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It depends what your definition of ‘achievement’ is.

I was reading this blogpost over at Steve’s place about how even the usual Conservative-friendly media here are starting to turn on Harper and the Conservatives, or at least be critical of them and their actions, and came upon an interesting exchange in his comments section.

First, commenter and blogger Jesse:

The only thing I want to add (and I was thinking about writing on today) is that their outrageous (actually outrageous, not the casual use) abuse of process hasn’t been done to achieve anything. We didn’t avoid recession, we’re in massive deficit, and they haven’t even achieved the handful of things they promised. So what’s the point? Obviously, I […]


Senate reform

Here’s a wonkish-type post from me today on Senate reform, since there’s another poll out today (h/t Harperbizarro)that shows many Canadians in favour of an elected Senate.

In my opinion, If you’re going to do reform, Harper’s piecemeal way isn’t the way to go (it may not even be constitutionally legal); you need to open the Constitution and hammer out an agreement with the provinces. It’s more difficult to do it that way, but if you’re serious about it and not just trying to use it as a wedge issue for stirring up your supporters, then that’s the way you do it. If you fail, you drop it and […]


CAPP’s next moves

Via Kady O’Malley, we see that CAPP is thinking of doing several things; changing what its acronym stands for, becoming incorporated as a non-profit organization, and more substantively, trying to educate people about democracy and activism:

Following the resounding success of the nation-wide rallies held January 23rd, CAPP organizers have begun planning the future of the movement. Hoping to maintain the momentum achieved by those demonstrations, organizers have begun initiating plans in support of a greater long-term strategy. The strategy involves educating the public about democracy and their rights as citizens through the creation and administration of an independent database of information.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament is in the process […]


A picture (and caption) are worth a 1000 words

I couldn’t help but laugh at the picture and caption the Toronto Star is using of Jim Flaherty coming out of an igloo up in Iqaluit where the G7 Finance Ministers are meeting.

The caption reads:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty exits an igloo in Iqaluit on Feb. 6, 2010, moments after destroying the snow-brick entrance arch of another igloo. Locals had built the snow structures to welcome the G7 delegates.

Flaherty obviously has a knack for wrecking things that he touches, both figuratively and literally.

UPDATE @ 12:25 pm: Here’s another example of a great picture of Flaherty (and homemade description that Steve V very generously decided to add […]


Best wishes to Jack Layton in his fight with prostate cancer

Some days, political differences need to be put aside. Today is one of them:

CBC News is now reporting that Jack Layton will announce that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be undergoing treatment.

I’d like to offer my best wishes to Jack and my hopes for a successful recovery.

UPDATE: Jack’s statement to the media today.


An example of why we need a national daycare program

A column from a mom lays it out starkly as any why this is needed. Here is an excerpt from an article titled Daycare in Toronto is expensive and hard to find:

…Daycare in Toronto is extremely difficult to find, not to mention unaffordable. The “waiting lists” are hardly transparent. To find a spot requires perseverance and continual lobbying. My story highlights some of the problems with this system. I can only imagine the difficulty in finding a subsidized spot, which are even fewer and farther between.

The $100 Universal Child Care Benefit we get from the federal government each month covers just less than one day at some city-run […]


Best description ever of Harper’s prorogation mistake.

Realizing that prorogation was the worst political mistake since Pierre Trudeau handed John Turner a list of his friends to find jobs for, the PMO is starting to throw furniture out the windows, in a vain attempt to get the Langevin Block to levitate.

Courtesy of Greg over at Mr Sinister, who has a bit more following that great description on the PMO hoping cancelling all upcoming holiday breaks will get Canadians to forgive and forget their blunder. At the moment though, more new polling from Ekos today shows they aren’t in such a hurry to do so. Liberals have marginally increased their lead nationally, and lead in several key […]


Conservatives talking out of both sides of their mouth

Michael Ignatieff came out yesterday with a strongly worded appeal to the Prime Minister to support safe abortion and family planning programs abroad if he was serious about wanting to aid in improving the lives of women overseas.

One of the PMO’s spokespersons, or at least a spokesperson for Harper, came back with this angry retort:

Dimitri Soudas, a spokesman for Harper, said it was “sad” and “pathetic” that the Liberals were using women’s health as a “political football.”

That quote comes today at the same time we see the Conservative Party planning to send out a new 10%’er ad they’re about to release which tries to use soldiers as […]


Add another Conservative excuse for prorogation not going over well.

The Peterborough Conservative MP Dean Del Maestro decides it’s his turn to try and explain prorogation. First he pulls out the already tried “it’s been used so many times before!” excuse, before finally settling on “it’s the media’s fault for covering this!” excuse.

Here’s hoping the voters of Peterborough helps Dean get a long rest after next election. Perhaps if CAPP decides to go with a strategy to target certain Conservative MP’s to aid in their defeat, I’m hoping Dean will be at the top of their list.


Liberals and Iggy promise national childcare program

It’s been nice to see not only the Liberals capitalize on the Conservatives proroguing of Parliament by showing up for work on the Hill, but actually doing some substantive announcements and round-tables on policy, and this is probably their biggest and best one to date – promising to implement a national childcare/daycare program, regardless of how big the deficit is:

Ignatieff unequivocally declared on Monday that if he becomes prime minister, there will be no delay in delivering a national program – and lack of money won’t be an excuse. “This is the number one social priority of an incoming Liberal government,” Ignatieff said during a break in an all-day […]

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