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Another complaint about CTV

On the Olympic Morning show on CTV, they always switch over at the top of the hour to their news announcer to do the “Top News Stories” of the day. When I was watching this morning, the “Top News Stories” today included:

– Tiger Woods impending (at the time) pseudo -press conference – Canadians being rescued from sinking ship in Brazil – A zebra that got loose running on a highway in downtown Atlanta Georgia.

Maybe this changed later in the day, but I’m a bit miffed that the passing of John Babcock, Canada’s last WWI veteran, wasn’t considered “Top News” by CTV. The last living link to the First […]


A lack of consistency in arguments

The Atlantic Coast gets hit by record snowfall, and immediately the climate change skeptics come out of the woodwork. “This proves climate change and global warming is a hoax!” they scream. Presently at the Olympics, Vancouver’s interior inland is expected to hit 16 Celsius today – temperatures they don’t normally get to June. Snow or lack thereof has been a problem at Cypress Mountain for a month and a half prior to the Games even starting. I’ve also read it’s the warmest February in the Vancouver/Lower mainland area in almost 100 years.

I’m not seeing those same sceptics turning around and saying, “hmm, maybe global warming IS real!”, because of […]


Capital News Online does story on CBC/iCopyright; I do a minor contribution for them.

Capital News Online is an online news magazine run by students in the Journalism program at Carleton University in Ottawa. They’ve recently done a story on the recent furore with CBC and it’s decision to use iCopyright to try and license the use of its news articles.

The contradictions of that policy and the online reaction to it is well documented in the piece; but if you click on the multimedia section of that story, you’ll get to hear my brief take on it. I apparently caught their attention with my recent opinion blogposts on here regarding that topic, and was asked if I’d participate in their story by answering […]


Harper playing (cheapshot) politics away from home once again.

Speeches like this to some of the Canadian military in Haiti is one reason why Harper has been described by many political observers as the most partisan Canadian Prime Minister ever.

He’s also the most classless, in my opinion. You’re on a supposed mission to assess Haitian disaster relief efforts (a mission that had certain journalists wondering if the trip was merely a political diversion), and you decide to throw in a stump speech how you support the military, and the wimpy Liberals before you didn’t?

It’s a good time to post this clip again from the Rick Mercer Report a few weeks back:

Courtesy Ted Betts, the key […]


Faux patriots

A little follow-up to yesterday’s post on the anniversary of the Canadian flag. It seems ironic to me that some supporters of the Conservative Party – the same party who keeps trying to claim they have a monopoly on patriotism – would then turn around and diss the Canadian flag, because they feel its a “Liberal flag” due to its colours and due to the fact Prime Minister Pearson was a Liberal. Here’s a challenge to folks like this; why don’t you press your Conservative government to switch the colours or the whole flag, and see how well that goes over with the general populace?

I should also note to […]


Guess who turns 45 today?

Yup, the current Canadian flag does – thanks to this fellow, Prime Minister Lester B. (“Mike”) Pearson.


Alexandre Bilodeau wins Canada’s 1st Olympic gold on Canadian soil

…ensuring that CTV commentators will finally stop stop moaning about no gold medals (we’ll have to put up with commentators exulting about how Alex is the “first” one, but that’s at least optimistic and slightly more tolerable).

It couldn’t happen to a better young guy either; the dedication to his brother with cerebal palsy is very heart-warming. Congrats Alex.

PS – I still don’t like CTV’s coverage very much.


A brief complaint about CTV Olympic coverage

Will you please stop with the “When will Canada win it’s first gold medal on Canadian soil” shtick? It’s only Day 2 for pete’s sake. Will you also please stop trumpeting every Canadian athlete as a “gold medal favourite” (saying they’re a “medal favourite” would suffice)? You set everyone up in the country for a letdown if they “only” win silver or bronze. You’re also putting more pressure on our athletes then there already is.

Look at Jenn Heil for instance. She was under a lot of pressure last night to perform, and did so. She just got beaten by a superb performance by her American competitor. She won the […]


Environics Poll shows Liberals in national lead

I saw the folks over at CAITI Online post about an Environics poll:

Our Environics poll taken Feb 4 – 9 that was based on 1,000 random telephone calls indicates .. Canadians .. if an election were held today would vote:

Libs 28% Cons 25% NDP 10% Green 7% BQ 6% Abstain 5% Don’t know 17%

Accurate to within +/- 3.1%, 19 out of 20 times

I contacted the folks over at CAITI Online asking for a link to this poll’s raw data, since I didn’t see it at the Environics website. The CAITI folks have been kind enough to send me a table and more information on this poll, […]


Conservative version of ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’

There is one section of the Conservative government that has definitely not gone on vacation during prorogation; the Prime Minister’s Office, known also as the PMO. They’ve sure been a busy bunch lately; when they’re not smearing respected law professors, they’re going after bankers and finance folks who actually know a thing or two about how the economy works, but who have the gall to disagree with the Conservative government’s narrative. They’re also throwing out hyperbole at opposition MP’s when protesters decide to let the PM know they don’t appreciate or agree with his ideological policies, and casting aspersions on former heads of non-partisan commissions they’ve let go, too.

The […]

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