pieces making the Vancouver Olympics seem like the apocalypse. It’s just ridiculous and starting to become a Canadian version of the jingoistic American Olympics coverage (which appears to be a bit less shrill than CTV so far). I mean, by all means cover the Canadian athletes above other countries, but it’s not like the country is going to fall apart because Jenn Heil couldn’t get gold.

    I’m also pretty pissed that Williams was allowed to switch from CBC. He’s the most god awful annoying olympics anchor. How long has he been ruining Canadian Olympic coverage now?

    The real test for CTV will be how it treats the men’s hockey versus other sports. I remember Canadian women’s speedskaters in the 1500m at the 2006 Turin olympics – CBC was playing USA versus Sweden or something like that instead of showing the Canadian speedskaters, only switching out to do a replay of Klassen’s medal-winning race. I had to switch to the French CBC to actually watch it live. If CTV decides to play non-Canadian hockey over Canadian athletes of any sport they’ll have failed miserably – because they’d rather put ad dollars ahead of even their own overblown nationalism. I’m not holding my breath for them to do the right thing.

    • Sandra

      I will repeat what others have said thus far and also agree…..Who and What put CTV in charge of coverage? As a Canadian, I look forward to the Winter Olympics. For the two weeks of the Olympics my family and I are glued to the TV.

      BUT….OMG…I actually miss CBC, and ( I hate to say it) Thank goodness for Brian Williams. I have always had a great distaste for him but he seems to be the only one with a handle on whats going on. I noticed the original announcers are gone…anyone here know where they went? I haven’t watched NBC yet but I will now.

  • thanks

    thx for the comments.
    Sun Feb 14, CTV has shown about 10 minutes of sports in 8 hrs of coverage.
    Its absolutely disgusting.

    The childish filler is a total waste, if this keeps up, the Olympics will get turned off.
    In years past, they would run the sports runs all day, so you can enjoy the flow.
    We don’t want MTV filler trash

    • Denise

      The CTV coverage is the worst I have ever seen. They seem to forget that it is the Olympics thay are covering and not their voices. They are on 24/7 and we see about 3 hours of sports. Please do not let them get a contract again.

    • Niemi

      THANK YOU for Rick Hansen and the doc backdrop pieces. However, I have to agree that the morning coverage has been disappointing. I woke up on “family day” on Monday to be shocked that my children were seeing the “raunch” skating or dating piece. I changed the channel immediately and vowed to do that anytime the “red head” and other guy were on. I also have vowed to do that every time the “party girl” comes on. Why can’t I trust Olympic coverage to be appropriate for my 7 and 4 year old before they go to school. We want them to see the real sports’ coverage. Show the athletes doing their thing. They don’t stay up late enough to see it the night before. Please.

  • ASME

    I’d like to add another comment. Doesn’t Lloyd Roberson just drive you crazy with his pronunciation of country? He has been saying this for years. I sent a comment to CTV eleven years ago about this. I leave the country for eleven and return and the man is still saying “cunt-ree.” Why isn’t he corrected?

  • Martin

    What were we thinking to have the Olympic’s in Vancouver. Vancouver stands for Rain, Rain and more Rain. CTV is showing the best of Vancouver and the worst. It is my personal opinion the this is worst of worst TV coverage of any Olympics.

    The venue coverage is terrible. The Olympics is a world wide event and with all the advertisements on CTV I wouldn’t surprised that the next Olympic’s would only be available on Pay Per View.

  • John

    . . . or the prime minister, who was apparently in attendance last night. Perhaps the PMO’s office will attack Heil’s credibility or progressive nature later today.

    Actually the coverage on the moguls was embarrassing in a number of ways. The male “voice” (whom I should probably recognize) was unintentionally hilarious. It was like grandpa reporting on an event he’s never seen before. I was waiting for him to make an analogy to the sport as being “kinda like kick the can we used to play but on skis and a snowy hill.”

    I was kind of laughing waiting for his next comments, which is not typically how I enjoy watching a high-profile international competition. He insulted a number of skiers with catty, purely insensitive comments, ala “well, that’s it for her” kind of comments because they were knocked from chair 1 to chair 2.

    I turned to NBC after a bit, knowing I’d be bathed in US flags but at least get knowledgeble commentary and some informational background on the other competitors and the sport.

    The young woman commentator was a lot better, funny and knowledgeble and able to feel for / with the competitors. She might have been great if she didn’t have to keep going back to tend to grandpa or correct his mistakes.

  • Was nostrildamasse said. I don’t know why CTV thought the winter Olympics would provide enough action for 24/7 coverage across a billion channels, but now we’re subjected to this horrible filler. Somebody please put MuchMusic out of their misery already.

    As for Heil, yeah, the interview afterwards was essentially: “So, Jen, you won a silver, how does it feel to be a loser?”

    God forbid the athletes let down CTV.

  • nostrildamasse

    I completely agree with you. I follow most of the sports regularly and I think that having canada am move to vancouver for the olympics is just that…what the hell does Beverly Thompson know anyway, frankly she comes across as rude; everytime she rolls her eyes at Jay Onrait (as far as I can see he seems to be one of the only host’s who knows what he is talking about,let’s face it watching olympic morning is like watching paint dry…what are they going to do when they run out of all the pre-taped “olympic moments”). Jennifer Heil did a great job and let her enjoy her moment dammit! stop counting the chickens…
    The other issue is the cast of Ctv I mean all of them, from etalk to mtv to canada am…why?
    I don’t care what George Clooney is doing Laney or who is going to what party for that matter…this is not the friggin oscars.
    As for mtv…really! the red head seems smart enough, but the closet case get’s on my last gay nerve, Are the olympics all about Fashion…what was I thinking?…Well, I thought I wouldn’t see a bunch of clueless moron’s in a 4 hour version of water cooler chat.
    …and Seamus do you want to look like a 50 year old divorcee? or did you just do that to your hair to look more like your canada am co-host.
    Let’s see some sports and cheer on our team!

    • ConcernedCanadian

      I watched the CTV coverage of the Opening Games, then followed it up with NBC’s far better version which was weaved by Bob Costas. Why Does Brian Williams insist on starting every comment with “I”. Enough! Nor do I need Lloyd Robertson reminding me that, as the Greek athletes walked in, that they are the founders of democracy. What do these two take us for?
      Now add in the disastrous morning show where CTV looks more like TMZ with hidden cam shots of Colbert eating dinner and I’m officially embarrassed as a Canadian. Wy are we not concentrating on more background content on the athletes and the heart string tugging stories about the athletes and countries that struggle to make the Olympics and how they finally got here.
      I’m sure Michael Buble is good at what he does, but CTV are you telling me that you have nothing better to offer me at 9am in the morning but an interview with him.
      Can someone please buy CTV some venetian blinds for their waterfront windows so the morning announcers aren’t blinded while on air.

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